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By now you have all heard the hype about Spotify, but in case you have been living under a rock, let’s start with the basics: Spotify is a service that lets you listen to any song in the Spotify library – anytime you want. The biggest complaint that was heard swirling around the industry from those who had tried Spotify was that the music discovery features were seriously lacking; great for listening to exactly what you want, but as a music service to recommend new bands or stream a customized radio station for you, Spotify was not. They moved the music industry into the digital world, and now their Apps are moving every other industry into it too.
Spotify have somehow managed to break the Record Label obsession of everyone paying the same price for their music, a problem I’ve previously queried here. They’ve done that by nurturing their relationship, and building up a level of trust that Apple have never had (or needed).
Apple acquired Lala in Dec 2009, just a year after Spotify launched in beta form, and have allegedly been working on a Cloud music service ever since. In 18 months, Spotify (a tiny company in comparison) have partnered with Facebook to make a truely social listener experience, and repeatedly tweaked their mobile offerings and business model to make a service that works for the fan and the Rightsholder. For the Recorded Music industry, there’s hope that this will generate healthy competition and lead fans to a new way of listening to music. For the two companies concerned, if Apple choose not to prohibit Spotify from updating their devices (as they have for every other attempt in recent years), then it is a clear sign that other services can follow Spotify’s lead. For the fans, this is a distribution model that’s locked in to the way demand is generated, as I’ve previously explored here.
I do think the Spotify team need to speed up though, the software development side of things seems very well polished, but horrifically slow.
It’s like iTunes in that you can search for what you want, set up playlists, and sort by artist or album or genre.

Spotify’s latest update is a clear message that they are looking to topple the Kings from their musical perch.
A recent episode updating an iPod classic on iTunes resulted in numerous error messages, lost files, and the need to reset the device to factory settings.
Local files were immediately detected, I copied them to one large 70gb playlist (just as you would on iTunes), and synced.
If I then want to sync a playlist that a friend has made to my device, Spotify Free will prompt me to ‘get’ songs I don’t already own. The ‘store’ is seamlessly integrated into my library, I barely even know which one I’m looking at. Spotify’s attempt to control the music on Apple’s devices comes at the exact time they MAY lack the focus, desire, or need to compete. With this trust, they have the power to take the industry in a direction not previously possible. In recent years Apple have excelled in hardware, but have not released quality software of note for many years. They’ve now attacked the industry’s Goliath, clearly showing they have the ambition to compete. If Apple react negatively, then Spotify will undoubtedly focus on Android devices, giving us yet another reason to head to Google for our mobile operating system.
Pop culture encourages fast consumption followed by rapid disposal, a desire perfectly matched by offering downloads that expire, encouraging fans to use them quickly or buy more. Well, I’ve waited 12 years for an online music service that comprehensively beats filesharing and iTunes, and I’m ecstatic to say that it has FINALLY arrived.

This feature makes Spotify even more useful to someone who doesn’t always know what they want to hear at the same time expanding people’s minds on new music they might enjoy. Instead of buying each individual track or album, you can pay for access to a vast collection and then organize and share it as you choose.
To Get the tracks, I must buy some downloads and once purchased, the files download as unprotected mp3?s (easily traceable in a newly created ‘Spotify’ folder) and appear on my device. I don’t want any Pinging Genius cluttering up my screen, yet Apple won’t allow me to remove them. The only significant musical update has been Ping, which does not need another public thrashing here.
In addition, high-??end spenders get rewarded for their loyalty by paying 40% less per track than casual users, removing the need to head to p2p sites. Their huge Cloud offering will come at some point this year, and the pressure is on to deliver something that changes everything.
The free version still allows you to make and share your own playlists, and to listen to playlists from your friends.

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