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Sagittarius man loves to travel and the best way you could win his heart is by going on holidays with him and tries out all the adventure you can with him. Pisces men have a big heart, and feel their best when they’re helping someone in need.
Dual-natured, like the two fish that represent them, Pisces men are also often somewhere else in their mind – and can be looking for the next big thing. Pisces females, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, are dual-natured like their sign.
Pisces women are careful listeners, who will listen to you attentively and offer insightful advice. Getting to know a Scorpio man can be a very difficult task for most other astrological signs. If you put in the work to understand a Scorpio, however, the relationship will pay off as they are incredibly loyal friends and partners.
Cancer women are Moon symbols, and as such, can be unpredictable and difficult to understand – their moods may wax and wane. Cancer women are incredibly selective in their partner, so don’t expect to sweep her off her feet right away. Cancers are excellent mothers and are naturally inclined toward being nurturing, caring and loving. A Cancer man can be a hard nut to crack, but developing and maintaining a relationship with one will pay big dividends. Cancer men are controlled by the Moon, which changes it’s shape and form on a daily basis. Pisces, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, is a Water Sign and the twelfth sign of the astrological zodiac.
Pisces are spiritual and creative, and have a gift for detecting someone’s true feelings. If you have a relationship with a Scorpio, or are yourself one, you might already have an idea just how fiercely independent Scorpios are.
Without understanding Cancers, they may seem moody, unhappy or grumpy one minute – and then overly relaxed and happy the next.
One of the difficulties in understanding Cancer traits is their ability not to meet things head on: often times, they will sidestep their way to a conclusion. As occasional emotional rollercoasters, Cancers have a flair for drama and can become great artists.
This special analysis of the Pisces lucky numbers for the year ahead will help make sure you do not miss out on the chances for luck for the year ahead.
When you understand the true meaning of these lucky numbers you will be able to adapt your behaviour and lifestyle in a way that maximises your chances of adding good luck to your life. Pisces lucky numbers 20 and 28 signifies that great change is coming to the love life of Pisces.
Pisces Lucky numbers are different from the lucky numbers of other star signs in that they almost always relate to matters of the heart.
Pisces Lucky Number 20 means that a new relationship will begin that has the potential to become a long lasting romance. At first you will treat this person exactly like any other friend but it is my prediction that soon your relationship will develop as the power of lucky number 20 exerts its force. This will take Pisces by surprise but I believe that if you are open to new ideas there is no reason that Pisces cannot take advantage of the arrival of this lucky number and make the most of the new situation. Pisces should look out for the arrival of lucky number 20 in the months of July and September.
Pisces lucky numbers represent a healing force in the life of people born under the sign of the fish.
Lucky number 19 for Pisces brings good news on the family front for the coming months of this year. The arguments and tension that seemed to fill your house in 2013 will begin to disappear in the year ahead. This lucky number will see a new sense of calm arrive in your home and will allow you and this person who you have been arguing with to take some time to work on building some bridges. When you take this person to one side you will soon realize that the arguments you have been having are pointless and you will both agree to make an extra special effort to see each other’s point of view in future. One of the most common requests that I get are from Pisces signs asking me what lucky numbers they should choose for the lottery.
As a professional psychic it is against my code of ethics to claim to give out “winning lottery numbers” – simply because it is not possible to do so. If any psychic reader or medium claims to be able to give you winning lottery numbers you can be 100% certain that they are a fake or a scam artist. Instead, a true and trusted psychic will give you advice on picking lucky numbers for your star sign. When it comes to picking Pisces lucky numbers for the lottery here are my recommended numbers that you should include. You should use these Pisces lucky numbers alongside your own judgement and if you are lucky please let me know via email or by leaving a comment here. My reports for Pisces lucky numbers in the past have led to 3 people winning a sizeable amount of money that I know of. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
You have two ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune and this month, both these planets connect with Venus, planet of love, money and pleasure, on the 6th (Neptune) and on the 14th (Jupiter). Two other planets, Mars and Pluto, team up with Venus and Jupiter from 13th-15th to create a triangle of earth signs in the heavens.
