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The ABN Marketing Dashboard gives you the ability to create, manage and monitor your return on investment for all of your business marketing initiatives in one place. Have you ever sent out a mailing or bought an advertisement in the newspaper only to wonder if you got any business from these efforts?
Our Phone Campaign Module helps you easily identify how effective these tactics are by allowing you to create unique phone numbers for each individual online and print advertisement.
Through this module, you have the ability to monitor several phone campaigns from one location, including the length of the call and thedate and time of each call.
Our phone call tracking functionality allows you to monitor what advertising medium is the most effective for your business in order to help you increase your ROI and stop spending money on advertisements that are not working.
Our SMS (Text) Campaign Module helps you reach more customers by allowing you to create unique text message campaigns for online and print advertising, signage, billboards and more. Potential customers that text a promotional code to a unique phone number will receive an offer, or any other information of your choice, to their phone that they can redeem in store.
Through this module, you have complete control over the campaign’s name, the promo code and offer and have the ability to change it as often as you wish. By tracking your SMS marketing from the dashboard, you can track received texts and measure your ROI. Do you have an exciting in-store promotion going on and want to get extra business through the doors? In addition to being able to add phone numbers on your own, our database automatically saves the phone numbers you collect from the SMS (Text) Campaigns in order to be used in these SMS (Text) Blasts as well.

QR codes, or quick response codes, are a type of 2D bar code that can be scanned using a free SmartPhone application to display information associated with that code directly on the mobile device. Through the QR Code Generation Module, you have the ability to generate any type of QR code, manage and track campaigns and re-direct existing QR codes to new URLs. By embedding QR code images on your advertisements, you have a versatile and cost effective way to support your company’s marketing initiatives by directing customers to your website, blog, social media profiles and more. You also get advanced reporting functionality that tells you how many people scan the codes and when, helping you understand what campaigns are most effective. The latest technology in targeted marketing, ABN’s Print Campaign Module gives you access to a variety of design templates in order to create full color marketing brochures, postcards, door hangers, business cards and more for all your print advertising needs.
Because the software automatically generates a database of people and businesses in a desired area, you are given access to customer information you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own. You can manage account information, mailing lists, order status and more from inside the dashboard. The ABN Marketing Dashboard offers complete comprehensive reporting for every campaign you run. All of our campaigns include customizable reporting, allowing you to run reports for each campaign within your desired date range.
For an example of our work, watch this video we created for the launch of a standalone ER for Health One. Blast is highly accurate; it neither dumbly splits words at spaces nor dumbly splits sentences at periods.

By narrowing a target market through the customized categories in our customer database, including radius search around a specific area, demographics and standard geographic locations, you are able to reach customers who would be most interested in your products and services. Any QR codes you have created or unique phone numbers can easily be imported to be on these print campaigns.
This means that you will be able to track the actual return that you received from every campaign, whether it is a QR code campaign, an SMS campaign or a phone campaign. If you want to create a video to showcase one of your products or upcoming events, our team of experienced videographers is here to help. Features include: 1) By traversing text nodes, all HTML, event handlers, and spacing are preserved. Your browser is an eight year old browser which does not display modern web sites properly. Through this service, you can easily send group SMS messages to your customer database informing them of upcoming promotions and other happenings within your business. The data you receive will give you insight as to how well a particular campaign is working.

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