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Lovelorn Prince Harry toured Elvis Presley’s Graceland to the sound of Heartbreak Hotel as it emerged he has shunned his hard-partying friends in a bid to win back Cressida Bonas. A sombre Harry, 29, refused to join in late-night high-jinks to celebrate the wedding of close pal Guy Pelly in Memphis this weekend. While others in the 150-strong party stayed up until 3am at Memphis’s five-star Peabody Hotel – at one point racing through the lobby slapping each other’s bottoms while clutching overflowing champagne glasses – an absent Harry remained resolutely out of public view.
Harry and William flew to America to be ushers at yesterday’s wedding of Guy Pelly to Memphis ‘society queen’ Lizzy Wilson.
Later on Friday night the two Princes attended a formal wedding rehearsal dinner, but while many in the group continued the party back at their hotel, Harry was a no-show. About 20 guests piled back to the bar around midnight and downed champagne cocktails and shots. One girl, called Rachel, said she had flown from California as soon as she heard the Prince was in Memphis.

Hopefully Janet won't mind how happy the boy in the drawing looks, as ZF writes: 'I am having a tough time describing my feelings. But reading the text makes it clear that the recipient Janet might not have been too thrilled with the sketch.'I think we should break up,' it read. The force was no longer with Jessica's relationship, despite the romantic notion that: 'I want to crawl up inside you. One letter, posted to Flickr by Erin Meagan, suggested that the relationship had lost its bounce.'Dear Erin, you are like sunshine in the rain. Republican tendencies did it for Dave in this letter from Beth, who can't resist a dig at her former beau's anatomy. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
While others reference moments in last year's presidential campaign, when Mr Obama won his second term in the White House.For example, the moment Clint Eastwood delivered one of the most bizarre political convention speeches in American history.

The festivities continued until the bar closed at 3am but Harry is thought to have retired hours earlier, much to the chagrin of some ‘Henry-ettas’ (as the Prince’s American fans dub themselves) waiting outside. The New York Times reported, the billboard, seemingly paid for by wronged wife Emily, was part of a marketing campaign by Court TV for the show Parco P.I.
Sorry, ZF.'And then there was the personals ad that got incredibly personal, telling Kevin Maxey that the 'game is over as of Dec 9' and instructing Kevin to never call again.

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