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3) Drinking Game Set For every type of alcohol drink on the shelves, there is a fun game to go with it.
5) Guitar Pick and KeychainThis one only really applies to the girls who have musician valentines, but trust me, it's a really thoughtful gift idea! When Christmas shopping for your boyfriend (or lover) there are few things that are worth keeping in mind. Since that was just a scene from the married life between Logan and the reader, is there something specific that you wanted in the story? Your breath ragged and sweat beading down your now flushed skin, Logan couldn’t help but admire the way you straddled his waist, your arms pinning his to the mat below. For once wishing that your luck would be as good as a sappy romance movie, you expected arms to wrap around your waist and save you from the embarrassment that would come after such a great win. Laughing, you looked down at the little boy who remained in his playpen, his big brown eyes looking towards the door. Expecting to see a pillow or a towel of the said superhero, your surprise only doubled as you saw the little onesie in his hands, the black and red design making your knees weak. No matter what kind of booze your valentine favors, he will love being able to drink it while having an awesome time. Similar to the friendship necklaces you used to get as a kid, the guitar pick fits perfectly into a small keychain for you to keep. That means that basic clothing such as socks and underwear are definitely out of the question (this may be unfortunate if you don’t really like your boyfriends underwear or it is starting to look a little threadbare). Vouchers are not normally a great gift but many men appreciate them because it gives them the opportunity to purchase something for themselves.
Your slightly curled hair peeking out of your loose ponytail and your shirt riding up, you didn’t notice the way his eyes never left your body, his need to push you off now gone. Your already pink cheeks darkening with the now realized position you held, you crawled off quickly, hopping to your feet.

Bodies now on opposite sides of the gym and limbs moving to preform last minute stretches, the once calm look in both of your eyes seemed more determined as you waited for the clock to hit the start of a new minute.
I don’t want to pressure anyone to do this but if anyone would like to, I would love to read it! The toy that was once in his hand now discarded, his soft babbles filled the air as he starting bouncing in place, waiting to be held from his role model. A laugh ringing through the air, you softly began to sing to soothe him before approaching your excited husband, his attention focused on a Disney bag he laid upon the dining room table.
The hand once placed on your back now rubbing soothing circles at your waist, a chill ran down your spine as you reveled in the moment you had been looking forward to all day. That doesn't mean you have to stick to unoriginal boxes of chocolate for your significant other.
Game sets like Shot Glass Roulette, Drop Shots and a deck of Circle of Death cards are guaranteed to show how much you really love him. This may seem like a shallow question but it can mean the difference between buying your boyfriend the latest video game that he has wanted to play since it was released and something that is much cheaper.
If you are spending Christmas away from home then some of the more adventurous options may also not be an option.
His bare chest feeling as if it would break with the fast rate his heart was taking, he spoke in broken sentences, a goofy grin spread across his lips. Feeling the stiff foam hit your back, your head colliding with the material with a loud thud, you didn’t move, stunned by the stupidity of your actions. Still speechless, you tried once more to get your act together, broken signs of affection leaving your trembling lips as his free arm moved to pull you close. Hell, you were practically bouncing off the walls like a giddy teenager as the last hour of his absence hit.
Nice, durable glasses for your valentines selection of craft brews are sure to be a hit.

Although you always have the ability to make him up a coupon for a back rub or something kinkier that he can redeem when you get home.
For example, try and avoid vouchers for clothing stores if he has an adequate wardrobe already. It wasn’t until hands wrapped around your wrists and strong legs clenched against your thighs did you finally snap out of it, looking back into the deep brown eyes that immediately you adored. If your boyfriend does not like video games then don’t make the assumption that a gift certificate for a retailer specialising in video games will be a good gift (yes, there are men out there that don’t like video games). Shocked and still of breath, you didn’t protest, an eyebrow raised as you tried to keep the last bit of composure you had. You should have kneed him where it hurt the most and ran but as you looked into those puppy dog eyes, you couldn’t help but be his latest prey.
Create a flip-book of generous coupons that he can use later down the road in your relationship. Baking up a batch of heart shaped cookies or a cake with pink icing will easily satisfy both of your cravings. Maybe he needs something and just doesn’t know it yet – this is where you might be able to pleasantly surprise him. Most men get excited when something they really want is about to be released – open your ears and make sure you know if your boyfriend is waiting in anticipation for any specific product to be released. If you have some knowledge of what the hobby or interest entails you will be in a better position to purchase something that he will actually like.

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