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Are your getting so many Spam SMS messages on your Android mobile such as Get Loans, Get Insurance and more. So lets take a look how the application word and how to add mobile numbers to block text messages on mobile.
Go to you Google play store from your android smartphone and install the SMS Filter application on your device, once the application is installed on your device run the application from you device. From this list you can add the mobile number from your Message logs, From Contacts, From Call logs or you can add the mobile number manually to block the SMS from that person. Now all the added numbers are blocked on your device and now you will not get the SMS form the mention numbers.
In Future, if you want to delete numbers from your blocked list, you can’t delete them separately from the blocked list. Video chats are not just convenient – as always our smartphones are with us, we can place a video call on the go. So if you are looking for the best video call apps for your Android device, you may want to check out our list of top 15+ video call apps for Android. Another renowned service that allows users to place video calls, voice calls, and send instant messages to their family members and buddies. The acclaimed communication app from Samsung Electronics Ltd, which is exclusively created for Android users with a Samsung account.
This app lets users to place high-quality calls, send instant text messages, share images and video clips with their dear ones using this service.
Get excellent video call quality to have face-to-face conversation with your buddies with free video calling option! Moreover, you can post video clips, images, and messages on your wall and always stay connected with your buddies commenting on their posts or reposting.
Initially when you launch the app, you will have to log in with your Facebook ID and then place video-calls whether your buddies on an iOS, Mac, PC, and Android.

You will be able to form and take part in multi-party video conferences with up to ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY people.
The app uses the Dynamic Video Technology, which offers you the top-notch video & audio quality possible through auto and continuous adjustment of the video call quality to synchronize your connectivity. Recently we received lots of spam messages on our Android Mobile and this one is very annoying when you are doing some important work. You can download the SMS Filter free App from the Google play store or you can find the download link of the free android application at the end of this post. Hit the dlelte button form the application and you can unblock that number for the block list of the application. This app lets you communicate with your loved ones with an instant message, voice chat, or video call for no charge. You can make video and voice calls, send instant text and music messages (powered by spotify), and play delightful games for no charge. This app lets you place unlimited video calls and send text messages to your family members and buddies on the go. The app works over WiFi or cellular data connection and brings the options to place high-quality voice calls and video calls. It brings individual as well as group conversations to life with emoji, images, and video calls.
Moreover, it also enables you to share images, video clips, voice memos, contact information, calendar events, documents, and locations. This app is available for free and is compatible with Android devices that run on Android version 2.3 and above. Moreover, the app includes a cool  translator, which helps you to overcome language barriers.
The app allows users to place unlimited video calls as well as phone calls to indoona users for no charge.

With this app, users can make phone calls as well as video calls to their Facebook buddies. So today in this guide we will let you know how you can block Spam SMS (Text Messages) On Android with SMS Filter android application. Hit the Add button from the application screen and now a new popup will appear on your mobile screen. Spam SMS are stored in a separate list and you can always view them, so you never miss anything important.
SMS Filter is a good and easy to use app that allows you to block messages from several numbers.
Just launch the app, log in to your Facebook account and then start enjoying placing video calls on the go. It has support for emoticons and stickers for messages, and brings the ability to export picture as well as video message for no charge.
You can also discover new people, alongside news and content according to your preferences with broadcasts. The application is free to use and works like the same way the Call blocker app works on Android to block unwanted call on your Android mobile.
When you click on the add button, you will be presented with a screen that looks like the following screenshot. It features thousands of chat rooms; just select your desired chat room and start video call chat with 3 people at once. The application has the simple and clean user interface, and helps you to block all unwanted text messages in a very simple way.

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