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To check for proper cuff size, the American Heart Association recommends comparing the cuff with your patient's arm. Most nurses use the diaphragm of the stethoscope, but you should use the bell to auscultate indirect arterial blood pressures. Don't put too much pressure on the bell; you may occlude arterial flow and dampen out the low frequencies.
As you know, using too small a cuff to measure an obese person's blood pressure can cause a falsely elevated reading. Failing to support the patient's arm, which causes isometric muscle contraction, can also lead to false measurements.
In short, the more rested and relaxed your patient is while you're taking a reading, the more reliable your measurement will be. This flow produces Korotkoff's sounds: sharp topping or knocking sounds at each contraction.
Determine whether your patient has smoked or drunk alcoholic beverages within the last 15 minutes.
A reprint from the November issue of Nursing94 by Springhouse Corporation, Springhouse, PA 19477.
Steele Supply Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained herein. Make sure you have the equipment available at home for checking the blood pressure which is known as sphygmomanometer and preferably a stethoscope to listen. Avoid smoking; drinking alcohol or coffee atleast 15 minutes before taking the blood pressure as these things make the blood pressure rise.
Bend your elbow and put the cuff over on your bare arm with its lower edge about an inch above the bend of the elbow as you close it round the arm.
Place the earpieces of the stethoscope in your ears and place the stethoscope bell at the side of the cuff away from your heart and over the brachial artery, which is found in the inner area of your bent elbow. Fixing the stethoscope bell away from your heart in the inner area of your bent elbow, at the side of the cuff and above the brachial artery put the earpieces of the stethoscope in your ears. Along the side of the rubber bulb, tighten the screw and squeeze the bulb to pump air into the bulb thus making the cuff expand and inflated until there is no more blood flow through the brachial artery. As there will be no blood flow through the brachial artery, no sound will be heard in the stethoscope but the pressure in the cuff is increased quickly to 30 millimeters of mercury above the same point and pulse in the wrist can no longer be felt.

Decrease the pressure in the cuffs by turning the screw again to loosen the valve in the bulb. Note the reading in the column of mercury at that point, as the cuff loosens and blood flows freely in the artery with no sound heard in the stethoscope.
At this point, again note the reading of the mercury column and record the SBP and the DBP numbers immediately. According to a recent research, blood pressure is not caused by doing something intentionally. We usually neglect the treatment and effectiveness of herbs but as a matter of fact, herbs are widely used for curing of diseases all over the world. Serpentina plant is the most effective herb which can be used for treatment of blood pressure. Self-medication can spoil the effectiveness of your treatment to the great extent even you can lose your life. As the conclusion, blood pressure is not a hard nut to crack, if handled with meditation by generating loving attitude.
When it is set on the dining table and you are making your way towards it hoping to be served, the thought of blood pressure stops you. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee atleast 15 minutes before taking the blood pressure. At this point the rate of drop is 2 millimeters per second while blood starts to flow through the artery again.
This type of flow of blood which carries blood from heart to other part of the body, can be a systolic (high wave of blood flow) or diastolic (low wave of blood flow). In this regard, hypertension, rashness, stress, anxiety and aggression are the major causes of High Blood Pressure. You cannot change the past so be mild with whatever has happened in the past, time heals everything. The Chinese are mostly using herbs in making the medicines as they are commonly remedial with natural treatment for centuries. Hence if you are a patient of blood pressure, it is always advised that you should avoid meals being spicy or salt enriched.
Numbers of medical treatment are available for curing high blood pressure but it is better to cure this problem by reducing hypertensions instead of using high potency drugs. Use your past happenings to amend your future life by replacing your mistakes with expertise.

You will not completely get rid of blood pressure disorders through meditation but you will find that it is very helpful to reduce the maximum chances for causing this disease.
So it is always better to prefer that replace your synthetic medicine with natural herbs as they don’t pose the side effects usually. But if you feel like numbness and you are losing control over yourself then consult your doctor immediately for a slight low dose treatment.
Focus less on using medication and more on meditation, let deal your mind gently with daily matters, produce forgiveness and generous attitude and use herbs as treatment mostly.
Going to a clinic or a hospital to check your blood pressure may not be feasible sometimes. Once they caught by high blood pressure, they are likely to continue with this problem until they lose their lives. We can never get rid of such chronic disease but for best results we should adopt cautions either by using natural remedies i.e.
Plan better to enlighten your future and don’t let yourself disappointed because this will lead you to the dark. And remember, meditation will not be helpful until you lessen the stress and make your mind tension free. Blood pressure has some severe grounds to produce sensitive disorders in human body that’s why we can’t let it ruin us by ignoring it. If you are able to do it by yourself at home it will not only save time but your blood pressure will be kept under a regular check. Medicines, therapies and other treatments can bring their blood pressure to normal but you cannot get rid of this problem at any stage of life.
Let take your mind some rest to deal solidly with tension and let go the mind in a soothing environment to deal things gently. But remember, no effective outcome will be attained if you are not relax and peaceful with the matters. However, in order to do so you should know how to check the blood pressure which is certainly not a rocket science.

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