If you are in a relationship or married, you’re currently the stronger of the two, as Mars is retrograde, i.e. At times there will be misunderstandings and possible fall-outs with your nearest and dearest. It’s also important to know that Mercury, the communication planet, and the planet that rules your relationships, is up to its tricks this month. This is an interesting month for you, Aries, which has the potential for lots of excitement, new initiatives and changes of plan.
Phew, lots of dates already and to add to the mix, let’s take a look at which planet Mercury’s bumping into.
There are some very lucky stars in the heavens from13th-15th and even though your planet Mars is now on go slow, you may still receive a welcome bonus that’s cash or work related.
Love too looks nourishing, at least after the first weekend, when Saturn opposite Venus symbolises a love ultimatum. It’s a busy month with some unexpected twists and turns but mostly it’s going to be a humdinger. It’s also a wonderful time to be noticed, show off and use your excellent people skills to win people over. But the best news this month is that Jupiter, planet of good fortune and opportunity, is forging forward in your sign of Taurus and mid-month it connects with your ruling planet Venus. Other planets are also involved, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, creating an earth sign triangle in the heavens.
If you’re in a relationship or married, Venus and Mars are in alignment on the 14th so this suggests a positive time for both of you. Finally, Mercury is bobbing round all over the place this month and in a hidden sector of your chart, so what’s going on behind the scenes is as important as what’s visible.
Your planet Mercury is up to its tricks this month promising lots, throwing the odd spanner in the works and asking you to be extra flexible and adaptable.
On the 2nd, Mercury moves into Aries, the sign that rules friendships and group activities in your chart.
The big event of March takes place mid-month when Jupiter and Pluto connect in the heavens and they’re joined by the relationship planets Mars and Venus. If you’re a typical Cancerian, you enjoy going with the flow and like to check how you feel about something before you rush in. This is due to Mercury’s movement, the planet of communication, which bobs back and forth in and out of your career sector this month and next. The energy mid-month is completely different when there’s a lovely luxurious earth sign triangle in the heavens, involving the planets Jupiter, Pluto, Venus and Mars.
There are a couple of dates this month that are perfect for getting together with girlfriends, the 6th and 14th. The Sun, which rules Leo, is in your joint money sector as the month begins and on the 3rd and 8th opposes Mars and the Moon respectively. It is a tricky picture for shared finances but the good news is that your own work, career and your ability to make money shifts into overdrive mid-month.
Mercury teams up with Uranus not once but three times, firstly on the 5th, then 18th and finally next month, 22nd April.
If you are in a relationship or married, do your best not to let external circumstances affect how you feel for one another. Mid-month is a real humdinger for you earth signs, when there’s a triangle of planets in the heavens which includes Jupiter and Pluto and the relationship planets Venus and Mars.
These two planets are called the benefics in astrology which means they’re the good guys, symbols of all the good things in life, like love, money, pleasure.
If you’re in a steady relationship or married, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus can help you create some stability and build together as a couple. I say this because Mercury, planet of communication, is in your opposite sign of Aries on and off for the next two months and it’s complicated. The first weekend could be tricky too when Venus (in Aries before its move into Taurus on the 5th) opposes Saturn.
They first connected on 7th July 2011 and 28th Oct 2011 and the third transit (connection) of planets is often the biggest and best which is happening now. If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you like things to happen fast and don’t want to wait around for life to come to you. Having said that, it is important to remember that Mars, the action planet, is on go slow in Virgo, your career sector, and only turns direct next month, on the 14th. One planet that is up to its tricks this month is Mercury, planet of communication and your partner planet.
