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Chef Raphael has worked at Capitol Garage for 5 years, and is excited about soon being promoted to Executive Chef! Chef Raphael has always eaten fresh foods, and has been vegan for about 6 years.A  He lived in Jamaica for 2 years, where he learned that a€?Yes, humans can survive on a plant-based diet!a€? Though he was not raised vegan himself, he is raising his 9-month-old baby boy as a vegan.
Raphael is also inspired by his boss, A Jonathan Clemons, who will soon be opening a new restaurant in Sacramento.
Chef Raphael is especially excited about participating in this challenge because it affords him the opportunity to use fresh ingredients from local farms, and because vegan food is what he personally likes to eat! Marina especially enjoys the challenge of creating food that is fun and delicious for people with different dietary needs.
Her favorite cusine to prepare is middle eastern, especially because of the cultural philosophy of really taking time to enjoy each other and their food. Chef Fabrizio Cercatore, Maestro Pizzaiolo: Born in Northern Italy, Fabrizio owned and operated tourist and local favorite a€?La Tavernettaa€? for 14 years on the Italian Riviera, and often made over 200 pizzas in 90 minutes at his busy, 220-seat restaurant. Andrea Lepore, Creative Director: A competitive athlete with a business background in sports marketing, Andrea handles the branding and development strategy for HOT ITALIAN. HOT ITALIAN blends Italya€™s new generation of art, music, sport, food and wine with the urban California lifestyle.
He worked as an independent caterer for more than 20 years, but now prefers the hours of his current position, which allows him to spend more quality time with his family. He is most inspired by his wife, especially by her organizational skills, and is impressed by her motivation to start her own business as a professional organizer. He is looking forward to the Vegan Chef Challenge competition, and is highly interested to see how the event succeeds in Sacramento, which he describes as being a primarily a€?meat and potatoesa€? town. She married into an Italian-American family, and quickly became aware of an inherent prime directive in Italian culture: a€?you either learn to cooka€¦or get out!a€? So, she subscribed to Bon Appetit, and began learning the art of Italian cuisine from her husbanda€™s mother and grandmother. Sanjeev has been the culinary master behind the menu at Bombay since they opened a year and a half ago. The wait staff at Bombay can always a€?tella€? when Chef Sanjeev is in the kitchen, and say he is a genius with combining the spices and flavors of the restauranta€™s specialty dishes. Creating a vegan dessert may be the greatest Challenge for Chef Singh, as many traditional Indian desserts use butter, yogurt or milk powder. He recently created an heirloom tomato salad, and brightened it up with innovative twists: he added farro, and a balsamic whip cream. He got started in the restaurant business after realizing it would be a better fit for him than traditional college.
It was working at Mikunia€™s in a€?99 where he was inspired to pursue the art of Japanese cooking and creating sushi rolls. Still, he loves Japanese cooking, and blending Japanese flavors with flavors and techniques of other cuisines. Chef Billy has created vegan versions of his menu items upon request, but this competition will present a unique challenge for him as he himself is not vegan, (a€?a€¦but I do have friends that are vegan!a€?) He is working on ways to replicate the texture of his customary seafood-based sushi ingredients, while keeping the flavors tasty & simple.
He dreams of someday expanding his business to include more locations, but his personal ideal preference would be to have a small venue with no menus in keeping with the Japanese a€?omakasia€? tradition: a€?Chefa€™s Choicea€? using local, fresh ingredients of the day. Turns out, Marshall is a familiar face hanging out with his fellow chef buddies and kicking back after restaurant closing hours.
It seems, based on more complete news stories (as I wasn’t there), this 11-month-old girl was exclusively breastfed and her parents were vegan.  But her death was due to untreated bronchitis which progressively got worse until she got so sick her parents called an ambulance but it was too late. I agree that there is no good evidence to suggest a maternal vegan diet and exclusive breastfeeding are dangerous (nor should we expect there to be, given the mother eats enough calories, fat, protein, and supplements with B12).

