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Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs who announced his resignation recently is now Apple Chairman, yes we all know that, we also know he was adopted  he knows who are his birth parents, is happily married to Laurene and has four beautiful and amazing children, his oldest is our girl Lisa who is not a child anymore but a beautiful young woman with way too much potential and a great story to tell.. Lisa Nicole Brennan Jobs was born in California on May 17th, 1978 making this her age 33, when Lisa Jobs was born her father 23 at the time denied fathering her, he argue he was infertile and refuse acknowledge her as his child, he was already rich and Apple has just release the Apple Lisa not really because of her but because of Local Integrated Software Architecture aka LISA.
Without Jobs support, Chrisann Brennan had no choice but to raise her daughter on her own and on welfare, allegedly things didn’t resume there and their case went to court where Jobs denied fathering Lisa, swear he was sterile with no capacity to procreate a child. Growing up was not easy for her, she lived with her mother, relocating constantly, didn’t have a lot of things but they felt happy in their own world. Lisa went living with her father on 1991 or 1992 around the same time she was in Harvard it is believe he encourage her to be a writer taking her aunt novelist Mona Simpson, Steve’s biological sister.
Lisa Brennan-Jobs, whatever her talent, would never have been published in Vogue, O and elsewhere if her aunt were not Mona Simpson and her dad not Steve Jobs. But the other part is fear, I think.  Almost every hesitation in our lives can be linked to our fear of being rejected in some way, a fear of not being totally loved and accepted. Give the gift of momentum to one of your friendships.  What you crave is a meaningful and comfortable friendship.  Put in the momentum to get there!
This entry was posted in Consistency, Difficulty & Challenges, Fears, How To?, Making Friends, Our Mistakes and tagged dating vs. A weekly get-together is perfect to me, long enough to have new life developments, but short enough not to have to catch up!
Thanks for writing back in– your insights are so helpful and they make perfect sense.

One sweet lady and I talked few times, but then we just naturally didn’t bump into each other, so the momentum was lost.
I have noticed other women will see each other and if there is any awkwardness about an unanswered communication, it is hard for the friendships to progress.
To me, when someone keeps showing disinterest after that long, it loses the momentum and makes me feel that it just didn’t work out.
And when I back off a little to give space, it seems like people always seem kinda upset that I backed off. I guess my only advice for you would be to make sure to show interest in developing the friendship if you ARE interested. Want Shasta’s Advice?Leave your friendship question here and it might be featured in an upcoming blog post!
Yet it is critical to realize that just as the annual flu vaccine cannot protect an individual against each new, emerging strain of flu in the world, neither can the finest or most reputable anti-virus software.
Lisa Brennan Jobs is Apple former CEO Steve Jobs’ daughter out of wedlock, who he first denied fathering but later took responsibility for her. Lisa Brennan and her father reconnected on 1986, it was strange as first but things got easier and she would go on vacations with him, got to know him even moved in with him and Laurene..
And yet for friendship it somehow seems normal to only see each other every couple of weeks or months? This is precisely the problem I have with my friends, and the reason I joined Girlfriend Circles.

A new friend can make me feel smothered or put on the spot if she initiates too much contact to fast. Actually one of the greatest blessings of growing older has been the realisation I am not intruding on others to just see what’s up.
But I, by no means, think others ladies intend to be smothering, their intentions are absolutely to connect. Shasta, long ago you posted about open hands, I do not seem to be able to locate the post…it spoke to me during a very hard transition in my life. It is simply a reality that accompanies the rapid rate of advancement in technology and malware engineering.
Lisa’s work as a writer has been feature in Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Harvard Crimson, The Massachusetts Review and her own blog. The irony being that the women you meet for friendship have a higher likelihood of actually being in your life longer than most of the men you date. By deeply embedding malware and spyware into a computer's operating system, predators can identify, pre-assess, video tape, audio record and monitor "potential victims" without the woman or child being aware they are being filmed in their own home.
My father was rich and renowned and later, as I got to know him, went on vacations with him, and then lived with him for a few years, I saw another, more glamorous world.

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