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Guy tells his friends they are going for a drive to shoot a video, what they don't know is they are going to drive though a garage door! I was dating him and then I got back and he was definitely dating someone else,”  she said. This was probably what was going through the mind of Billy, one of the men who I had the pleasure of working with personally a few years ago. Of course, I had read thousands of situations just like his and I thought I had seen it all.
Even though I didn’t have a lot of experience feeling helpless I have felt it one time in my entire life and it made that much of an impression on me that I knew that this was the person I wanted to help no matter what. No, I can’t necessarily guarantee that after reading this article you are going to have control of the current predicament you have found yourself in. Now, do you think that when a man comes to this site to figure out how to get his ex girlfriend back if he hurt her that he is talking about hurting her in this way? God I hope not because that means I have been helping a bunch of abusers get back with their exes.
I am sure there are THOUSANDS of ways that a woman can be hurt emotionally but I don’t have the time or patience to write out a thousand situations.
One of the weakest aspects of reading about getting an ex back online is the fact that no matter what article you stumble across it isn’t going to be geared toward your situation totally.
Here is my point, I have been making an effort on Ex Girlfriend Recovery lately to gear my articles towards all situations and this one isn’t going to be any different.
PART ONE: I am going to dish out general advice on the strategies you can use to overcome your ex girlfriend being hurt. PART TWO: I am then going to dish out more strategies directly relating to each of the situations above.
Alright, lets turn our attention to some of the strategies that you can use to get your ex girlfriend back if you ended up hurting her.
Now, I do want to say that before we get started this section is going to be pretty comprehensive. Now that, that is out of the way lets talk about the strategies that you can use if you hurt your ex girlfriend. This graphic encompasses the main strategies that I think you should be employing to get your ex girlfriend back if you hurt her. Yesterday when I was mapping out this entire article I did some research online to try to figure out what some of my peers were saying about the subject of hurting an ex girlfriend and the truth is that I couldn’t find anything that I connected with which is rare. Well, when I am researching an article I usually read a lot into the topic and through that reading something makes a light bulb go off in my head and I know exactly what I want to write about but I had a lot of trouble with this article.
I was reading a lot on the subject but I didn’t necessarily agree with anything I was reading.
My one goal with this website is to help you in your situation to the best of my ability and if that means recommending something that I may personally think puts you at a disadvantage then I will do it so long as I have seen it work. If you look at my wife’s statement above then you will notice that she never mentioned begging was a part of the apology. What really needs to happen is a heartfelt apology from you regarding whatever it is that you did to hurt your ex girlfriend. Honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath that it would work BUT at least you will have tried. In other words, out of ten at bats if a baseball player gets three hits he is looked at as a super star.
Not all of these strategies will work for you but as long as you keep trying and get one hit you are going to make some serious progress. Well, businesses often use a value chain to describe how their products get from the hands of a manufacturer to the hands of a customer. In other words, they use the value chain to see how a product starts at point A and gets to point B. Well, what if I told you that just by completing the steps I have listed in the value chain above you work towards a reality where she isn’t as hurt anymore. When I came up with the idea for the value chain I actually worked in the fact that a lot of ex girlfriends out there were going to be hurt. Well, if you read my article about getting an ex back fast you would know that generally speaking getting an ex girlfriend back isn’t a quick process. So, if this process is going to take three months do you honestly think that your ex is going to be as angry with you as she is right now in three months? So, the value chain has that going for it but I created the value chain in a way that you never go too fast too soon.
Now, I realize I didn’t get into the details of what the value chain is comprised of but I wrote a whole book about it, PRO. Her boyfriend was gone which wasn’t exactly abnormal for this time of day but what was abnormal was the fact that he left his laptop open on the table.
Except instead of throwing her boyfriends clothes out the window she threw his clothes down the stairs to their apartment.
You are reading this article because you hurt your ex girlfriend and you are hoping to figure out how you can resolve the situation in a way that will help you get her back.
Well, let’s say that you said or did something that made your ex girlfriend even angrier at you post breakup. You don’t want to give your ex girlfriend any extra ammunition that she can use as a reason to NOT get back with you. Besides, it’s really the next few pieces of advice that I am about to give you that will really move the needle. A few months ago I conducted an independent study on a portion of the success stories that I have had. While I will admit that I hadn’t done the best job of collecting successes over the years (I probably have had close to 500 but had only collected about 50) the study still proved to be very educational. One of the most shocking discoveries that I encountered while doing my analysis was the fact that jealousy seemed to be one of the most popular and effective tactics. This woman actually told her ex that she should probably find someone who wants her after the breakup. What I am about to tell you is something that I have never written before on Ex Girlfriend Recovery. I know this sounds weird but there is a method to the madness and if you do this correctly it can arguably be the most powerful form of jealousy that you can use to your favor. Not that she hates your girlfriend it’s just that you and this mutual friend go way back.
