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In the Windows 8 Developer Preview, Microsoft had a registry setting that allowed you to switch off Windows 8 'Metro' Start screen.
There are some 3rd party applications that allow you to 'install' a Windows 7-like (or other type) Start menu, I will review a few of these in part two. Right-click the words Quick Launch and click on Show Text to uncheck this item, repeat and uncheck Show title too (Figure) . Also note that Windows 8 includes a Quick Access Menu which you can access by right-clicking the left bottom corner, or by pressing the Windows key + X. On page 2 of this article I'll take a quick look at some of the more popular Start Menu applications that are available. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers have toolbars where you can add bookmarks to your favorite sites for handy access.
Note: Many browsers allow you to add a bookmark by dragging and dropping the website address (also known as the URL) onto the toolbar. If you have a lot of bookmarks you want to keep on your toolbar, it’s best to keep them organized.
You can create folders for toolbar bookmarks by right-clicking the toolbar and choosing Add Folder.
You can also manage your toolbar bookmarks in Firefox from the Bookmarks button on your toolbar.
To hide the bookmarks toolbar, right click on an empty space at the top of the screen and un-check Bookmarks Toolbar.
As I use Chrome, I have that wrench icon on the right hand side of the toolbar, which makes it very convenient to bookmark the pages instantly.
Hi Hajra, I think browsers are a matter of personal preference, but I am mostly using Chrome these days.
I used to use Firefox, but it has had a lot of problems in the past year so I don’t use it much anymore unless I want to check out something for the blog. Though I know you use everything under the sun, which is your favorite browser to use and why? Hi Hajra, that sounds like a very effective way to remember which posts you want to re-visit. Hi Deeone, Yes, it’s much easier to just drag and drop web addresses to create your bookmarks in Chrome. I have thought about using delicious, or something similar, so I can get my bookmarks on all my computers and my iPad etc.. My bookmarks run so long that even after categorising them into seperate sections, they reach all the way to the bottom with a small arrow pointing downwards indicating that there is STILL MOREEEEEE. If I need maximum screen space, I will hide my bookmarks toolbar, but I quickly miss it as I rely on it to help me navigate around the ‘net. To enable the toolbar, run the application, right-click the toolbar and select Choose toolbar folder from the Toolbar folder.
The Attach option enables you to attach the toolbar On top, On bottom, On left, On right and Unlock to let if float anywhere on your desktop.
Click Buttons Layout to move the folder contents up and down within the toolbar by using their respective buttons. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (AEJEE) is a downloadable, lightweight Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool for exploring geographic data. It is also possible to use AEJEE with data that is downloaded from a GPS unit to create custom layers of information that then can be related to scientific and other types of data.
The AEJEE toolbar contains a variety of tools for analyzing and manipulating geographic data. Launch AEJEE by double-clicking its icon on your desktop or by clicking its icon in the dock (Mac) or Launch Bar (Win). The reference numbers at the bottom of the map are the scale of the map represented as a ratio or a fraction. Move the cursor across the map to discover changes in X and Y and how they relate to longitude and latitude. Start at the far left side of the map and move your cursor horizontally to the right all the way across the map.
Hide The X values start negative and increase as you move right, reach zero, and then become positive values. Move your cursor vertically from the bottom to the top of the map and observe how the Y coordinate changes. Hide The Y values start negative and increase as you move up, reach zero, and then become positive values.
A GIS map a€” is made of layers of geographic information connected to specific places on Earth.
Currently, the legend of the US States layer is expanded so that the name of every state is displayed.
Hide The legend of the US States layer is now collapsed and the map view is zoomed into North America.
Another way to move layers is to right-click on the PC or control-click on the Mac on the name of the layer in the Table of Contents. When you click on the name of a layer, it is highlighted and becomes active, which tells AEJEE to pay attention to it.