The first weekend holds the key to the month’s events for you, when your planet Saturn opposes Venus in Aries. Now it’s not for me to tell you what you should do but what I can do is inform you how the planets correspond to your life in the here and now and offer you a fresh perspective on your current situation. Home and family are going to be lively topics for discussion as Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Aries on the 2nd, turns retrograde on 12th moves back out of Aries on 23rd, turns direct on 4th April and moves back in to Aries on 16th April. Plus, and this is a very important plus, mid-month there’s an earth sign triangle in the heavens which includes Venus and Jupiter in Taurus (the luckiest planets), Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo.
The planets are urging you to discover true satisfaction, a deep sense of joy and that may mean refocusing on what you want out of life. The first weekend of the month could prove to be a tipping point for you when two difficult oppositions in the heavens challenge you to face up to any difficulties or problems.
The other possibility is that you’re feeling bored and, being one of the air signs, you do need mental stimulation to be at your best.
Mid-month there’s a very different tempo in the heavenly picture as four planets create a triangle of earth signs in the heavens. Relationships aren’t a major priority this month but if you are in a relationship or married, it’s all about communication.
Feel vibey and happy already and definitely this is going to be a scorcher of a month…lots of smiles flowing through my heart. After the events last month, I’ve confirmed that yours is the most accurate monthly forecast!
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They’re all famous Pisces men, who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their astrological zodiac sign.
They’re all famous Pisces women who exemplify the traits and characteristics of their zodiac sign. They are often incredibly spiritual and creative, but can be at risk of being pulled in two directions, and thus lacking a solid footing in life. Their caring nature extends to their loved ones and partner, who they shower with affection and loyalty. They’re all famous Scorpio men who are great examples of the characteristics of their zodiac sign.
They’re all famous Scorpio women and are great examples of the characteristics of their zodiac sign.
The payoff is an incredibly loyal and devoted friend or partner, so it’s worth the extra work. If you meet a woman who seems to be an emotional roller coaster, chances are she is a Cancer.
Don’t be surprised if you have a hard time pinning down the fashion of a Cancer woman: the fashions she fancies change as quickly as her mood! Cancer men are notoriously cautious with relationships, and particular when they choose their partner. As the last sign of the astrological zodiac, the personality traits of Pisces are more complex and evolved than many other signs.
Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and tied together by a cord, Pisces are often pulled in two different directions in life. They are incredibly generous with their material possessions, and are always ready to help someone in need. Many of the traits Scorpios share are double-sided: they are jealous but loyal, passionate but obsessive, hot one minute and cold the next. One of the most prominent characteristics of a Scorpio is that they tend to be perfectly content to live alone and have complete control of their lives.
Cancers, more so than any other zodiac sign, are unpredictable and often difficult to understand.
Besides their mood swings, one thing remains constant: if you upset a Cancer, they have no problem retreating back into their shell.
Each offers to the other, a perspective that rounds them out, adding dimension to their lives.A guarded Capricorn turns to butter around the charming and gentle Pisces.
In Cap, Pisces sees a nose-to-the-grindstone character that needs the balance of creative and spiritual nourishment.

This year brings great fortune to those born under the sign of Pisces if you know what to look out for. This lucky number is a clear signal that in the second half of this year new love and romantic opportunities will arise for Pisces. Pisces is one of the most emotional of all the star signs so this should come as no surprise. This lucky number signals to me that a new person will enter your life, most likely as the friend of a friend. The arrival of this person will coincide with the arrival of your lucky number which will appear to you in a letter you receive from a friend.
Although it may take time for you to repair your relationship to the way it was before you should definitely make the effort. This is a great way to describe how lucky number 31 for Pisces will help join you with your friend.