Now, let’s say that you pull this friend aside and let her in on your plan to get your ex girlfriend back and you need her help. In other words, you want this friend to vouch for you so much that she creates competition.

It proves that you are considered to be a man of higher value and oftentimes women treat men better who aren’t easy to get. It’s going to shell shock her into trying to win you back as opposed to the other way around. This mutual friend isn’t really trying to win you and she could potentially be trying to sabotage any new relationship you form so she can win you back herself. If you can create that kind of an atmosphere nothing can go wrong because you are going to be making an indirect point, that you are a hot commodity among women and she is missing out. And you still feel that you aren’t any closer to your goal of getting your ex girlfriend back who you hurt.
Most people will tell you to give up and I happen to agree with them but not because I think you should actually give up.
Particularly the trend that sometimes the best thing to do to get an ex back is to simply move on. I know it sounds counter intuitive but rushing is often an enemy when it comes to getting an ex back.
The example I always like to cite here is actually a podcast episode I did on my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery. You see, on EBR I do a weekly podcast where I advise women on how to handle their situations with their exes. Melissa had tried everything that she could possibly think of to get her ex back but nothing seemed to work. A year removed from the breakup she heard from her ex again who wanted to hang out all the time.
Now, I have been claiming that I am making an active effort to improve the quality of the content on this website by doing a better job of matching your individual situation with the advice I dish out.
I am going to take the most popular situations where an ex boyfriend hurts his ex girlfriend and give you a few tips on how to approach that situation should you find yourself in it. On this page what I would really like to focus on is what strategies will work if you cheated and what strategies won’t. If you recall, I gave you six of my very best strategies to make amends with an ex assuming you hurt her. You are going to want to do every strategy that I taught you above with the exception of the ones involving members of the opposite sex. Well, cheating has a way of creating insecurity issues within women and if you were to try to win your ex back by making her jealous or trying to get her into a competition with another girl then the chances are high that she won’t respond to it.
Ok, let’s say that during your relationship with your ex girlfriend she would always complain that you were spending too much time with other women.
This hurt her on a deep level and ultimately spelled the end of your relationship with her. I am going to say something that may strike you as controversial but it’s something that you absolutely need to hear. Even though you didn’t cheat on your ex girlfriend you still need to treat the situation as if you cheated. Flirting with other women is still going to bring out the same insecurities within your ex girlfriend as it would if you had cheated on her.
Out of all the situations I have listed in part two of this article this is the one that I can relate to the most. I remember it well because we got into a massive fight over something that I still think to this day I was 100% right about.
I went batshit crazy trying to understand why she was sleeping over at some guy’s house. You see, I was of the mind that if you are dating someone the only place you should have a sleepover at another guys house.
And she was of the mind that she was with a group of girls and they were sleeping over a mutual friends house who happened to be a guy so there was nothing wrong.
As it turns out, all of the strategies I have taught you on this page will work for getting an ex back assuming you hurt her through a massive fight. That’s important to note for one reason because it meant that my assistants who handle most of the emails that we get had vacation. Well, at the beginning of this week I set a goal that I wanted all of the emails to be answered by the end of the week. I took about 80 of those unanswered emails and started handing out advice to those who wanted it.
I happened to come across a really interesting situation where a woman was confused as to whether she wanted to take her ex back.
As this process repeated itself it pushed her to the breaking point and she ended up breaking up with him. And for those of you who are in a long distance relationship raising your hands in protest all I will say is this. I was in an LDR (long distance relationship) for six months and I still found the time to carve out 2 to 3 hours a day to talk to my girlfriend on the phone. What if this happened so much that it hurt her to the point that she wanted to break up with you. Your ex girlfriend is going to be very insecure about your extracurricular activities that don’t involve her. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. I am wondering what are my chances of getting back together with a girl I had dated for the last 3 months? After our talk, I talked to my friends to understand her viewpoint better and prepared a thorough reply to each of her 4 points (listed above). My depressed girlfriend [F28] pushed me [M33] away and broke up with me just before Christmas, as she said she can’t cope with the pressure of a relationship right now, and that she “needs to sort herself out on her own”. Sorry for the really long message in advance but I am lost and could really use any sort of help even if its a short response, just anything to kind of send me in the right direction. You see, it made me think back to my very first relationship ever and revisit what went wrong.
In other words, I am operating under the assumption that you fu*ked things up with your ex in some way, shape or form. If you want more technical aspects of getting your girlfriend back like exact things to say or timelines on what has to happen I suggest you check out Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO. Hell, she’s been cheated on and wronged in more ways than I can count so when she chimes in with any of her personal experiences I sit up and listen. We aren’t going to be doing an in-depth look at every section of the value chain today.
