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But few people can contain their curiosity about their oh-so-recent ex enough to avoid checking out their profiles. So why not optimise your page in a way that will make you super-attractive to your boyfriend?
Because so many exes use social media to check up on their former loves, the story your profile tells can have a powerful effect on your ex. Your profile says a lot about you, and right now the message it’s sending out really matters.
Although he was the one who broke up with you, your ex boyfriend will almost certainly look at your Facebook page at some time over the next few days or weeks.
And that’s exactly the cocktail of feelings you want to create in him if you want to get him back! So you have kept your boyfriend as your Facebook friend, but you haven’t actually contacted him.
You have been using your time apart from him to put your best self forward, and get yourself into a place where he would like to be – with you. It’s a weird quirk of male psychology that in his mind how you look is an important barometer of how you feel about him. So your appearance is an important weapon in your armoury for getting him back, and you should start working right away on looking as gorgeous as possible. So when your boyfriend sees it, he won’t be thinking “She looks even worse that I remember – thank goodness I broke up with her”.
Your boyfriend will be expecting you to be depressed, moping and feeling that your life is going out of your control.
The best profile picture is a close up of your face (and shoulders – you don’t want it to look like a mugshot). Make sure the background is neutral and doesn’t have anything in it that distracts the eye from seeing YOU. Lots of people tend to go for something abstract when choosing their cover photo, or for something neutral like a landscape or a flower. Try to make your cover photo say something about your life; your aspirations, your dreams or the things you enjoy. So having wowed him with your fabulous new profile picture, you mustn’t let the standard drop when it comes to the rest of your photos.
Your boyfriend will look at them before he pays any attention to who is commenting on your wall. Make sure some of your pictures have men in them, preferably men your boyfriend doesn’t know.
They post all their emotional angst, in great detail, when it happens, as it happens, all over their Facebook page. The smartest thing you can do now is to surprise him by showing him how well you are coping.

You have already made sure that your photo gallery has pictures in it of you with other men. It’s important that none of these men look as if they are your new boyfriend, but it’s equally important to make it clear that they’d like to be – and that you are not going to wait around for ever for things to change. If your boyfriend thinks that you have moved on with another guy, he is more likely to congratulate himself on a lucky escape than come storming after you to drag you back into his arms. Post flirtatious pictures of you with men who are clearly attracted to you, but leave your boyfriend guessing whether you are attracted to them. You want to give him a sense of urgency about the future, as well as making him feel jealous and angry because you are getting lots attention from other attractive guys. Without a plan, you won’t have a focus or a direction that will prevent you making mistakes.
Just about anybody who’s ever been dumped has probably been guilty of using social media to keep an eye on their ex. So why not use Facebook to get your boyfriend back by creating a killer profile that will have him reeling at your new style and confidence.
The way you use Facebook can have a big impact on how your boyfriend sees you over these first weeks following your breakup. And if you have loaded your profile with enough of the WOW factor, you will stop him dead in his tracks and get him thinking about you again – and thinking about you with desire and regret, rather than relief that it is over between you. But just to make sure that at some point he can’t resist taking a peek at your profile, there are certain things you should do to maximise the chances of it happening. You shouldn’t really be contacting him at all at this time, and commenting on his profile definitely counts as contact!
You need him to be able to see your profile, and to unfriend him would be tantamount to pasting “I’m devastated! Sooner or later, the chances are that he will try to get in touch with you, probably by text or email. But maybe you started to let things slip a bit as you became comfortable with him; and even if you didn’t, he has got used to your looks by now. It’s important to a man that his wife or girlfriend doesn’t stop making an effort to look good for him. There are lots of things you can do to make you look so good that you will stop him in his tracks when he eventually sees you again.
Go through the profiles of your friends; and those of their friends if you can see them, and note down the ones that stood out and caught your eye.
This shows confidence and poise, and tells your boyfriend that he hasn’t destroyed your self-esteem. A slightly side-angled look is often more alluring than a full face shot, so consider standing sideways onto the camera, or looking over your shoulder.
If you have a particularly sexy figure, you might want to include a bit more of your body than just your head and shoulders, but make sure your pose is natural and inviting.

And most importantly, you don’t want your boyfriend to get a smug feeling of satisfaction when he sees that you are thinking about him. This shows him that you are not moping at home, that you are meeting new men and making new friends – in short, it builds your social value. Jealousy is a powerful weapon when you use Facebook to get your boyfriend back, but you must be clever and subtle in the way you use it. They tell everybody, including (fatally) their ex boyfriend, every detail over their emotional turmoil. When you confound your boyfriend’s expectations by not moping and pouring out your heart on Facebook, you will make him start to wonder if he ever really knew you at all.
Plant the idea in your boyfriend’s mind that you have the option to move on with another guy, but you haven’t made up your mind yet whether that’s what you really want.
Jealousy can be a powerful incentive to make a man aware that he doesn’t really want to lose you after all. So why not turn your not-so-secret obsession into something positive, and use Facebook to get your boyfriend back? Using Facebook the wrong way could seriously reduce your chances of getting him back, so you really do need to make sure you get it right. But if you don’t look at his page, he’s bound to notice and wonder why, which will lead to him checking out yours! You will tell him that you feel you need to take a break from each other right now, so you will call him later when you are feeling more sociable.
When you do, he feels that you are starting to care less about him; almost as if you are disrespecting him. Reject any picture that doesn’t make you look good, and try to persuade your friends not to post unflattering pictures of you either. It will look to your boyfriend as if you are drowning your sorrows, and convince him that you are missing him already. If he still wants to know what you are up to, he will have to check out your Facebook page to find out.
Men will never tell you this kind of thing, partly because it’s dangerous territory that he enters at his peril, and partly because he probably wouldn’t know how to explain it anyway. Unfriending him will get all your friends asking questions and commenting all over your wall as well, and you don’t want to discuss your breakup in public at all.

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