You should take this sign and use the power of the Pisces lucky numbers to reconnect with this lost friend. My analysis tells me that Mars will begin to rise in Pisces and it will signal the arrival of Pisces lucky number 19. Like Pisces lucky number 31 healing will take place between you and the person in your home that you have not been getting along with. The Pisces personality type can sometimes find it difficult to make amends with people so you will have to make a really special effort to make this relationship work. If anyone ever claims to be able to give you the winning lotto numbers you should run a mile! I have developed these lucky numbers based on my detailed analysis of the Pisces sign and they have been approved by my team of numerology experts. So whilst I cannot guarantee that these Pisces lucky numbers will win you anything there is a better than average chance that you can use them to win something! On the 3rd, the Sun in Pisces opposes Mars and this suggests a challenge, not seeing eye-to-eye. Mercury’s the prankster who loves mischief and Mercury is not only retrograde from 12th March-4th April but bumps into livewire Uranus on the 5th, 18th and again next month, on 22nd April. The main player in your chart is Mercury, the winged messenger and planet of communication.
On the 5th, again on 18th and for the third time next month on 22nd April, Mercury conjuncts Uranus.
You can expect to be busy with lots of people to talk to, new strategies to learn and quickly, and lots that you want to say.
Some astrologers think it’s a risky contact but used well it’s more positive than negative, and being an Aries helps you tap into your feisty, go-getting nature.
Plus with Venus, which rules love and money, in its own sign of Taurus from the 5th, this feels abundant and plentiful. If you can ride this wave successfully, then be a loving, devoted partner throughout March.
The focus is on yourself (1st house), what you give birth to, children or creative projects (5th house) and travel and learning (9th house).
What happens to one person has a knock on effect to the other and if you’re hoping to become pregnant or have a family, this is a lucky combination. Listen to your inner voice and try not to dismiss unconscious thoughts that pop up and want to be noticed.
Whilst in Aries, Mercury teams up with the planet Uranus, not once but three times, on 5th, 18th and again next month on 22nd April.
You may take a trip down memory lane at this time and there are likely to be developments that concern your home or family.
Not only is your partnership planet Jupiter in Taurus and the most hidden sector of your chart but Venus, planet of love, joins Jupiter in Taurus on the 5th. There’s lively activity going on at the top of your chart, ruling your work, career and vocation, but it’s unpredictable and requires you to be spontaneous. This month, it may be time to remember that you’re one of the cardinal signs, along with Aries, Libra and Capricorn, and these signs are the leaders of the zodiac. Plus Mercury teams up with Uranus, also in your career sector, not once but three times, on the 5th, 18th and next month on 22nd April. This looks brilliant for relationships and your interactions with old and new friends alike. Any difficulties surrounding money come to a head and you may find that someone thinks your money belongs to them.
Jupiter has been at the top of your chart, ruling your career and vocation since last summer. It’s an exciting time for travel plans, adventure and new experiences and you may be surprised by some of the offers that come your way.
If you’re in a long distance relationship, trying to find the time to meet up and connect will be more complex than usual and one or both of you may change your mind about the relationship.
Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves in to Aries on the 2nd and your joint finance sector, so expect some lively conversations with your partner or with other key people who have influence over your money. Whatever’s going on for you financially or on a deeper emotional level, the 13th-15th offers you the chance to enjoy life to the full and to focus on entertainment, romance and having fun. On the 5th, Venus, your ruling planet, moves into Taurus, a sign it’s very comfortable in as Taurus rules sensuality and money, amongst other things. The two of them together ooze warmth and abundance and in Taurus it’s slow, sensual and lovely. This puts limits on love or suggests a disappointment or let down from a key individual in your life.
This is also about the work you’ve put in over the past that now starts to reap you rewards. Venus, the love planet, moves in to your opposite sign of Taurus on the 5th, on 6th meets up with romantic Neptune and on 14th meets up with glorious Jupiter.
This philosophy won’t have worked so well for you over the last year with Jupiter, your planet, in Taurus, one of the earth signs. So you may feel as if you’re straining on a leash; you can see goal posts, feel the glory but can’t yet reach and touch it. This represents a boost to your health, a better or happier working environment or a chance to serve others and make a difference.
