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Often we say that it is girls who love shopping however, what must be noted is that boys love shopping equally.
Now, if you can spare some bucks then this will count as an excellent birthday gift for him. Plan out his favourite adventure sport or take him out to some karaoke or a musical show and let him enjoy his hobby.
Above, we have listed some of the best birthday gifts that you can give to your boyfriend on his birthday. Going out is definitely fun however if you spend a birthday at home it can be more fun sometimes.
This surprise will rekindle and ignite the flame of love between you both and you will enjoy it more than any other thing in your life. Then only he will be remembering you and love you even more after this important day of his life.
Arrange a proper theme party with upbeat music all from his favourite playlist and make him special. Get the DVD collection of the favourite show or movie he’s been waiting to see since a long time, order his favourite meal and get cosy on the bed. That will make his time more enjoyable with you and he’ll choose to spend more time with you than his friends. Your birthday gift need to be having a surprise element inclusive in it that can completely overtake him such that he praise you for your presence of mind and also feel special that you have devoted time and put efforts to come out with such a unique idea  of his birthday. Moreover, if it is his favourite meal and it has been cooked by you he’ll love it even more. When you head out for shopping and stop at his favourite store he’ll feel happy to know that you understand his taste well.
I am sure these are going to get the two of you closer to each other and let the love grow between the two of you. We are discussing 10 most creative and romantic ideas for your boyfriend through this article which will make him surprised by your care.Plan a workday lunchRomantic ideas to surprise your boyfriendSurprise your boyfriend with a sudden appearance at his workplace today and take him on a lunch on the cuisine he prefers to have most of the time. Gifts are special and when coupled with a nice gesture they make the best birthday gift for boyfriend. Create a perfect setting on roof top or decorate the room with scented candles, dim the lights and let the love flow in the room.

Make the theme and party as personalized as you can because if a party has a personalized touch associated with it, it will be more fun for the two of you.
Get over the boring ideas of photo frames, play stations and perfumes, follow the tips given by us and make his day worth remembering. However, if you cannot cook arrange these things in his favourite restaurant and make him feel special. They too are shoe fanatic so you can pick up the shoes from his favourite brand and gift him on his birthday he’ll acknowledge your love and effort for him. MakeoverThis can be done either by your makeover completely and surprising him by your new getup which he will be find amazing and then taking him on a date or better still take him over a ride to various places of makeover where you have pre-decided that makeover items and then after the ride when he discovers the completely changed him then he will be the most surprised and happiest man toady on this earth. He will appreciate your love and care and pampering.Framed memoriesCollect pictures of you both together and of the people who are important in his life. You can still have a date thereon.TravelIdentify some of his nearby favorite destination where he is still yet to see.
Arrange heart shaped frames for them with pictures on similar theme or categories together and separate frame for the others. Then make arrangements for the travel to this place by booking the tickets in advance and packing the luggage of both of you too.  Invite him for a dinner and date on the airport and when he reaches there take him along with you on board the flight. Your boyfriend will be surprised on receiving this memorable gift and will appreciate your love and care for him. He will be the most happiest and amazed man today with your this surprise gift on his birthday.PartyArranging the birthday party is a norm and real fun which everyone does on birthday.
You will be inviting someone to this party whom your boyfriend does not expect in the wild of his dreams to ever come. But you are never sure about the changing patterns of choices of any individual and your boyfriend is no exception.  He may like your gift or maybe he wishes something else. You can also put other surprises like a drinking game as that of beer pong or you can make some very surprise food menu items especially for your boyfriend. These all elements will definitely add a surprise touch such that this party will be the most unforgettable party for your boyfriend.GameArrange in the stadium to pay one of his favorite game all the day long with his friends and him off course. This is his favorite game like that bulls eye or rugby or baseball or cricket anything which he loves a lot to ply with friends. This surprise idea for the gift to your boyfriend will make him feel special and above the crowd today and he will surely praise and love you for that onslaught of feeling.ShortsThese boxer shorts are special as they glow in the dark when you wear them.

Your boyfriend will get surprised today by your choice of gifts for him.Change your appearanceGet a different look today with a new hairstyle. They are the sure fire way that will tickle his fancy bone and surprising him for your choice and creativity. Your boyfriend will not believe his eyes when he stares at you as you look totally different today with a complete makeover. This is an intimate yet funny gift idea that will reminiscent of the intimate moments shared by both of you together.Car rentIf you wish to surprise him then you have to buy him the things of his choice or you can also buy him the time that he wishes to spend just like that in his dreams.
Make sure that your new look has not been tried ever before in front of him and completely surprise him.Act out his fantasyIdentify what your boyfriend fantasize about in his woman and then go all out to make this fantasy as real. Identify the sports car he loves to own and drive, of course you cannot buy him that much costlier car but you can always make arrangement for some hours of that sports ride.FlowersSurprise him by gifting him the bunch of dozen flowers together and a love note spraying the feelings of your heart to him so as to make him feel special today. Make innovative use of melted chocolate, silk scarves and stuffed cushions, and he won’t know what hit him.
You can also phase out this gift and flowers cab come to him at different timings of that day. He will be surprised by your pampering and will do all things you ever expect him to do for you.Throw a surprise partyInvite your boyfriend’s best pals, without his knowing, and make arrangements for a party.
He cannot stop laughing and have fun by this special gesture for him as no girl has done it ever before to give flower to her boyfriend as it is always the other way round. As soon as your boyfriend enters, switch on the lights and yell, “Surprise”.Get tickets to his favorite gameSurprise him by buying two tickets for his favorite game as you want him to be with you on this valentine day. So this is the best way when you both can cuddle together in the event which he dies to attend. He will definitely remember you for this sweet surprise for him and starts loving you and paying attention to you which he never had given so far.Write a romantic letterIn these days of social networking sites, writing a love letter is a completely align task. You can express your heart felt deires in this letter and even praise the qualities and strengths that he possesses. This activity and gesture will make him feel special and affectionate towards you and he will also feel obliged.

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