To make the US Rivers Layer the Active layer, click once on its name in the Table of Contents. What sets a GIS apart is the database of information linked to each layer drawn on the map. With the US Rivers layer on and Active, right-click on the PC or control-click on the Mac the US Rivers label in the Table of Contents.
Open the Attribute Table of US Rivers and right-click on the column that holds the data for the SYSTEM field. In the table, click on the column that holds the data for the SYSTEM field and choose Sort Ascending from the drop down menu.
Hold the shift key and click on the first and last of these 4 rivers to select the rivers as a group. Once you have made several selections, close the Attribute Table and click on the Clear Selections button.
Explore the Attribute Tables of other layers in the map to see the different types of data linked to the map layers.
On the SERC media library page, right-click (Win) or control-click (Mac) the link (below the movie on the Flash version pages) to download the movie file to your hard drive. If you go to the bottom of the tutorial there are variations on the theme of pinning to the taskbar.
I'd agree, except rather than hiding desktop icons as a whole (unless you'd rather no icons ever show on the desktop), just remove the My Document, My Pictures, My Computer, etc. But as far as pinning individual icons for Computer, Documents and Pictures to t he taskbar, I don't think you can, not unless you're willing to enable the old-fashioned and antiquated Quick Launch Bar. This is because Computer, Documents, Pictures, and indeed all the other personal User Folders are all controlled by Windows Explorer.
To move it, right click the taskbar and click Lock the taskbar (so that it will be de-selected). You only have limited space, and no matter how big your screen is, you want to make the most of what you have.
Taking a few seconds to save a bookmark to your toolbar can save you valuable time each day as you navigate to your favorite sites in an instant. To drag and drop, put your cursor (that arrow or flashing bar) on the object you want to move, then click the left button of your mouse (or the button on your mouse for Macs), move the object to where you want it to go, and release the mouse button.
To add a site to your Favorites toolbar, go to the site, then click on the yellow star on the left side of the toolbar. There you can choose the size of the icons and whether you want to include text as a reminder of what the icon represents. You can create folders of bookmarks by right-clicking the toolbar and selecting Add Folder.
Click on the settings icon (the icon on the upper right corner of the screen that looks like a gear) and select Customize Toolbar. You want as much screen space as you can get so if you’re not using a toolbar, get rid of it.
Whenever I come across something I need to keep away for referring to later, or for any other purpose, it’s simply bookmarked into one of my many folders, depending on the niches I have created- and its ideal for a quick reference later. I try to use the four mentioned in this article so I can keep up with them for the blog, but Chrome is my favorite right now. Not that it is the only one I use, but it is the one that I think are working the best and it have some great features and a lot of extensions you can install too. I might do an article on extensions someday as they definitely enhance the browsing experience.
I use bookmarks to help me find sites for images that I happen upon as I hunt for my blog photos. Browsers are a matter of personal preference, but I have switched to Chrome in the past year and am really enjoying it. Though I have installed Chrome and used it a few times, because I know Firefox I keep using it despite frustrations.
And I’m not sure why, but most of the sites I visit are blogs, and I use Reeder on my Mac and iPad for that. They simply remove features they found useless in new Windows releases, which are found in prior versions.
All the contents of the selected folder, including files and subfolders, will be displayed. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. GIS Data is often freely available over the Internet from cities, counties and federal organizations such as the National Park Service (NPS) and the United States Geologic Survey (USGS).
Countries are shown in grey and lines of Longitude and Latitude are drawn at 30 degree intervals. Understanding the difference between a layer that is turned on and one that is active can save you time and help prevent frustration. The Attribute Table brings up the records of all the rivers and shows you all the information that is available for each record. Then select Sort Ascending, scroll down the list to where you see the 4 rivers on the map that are in the Colorado System.
Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build.

Microsoft took this option away in the Consumer Preview and has not added that simple trick back to the release version of Windows 8, so what do we do now? You can still add a menu to the taskbar, it'll look like the old Windows XP Start menu (some people may like that).
Toolbars, those strips at the top of your screen, take up space so you should use them wisely. You can also hide your bookmarks toolbar if you need to increase the viewing space on your screen.
Keep your folder title short to maximize the number of bookmarks you can fit in your toolbar.
From there you will open a small window that gives you choices such as adding bookmarks for New Tab, Home, and Top Sites. To enable the bookmarks toolbar on Opera, click on the Opera tab at the top of the screen to reveal the Menu.
There are so many useful aspects to Chrome I probably should write a post on why I like Chrome so much. I also have social media sites bookmarked for easy navigation and to help me remember to check in on them frequently.
The browsing experience continues to improve so I am sticking with Chrome, having given up Firefox.
Chrome users seem to love it so I guess I should invest the time to learn it so that it becomes familiar. Sometimes; I bookmark so often that I forget to catch up and need a whole weekend to check out my bookmarks. Also, if I can’t think of a comment right away or I get busy with something else, I bookmark it for future, and make it a point to come back and comment later.
Most of the times I use firefox but sometimes a bug might cause me to check the site on chrome. Likewise, they simply provide an alternative solution for the tool or utility we are already using.
Buttons has options including Autosize buttons, Buttons height, Buttons Width, Show text, Flat buttons and Small Icons. Sometimes this might happen unexpectedly, especially if you click and drag out a tiny box with the Zoom Out tool. They can represent 1) points, such as cities, 2) lines, like rivers and roads, or 3) geographic areas such as states and countries. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. With the new operating system, I've done that, too, but some icon cannot be moved in the traditional way. How lucky the readers are to be receiving your oh-so-informative posts along with the other news that matters to them. But I should probably use bookmarks, because once in a while there are sites I have completely forgotten about.
However, some of us are sometimes so much used to a few of the options or features that not having them almost seems like the world being turned upside down. Panel contains the toolbar options Always on Top, Hide Automatically, Show bevel, Fixed Border and Animated.
AEJEE can save and open projects, so work can be shared between users, or between school and home. Layers that are on have a checked box while layers that are active are highlighted dark blue. Before Windows Vista, there was an option in Windows to add folders as toolbars to your desktop. AEJEE can classify and symbolize shapefiles, display image data, project on-the-fly shapefiles stored in decimal degrees, and use data distributed over the Internet from ArcIMS services from the Geography Network, or other hosted ArcIMS sites. Although, am not a fan of this feature and hardly found the need to use it, some people still do so. In general, polygons should be placed at the bottom, while lines and points should be arranged near the top.
So this means that 1 inch on the map represents 126,078,976 inches, or approximately 2,000 miles. If you are one of those folks who still find its need and wish if somehow you could bring that missing thing back, then consider your wish granted.
Meet OldBar – a program that lets you add multiple folder toolbars to your desktop, attach them either to a side, or place them anywhere on the desktop.
The position of the folders’ contents can also be changed within a toolbar by moving them up and down the list. Button height & width is adjustable, and the toolbar can be set to stay always on top, hide automatically, animated etc.

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