This could be a complicated time for love and relationships but not without its fair share of excitement. It’s a good month to be spontaneous and do fun things together but be aware that arguments could flare up quickly and if you have kids they’ll keep you on your toes. Saturn is currently at the top of your chart in your work sector but only until the autumn and Saturn is currently retrograde, i.e.
Saturn on go slow in your career sector either suggests you’re out of work, you’re coasting at work or work isn’t as important as it sometimes can be.
Plus (if you didn’t think it could get more complicated), Mercury meets up with the unpredictable planet Uranus, not once but three times, on 5th, 18th and next month on 22nd April.
This puts the focus on the “enjoyment” sectors of your chart, it’s about your personal happiness (1st house), creativity and children (5th house) and travel and philosophical pursuits (9th house).
The good news is that if you want some excitement, this month is brilliant for creative ideas, innovative plans, fun and games. Venus and Jupiter come together in Taurus, down at the base of your chart, highlighting home and family affairs, your roots and past. The Sun joins Mercury in Aries on the 20th, the Spring Equinox, and the Sun symbolises your partner in your chart.
This is a great month to join an online dating agency or to get out and about and initiate meetings and dates.
For one moment they can bestow you with praises and for the other moment say something very mean to you. However, when the Sagittarius calms down, he will be as guilty to throw his temper at you. If they finish your sentences, it’s because they can easily make a real, beyond-words connection with people they care about.
Be careful how much ground you give them, and in times of discourse, make sure you force them to open up and engage. She is incredibly sensitive, and if you don’t choose your words carefully, can be upset and insulted easily.
They’re confident and able to quickly grasp a situation, seeing all angles like a game of chess.
If you take the time to truly understand him, and realize you may never predict what his next mood will be, the payoff is huge, and he can make an excellent dedicated partner for life.
To understand a Scorpio better, it’s best to take a closer look at the astrological traits and characteristics they all share. To better understand Scorpio traits, you must first accept that their biggest strengths are also their biggest weaknesses. My special report on the 7 Reasons Pisces will be lucky has been one of my most popular reports this year. Lucky Number 20 for Pisces is triggered by the lunar eclipse in the second half the year and as lucky number 20 arrives things will begin to change for all those born under the Pisces sign.
You should look for this lucky number online – it will appear to you immediately before you are given a chance to reach out to your long lost friend. Think back to last year Pisces – do you automatically think of an argument that you had with a family member?
Think about it – If I were able to predict the winning numbers do you think I would share them with the world?! It feels abundant as both Venus and Jupiter are the lucky planets in the heavens and represent prosperity and the good things in life.
There may be news of a competition win; a letter, phone call or text that gives you reason for celebration. This is about team success, working together with other people towards a common goal and extending your social circle. This month’s Full Moon on the 8th also spotlights relationships, but it’s a day when you see things clearly and a good day to make a relationship-based decision.
This is a lively, complex picture which suggests volatile communication, changes of mind, changes of heart and an erratic unpredictable few weeks.
Mercury moves into your sign on the 2nd, moves back out again on 23rd and returns to Aries next month on 16th April. Astrology would also suggest that projects are best put on hold whilst Mercury’s retrograde, i.e. Certainly, if you’ve worked hard over the past few months building your reputation, applying for jobs and knuckling down in your work, your stars suggest here’s your reward. If you find yourself becoming anxious or you can’t stop your busy but creative mind, remember your planet Venus is in Taurus and wants you to slow down. It’s complicated this time around because Mercury moves in and out of different signs triggering different areas of your life. This may indicate a new venture you start with a friend, a new group in your life or brainstorming brilliant ideas with friends, especially to do with online marketing or social media.
It’s a chance to look again from a fresh perspective and decide what your next steps are to be. This is classic symbolism for an affair, loving someone from afar or feeling that you’re not ready to go public with your love. So there will be specific times when you have to act fast and there may be a lot asked of you, i.e.
Uranus is a livewire energy, great for entrepreneurial activities or starting a business online, but not steady and certainly not safe and secure.