Lynn and her new boyfriend had just moved into a new apartment together and one day, after a long day at work, Lynn came home to an empty house. What’s worse, is that she is going to have to fight other women for the right to be with him.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let more time go by to make an ex realize what she lost out on. So, not being a woman that would just wait around she decided that the best thing to do in her situation was to move on. We are trying to move on with our lives so that our ex girlfriends will see that they missed out on something special. To date, that is one of my favorite pages because the advice I give out there is probably the only way that I think will give you a legitimate chance. So, what kind of strategy can you employ to smooth things over and get your relationship back on track? However, I knew that in order to successfully reach this goal I would have to step up and help out. After some time passed he ended up coming back into the picture and started begging for her back.
She had been hurt on such a deep level that she had these constant flashbacks of history repeating itself.
The big headwind that you are going to be facing revolves around convincing her that history isn’t going to repeat itself. So, why would you purposefully try to make her jealous when she already is worried to death that she may have been cheated on by you? We were not exclusive, but I think if I had talked to her about that 4-6 weeks in, she likely would have agreed. She is very attractive and her friends tried to introduce her to other guys, though she declined them while she dated me. She said that I deserve better, that she’s not good enough for me and that she feels like she is a burden to me. On average, if you do everything right, it can take up to 2-3 months to get an ex girlfriend back. Anyways, you decide that you want to take a dip into the ocean and the second your foot hits the water a shiver is sent up your spine.
Now lets pretend that this mutual friend has always liked you a bit more than your ex girlfriend. Don’t you think she is going to cherish a guy like that much more as opposed to a guy that she can get with a flick of her wrist? Before the incident where another girl was basically asking permission to date you she viewed you as an ex boyfriend who she didn’t like very much but after this incident she is going to wake up and realize that other women are very interested in you. This happens a lot when I am drunk and has absolutely nothing to do with my ex – but rather an accident I was in some time ago. I really appreciate that you give guys (and gals) a plan to get their significant other back, rather than just be passive and accept whatever happens to them. A few weeks in a row, I called her 30 mins before she wanted to sleep after she had told me she wanted to sleep earlier in the coming weeks.
2) What should I do during this 1 week to improve the chances she will be interested again? She told me she wishes she could be a better person for me but her depression is getting the better of her.
We had dated for 2 years and even though I was very young around 12-14, the feelings couldn’t have felt more real. Baseball is the only sport I can think of where a guy is looked at as a superstar if he fails more times than he succeeds.
First, we were introduced by 2 mutual friends, one of whom I had made a positive impression on, which caused her to recommend me to the girl I dated. I called her a week later, shared my elaborated replies to her 4 points, and shared why I exhibited some of those behaviors (based on family upbringing, etc.). Our 2 hour talk made me hopeful, but I don’t know what could happen until I see her in 2 weeks.
She was telling me things like “your photo made me happy”, “you’re looking good”, “I miss you”. Second, in the beginning, she made it really easy for me to date her by telling me, unprompted, what she liked to do, what restaurants she liked, what desserts she liked, what her favorite flowers were, etc., so that I would know how to make her happy.
She said she was not prepared for me to be so open in our talk, that it was a positive thing, and that she thought I sounded very articulate and smart. She said she knows she will regret letting “someone as amazing” as me go, but she needs to “prove to herself that she can be OK on her own”. Then yesterday, I was finally doing up my bathroom (she knew I wanted to when we were together), so posted a Snapchat picture of all my paint and tools.
The way we left off was amazing, I walked her home and we had talked it out and she was really sad, as was I, and ended up having our farewell kiss of goodbye. For example, the wine at the party was lousy so we talked about the wine we had at a restaurant we once went to.
She said there is nothing wrong with me, or our relationship, but there is something wrong with her and she can’t give me as much as I give her until she fixes herself. I have tried to keep in contact with her over all these years and have had multiple girlfriends in between and even when I do move on, my mind always ends up going back to her.
The week and even the day before she broke up with me, we were literally planning the year (holidays, weekends away, visits), were having regular sex and she was still affectionate (holding hands, cuddling on the sofa etc). I had to call (twice) and visit (once) my mom, which caused me to have to re-schedule my date with her.
As I said, I have always kind of kept in contact with her and when I do we end up talking daily for hours on end for those couple of weeks. She was not happy about that because she thought it showed my mom had too much influence over my decisions. Medium and ongoing – I spoke to my mom to let her know I need to make my own decisions when it comes to my schedule, and I told the girl this. I posted a JustGiving fundraising message on my FB for a half marathon I’m running for a mental health charity (she knew I was doing this as I signed up when we were together).
I always either get too clingy which I’ve learned to step back and take my time now or it just fizzles out and we stop talking because I was in another state at that time. I ended up moving back to vegas which is where we both live about a year ago, and I take online school now while she goes to public school. Although she was a planner like I was, she also had a spontaneous side, but did not feel like she could be spontaneous with me.
Easy – I can be more spontaneous if I don’t feel like I have to guarantee that such an unplanned date has to go perfectly.) She said she was not sure if we were compatible, and she needed space for 2 weeks.
I told her I still care about her and what a great cause it was and she told me I was “the most amazing person she’s ever met” and that she “didn’t deserve me”.

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