It is sad, but not at all surprising, that this couple’s child was so small at 11 months. I will look at the research and see what I can find, but I can say from my own experience and many others I know, infants can exclusively breastfeed to a year and be a-okay, but as I alluded to, I think it has more to do with forcing a child who’s looking for food to avoid it as opposed to children who are not interested in other foods. So I will check the research (I know the WHO recommendations but can’t find research on it except to suggest 6 months as opposed to 4!). I know that individual cases aren’t evidence but I just want to add that my first was ebf (aside from water) until 17 months. First, you’re right that as far as I know there hasn’t been any one study comparing growth outcomes of infants exclusively breastfed (EBF) for 6 vs. Secondly, I agree that the entire weaning process (which as Dettwyler and other anthropologists define it begins with the introduction of CF and culminates in the complete cessation of BF) is incredibly variable and flexible, across and within cultures, and even across individual women’s own experiences with multiple children. What we really see across populations (WEIRD, economically less-developed, and “traditional”) are general tendencies and norms in relation to infant feeding practices, with lots of variation about the mean reflecting the constraints and needs of individual mothers and infants.
That said, from a *public health* perspective the recommendation to begin CF at 6 months still has a lot of merit. Standardized growth metrics and the feeding recommendations based on them can be extremely useful in devising public health strategies to improve infant outcomes. My point is that the above are all conversations individual families (and pediatricians) should be having.
I quite agree with everything you said, but I would like to bring some enlightenment about beeing vegan and taking care of one’s health in France. A His parents met in culinary school, and fostered his interest in cooking ever since he was a young child. Serving vegan items is no new task for Pablo; he said he has been making vegan dishes for many years and is confident in his ability to cook with only vegan ingredients. She is eager to help promote awareness, so that Sacramento vegans will have more options at more local restaurants. But your commentary on extended exclusive breastfeeding duration is not at all complete, and somewhat dangerously misleading.
12 months —the bulk of the research in developed and less-developed populations is all on complementary feeding (CF) introduction before vs.
For example, as discussed by Dettwyler and Brown (2003), when we see early growth faltering in a population, can complementary food quality be enhanced through local food sources?
But at the population level, the public health message should still be to start introducing CF at 6 months, given what we *do* know about energy requirements and growth trajectories in the first year of life. I was sent to hospital this week for an asthma attack, and when I explained I was breast feeding the nurse asked how old my son was, when I said ten months she said I should stop feeding him. In an argument with a friend she informed me that you NEED to eat meat because when she was a teenager she became vegetarian and became deficient in something (I’m assuming Iron). Hea€™s excited about the Challenge because it affords him the opportunity to create menu items that are healthy and a€?a little different from what wea€™re accustomed to.a€? Hea€™s especially proud of once hosting an entirely vegan party at 58 Degrees. But this couple was grossly misinformed about infant nutrition, to the point that they were, in fact, starving their child. Yes, infant feeding recommendations for all populations should emphasize that women attend to their infants’ individual needs and signals, that nursing mothers eat a nutritionally adequate diet (particularly with respect to dietary-derived nutrients in breast milk), and that infants receive high-quality complementary foods.
Are certain key nutrients lacking in a population and can fortified foods be introduced to mediate this deficiency? Until evidence suggests otherwise, I would personally not suggest on a public forum that extended EBF beyond 6 months is just fine or not without known risks.

The thing is, veganism is not accepted here, and the health professionnals are quite convinced that this way of life is particularly unhealthy… So if your general practitioner is not open minded, the communication can become really difficult, cause to him, every problem you have is due to your veganism (even a broken leg you got from skiing !). My health visitor was particularly concerned when she found out that my child was not eating meat. She is a very picky eater and she didn’t understand is that when you remove meat from your diet you then have to replace it with something else. I can’t help wondering if they were wary of using the health service as they knew their alternative lifestyle would attract?
Breast milk still provides a substantial portion of energy (including fat and protein), as well as other vital vitamins, nutrients, and immunological support–but additional energy from complementary foods are also needed. The 6-month recommendation is based on cross-cultural epidemiological evidence of optimal health and growth outcomes (e.g.
And yes, no woman should be penalized for CF earlier or later than 6 months, because that recommendation is based on a statistical norm, taking into account epidemiological evidence and general patterns of infant development that obviously any individual can deviate from. But even for individual women, the recommendation can serve as a useful guideline against which to measure their own babies’ growth and development.
Interestingly, delayed complementary feeding introduction (to about 8 months) has been observed in such populations (e.g.
Amongst others we have a rocket scientist, and a doctor in the family – neither have ever eaten meat.
Papua New Guinea, see Worthman), but may be an (evolutionary) strategy by resource-limited women to SLOW infant growth and therefore their energetic needs. Dewey and Brown 2003, see also the discussion by Humphrey 2009 about birth size doubling and weaning initiation).
I traveled to trade shows all over the country learning about and working with 100’s of brands, including Prada, Puma, Vince Camuto, Nine West and Crocs just to name a few. In short, sure one can exclusively breastfeed beyond 6 months, but this will almost certainly result in severe growth stunting.
I also discovered a lot of really awesome vegan brands as it was just becoming a big trend right before I left the industry to become an artist full-time. Three years ago when I first met Ella, to me, being vegan was something I never thought I would call myself. Or: my 7 month old has a normal growth trajectory, but is not responsive at all to my attempts to feed him liquids or solids, should I just keep EBF?
I decided to follow her lead and give being vegan a try but would only commit to six days a week. Why would I even consider putting chemicals into my body that are unnatural and only used to grow food faster and make it prettier?? So thank goodness Ella came into my life and was able to SHOW me the way to eat in the most healthy and still enjoy food.
It was perfect timing and I knew as soon as I pressed play that it was going to be a done deal by the time I finished and that is exactly what happened! I had NO IDEA that the agricultural industry was destroying our planet in such an aggressive way. It changed my perspective and instead of vegan being a selfish decision, it became an unselfish decision and one that I am very proud of.I am truly thankful to Ella and no matter where our lives take us, I will always remember the positive impact she made in my life.

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