This is about pleasure, enjoying your female friendships and making the time to catch up over coffee, lunch or arrange an outing. It’s a tricky start to the month for financial matters and it’s important to stand your ground and not let a person’s strong emotions influence your decisions. On the 5th, it’s joined by Venus and on 14th these two planets, the luckiest planets in the heavens, sit side by side. Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th and bumps into Uranus on the 5th and 18th and Uranus tends to bring sudden change and creates an unpredictable picture. Any firm decision you make is unlikely to stick this month, so where love’s concerned, be adaptable and flexible but keep love exciting too. Bring things out in to the open, inject some romance in to your love life and make plans for the future together. Taurus is one of your money sectors in the chart, ruling joint finances in particular, so investments, inheritances, monies shared and owed. Jupiter’s been in Taurus since last summer so what takes place for you now may be dependent on what you’ve been creating and working towards since then. Make love not war is a good motto for your one-to-one relationships and it’s important to remember that in a relationship, sometimes it’s what’s not said that’s more powerful than what is said. Whatever happens for you personally, resolve to put it behind you and try not to let it affect all the good things that are available to you. On the 13th, Jupiter, planet of good fortune and prosperity, is in a cracking aspect with your planet Pluto for the third and final time.
Both Jupiter and Pluto are in earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn respectively, and even more exciting mid-month, Mars, your modern ruling planet creates the third peg to an earth sign triangle in the heavens. In fact, some of you may have found that you’ve been bogged down with work or found life slow, for whatever reason. Success comes your way via your contacts and it’s who you know not what you know that’s going to make the biggest difference to your life. This can be an important period of reflection and consolidation, examining how far you’ve come over the last couple of years and what you want for the future.
This suggests lots of talking, some misunderstandings and not a lot of decisions being made until next month. It’s also a wonderful month for romance and if anything can help you rethink your priorities, it’s falling in love.
The Full Moon on the 8th is a good day to do just that as it cuts across your financial axis and this is a perfect day to make a big decision or to bring a money-related matter to a conclusion.
One of your ruling planets is Uranus currently in your communication sector and this month and next, Uranus bumps into Mercury in the heavens, the planet of communication. If you’re having a family celebration on 13th, 14th or 15th, you’re in tune with your stars, and any kind of reunion or trip down memory lane will be enjoyable and bring a deep sense of belonging and satisfaction.
The period between 21st-24th looks lively for communicating but again it may take until next month for you to find a compromise, a solution or whatever your relationship needs.
Again it’s the 21st-24th which looks red hot but you will have to wait until early to mid-April before you know whether a new romance is going to develop in to anything more.

However, when you are feeling low about what they said, they will immediately cheer you up. Sagittarius is also very flirty by nature, so the woman should be able to handle in a smart way. Their creativity, to an extreme, can be a downfall: if you can’t hold their attention, you might catch them daydreaming!
It's often said that Pisces thrives with a guiding hand and Cap is happy to play that lead role.
It represents productivity, genuine connections and building for the future and feels solid, plentiful and fun.
In any relationship, there are times to give and times to receive so think whether there is something you can do for your other half and how you can be supportive.
If money is an issue with your current partner or an ex, this may be the cause of your dissatisfaction or perhaps you feel it’s time to speak your mind. So it’s a month of Mercury to-ing and fro-ing in and out of your sign due to Mercury’s retrograde motion, which begins on 12th March and lasts until 4th April.
Mercury rules communication and Uranus is unpredictability; put the two together and you’re in for a month of brilliant ideas, sudden decisions, stops and starts and, at times, frenetic excitement. You may be writing on the web (Uranus rules technology), tweeting, texting and all because you have something to say. It certainly suggests high energy and innovative activities but it could also lead to arguments, as Aries is a feisty, sometimes opinionated sign. Once Mercury is back up and running on 4th April, this is your equivalent of a green light, and second chances with regard to work and career are well-starred. It may be that a blessing comes in disguise or you receive some good news but it creates mixed feelings within.
