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Skype is one of the best application and comes first in mind whenever we talk about internet calling. Besides these there are many other applications available in the App Store which can give you original phone-app like experience on these larger devices. AboutShoutpedia is a technology website where we cover the latest from Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech industries.
I was looking for an mail merge type SMS merge app for iPhone which can send SMS to contacts with their names.
This program settings can be changed from the Settings app on your iPhone, under "SMS Helper". The counter might not be accurate, it keeps track only when the MS hook is installed and running.
The SIM which comes pre-loaded can not be used for making calls because that on that SIM only internet services are enabled.

It lets you make free audio and video call from you iPad to any device which can run Skype. By the way, this feature, that is making phone calls, won’t be available for new models of iPad. However, the jailbreak users can install Facebook app for iPad (the official unreleased version) right now! The number is shown in the "Send" button as you are typing, along with how many parts the message will be split into.
This information is shown when clicking on the header of the SMS Program, from there you can also manually reset it. Also there might be unforseen problems in the counting, so use it as an estimate and not an accurate reporting. But who knows, iOS 7 jailbreak is already out and may be someone dives into software and hardware hacking of these new models and finds out something practical.

I will be adding the list of features that will be included in the release on this page soon once the documentation is over. The convention is that for english msgs, the character limit is about 160 characters per part, and for non-english ones it's 70 characters per part.
It looks really awkward when you are holding your iPad against your ear to listen the call. Another feature, which is absent in most other such apps, is the ability to record the calls.
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