If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s a wonderful time for self-care and care of your partner. So if you’re at a stage in your working life when you’re experiencing a degree of uncertainty or change, it’s emphasized this month and next. This is glorious for you and suggests that all your hard work over the last few months is about to be rewarded. So if you want to get away for a break, be extra flexible and adaptable and be aware that some of your plans will work out but others will fall by the wayside. There are a couple of challenging oppositions taking place between the Sun-Mars and Venus-Saturn. It adds up to a lively if complex picture and may take more than one conversation to sort things out. On the 14th, Venus sits next to Jupiter, planet of good fortune and prosperity, in the heavens (hopefully clearly visible in the night sky too) and this is a once-in-a-12-year-experience. This is a lively combination and suggests quick-fire talking, frivolity but also arguments and words spoken in the heat of the moment. This is a humdinger for you; Jupiter and Pluto symbolise a transformative opportunity, hidden riches, playing big in the world.
So this suggests one or two hold ups or delays with plans and not everything will progress completely smoothly.
If the first weekend throws a curve ball your way, ride the storm and then settle down and help love grow. Jupiter remains in Taurus until June but mid-month it connects with the planets Pluto, Venus and Mars in a heavenly triangle. If you have been working hard and putting in a lot of effort over the last few months, then pat yourself on the back and say job well done.
If you’re typical of your sign, your positive exuberance is infectious so share your love and laughter and know that what you give to others comes back to you in return bigger and better. As you’re the sign of the zodiac that thrives on freedom and impulsive behaviour, hopefully you’ll find March’s lively energy a blast. Venus is the planet of love and relationships and starts the month in lively Aries, highlighting home and family affairs.
It’s a chance to reprioritise what’s important in your life; what you want more of and what you want less of. So be aware that it’s a potential period of stops and starts on the home and family front, be patient and be aware that things are changing and perhaps have to change. This happens not once but three times as Mercury is retrograde from 12th March-4th April, so going backwards and forwards through the zodiac.
There may be news of an inheritance or investment at this time and if you believe in karma, you may find that you’re repaid for a favour that you provided in the past. It’s a good idea to think before you speak otherwise saying the wrong thing is likely to precipitate an argument. It’s also a great period for your own projects that involve selling, communication and sharing information with others. When a planet’s retrograde, it’s effectively on go slow and gives the illusion of moving backwards through the heavens.
It’s a brilliant month to be spontaneous, ask for an interview, write to a celebrity, join in and be active. I’m not so sure this time around as the energy is so electric that I believe give things a go and you can still be successful. Venus rules beauty and art so if you’re on show in some way, be extra attentive with the way you look.
So make the most of it, be opportunistic, reach out to the world, go global, learn something new, take your chances and run. Sensual pleasures are important to ground you and help keep your feet firmly rooted on the earth.
A lot may depend on your own past behaviour as Jupiter suggests being repaid for a favour or kindness that took place previously. This concerns your work or your life in the public eye, perhaps as a leader in your community or a similar role.
Sometimes all it takes is spending quality time together and focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.
Plus, Mercury turns retrograde this month and on the 23rd moves back into your joint money sector and only turns direct on 4th April.
Not only that, but Venus and Jupiter are joined by the planets Mars and Pluto in an earth sign triangle in the heavens. Same goes if you’re starting a course, especially online, and you may find that there’s a stop-start feel to your learning endeavours. For you this puts the spotlight directly on relationships and money matters and suggests that you and someone else do not see eye to eye. When Mercury’s retrograde, it’s not usually the best time to make big decisions but you may have no choice this time around and, if you do have want to sort things out financially, choose the 5th or 21st-24th to do so. So the stars say it’s important to count your blessings, remember what matters to you and make the most of what you have.
But this lucky combination mid-month, backed up by Mars and Pluto also in earth signs, spells prosperity, a cash bonus, a time of plenty. Communication is not straightforward so you may start a conversation that doesn’t reach a conclusion, say one thing and change your mind (typically Libran) and misunderstandings are rife. In the same vein, if you want your intimate relationship to generate more excitement, then be provocative and suggestive.
All these planets are in people houses, the 3rd house of communication and new friends, the 7th house of one-to-one relationships and the 11th house of friends and groups.
It’s a fertile mix, great for those of you who want to have a child and for some, there’s good news for your partner, which means a celebration. This is wonderful stuff and with all these planets in work and money sectors of your chart, it suggests a period of hard work is about to pay off, big time or, a slow period in your life is about to transform into something special.
This combination suggests stops and starts in love, falling in and out of love and more than one change of heart. It’s time to rediscover what makes you happy or, if you know that already, carry on with enjoying your life to the full. The dates when Mercury and Uranus come together are the 5th, 18th and next month on 22nd April. They are very loyal and faithful in the end and will not do anything stupid that will jeopardize their relationship.
Capricorn's real symbol is the Sea-Goat, one that climbs mountains AND plunges the depths.
The picture begins to change early to mid-April, so don’t expect to find complete answers or solutions to problems straightaway. Some things you start won’t come to fruition but others will so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get immediate results and be delighted if you do. It’s a brilliant time to change your hair do or make up, employ a personal dresser or have your colours done. It’s best to be prepared for anything when Uranus is in on the act and know that it’s a volatile, experimental energy.
If events take you by surprise, then see what you can do swiftly to take advantage of the situation. There’s also a transformative energy to the stars mid-month, a healing, protective energy that connects with your own ability to care for others and to be cared for in return.
This is truly transformative stuff; it’s creating something new out of something old, it’s about magical experiences.
You may have to wait until next month (key dates, 4th April, 22nd April) to get the go-ahead for a travel or study project.
Weather the storm as best you can and the following week decide what you need to do to sort out your financial situation. If you can, wait until early to mid April before signing a contract or renegotiating terms. Bear all this in mind in personal and professional relationships and remind yourself, it’s complicated and remains so until early to mid-April.
So it’s about spreading your net wide, using your contacts, creating and connecting with other people of like minds. It is a great month to meet someone new, key dates 5th and 21st-24th but not a great month for a lasting love. The positive side to this aspect is that you can expect a brainwave, some light bulb moments; it’s a great month to brainstorm, use the Internet to source ideas, advice and inspiration and to make new friends online and offline. If love needs livening up, do something new together and join in with activities close to home. Any risk, financial or otherwise, comes with high stakes now and with this knowledge, you can decide how fully you wish to engage with life.
Your stars look unpredictable so anything goes, but work with the excitement that is on offer. This month, the New Moon also takes place in Aries on the 22nd and this is another good date to be spontaneous and join a group online or offline.
So if you are experiencing issues with finances, whether a mortgage, insurance, debts, loans or money owed, be cautious and if possible wait until early to mid-April before you decide what to do. The period from 13th-15th is rich with powerful energy and has got to spell good news for your work, vocation and personal finances.
Having said that, there is a New Moon on 22nd March which is your best chance to start a project if you can’t wait until April.
In particular, this may refer to a mortgage, insurances, debts, loans or any other monies owed. Enjoy it to the full, savour it and make the most of all that’s good in your life, especially love and cash related.
The planetary picture suggests that you won’t always be successful but throw out enough hints or requests and some will definitely hit the spot.
Something may be offered to you mid-March which materialises or comes good early to mid-April. Capricorn deals with reality, as they see it, and likes to see tangible rewards for their efforts.
It’s also a good month to take risks and to reach out in different directions and see what you get back. If money goes out unexpectedly, find cheap or free ways to have a day out and make life special for you and your loved ones. Astrology says that it’s not a good time to begin new things when Mercury’s retrograde but I’m not so sure this time around. Once Mercury moves back into your romance sector mid-April, then you’ll have a clearer picture regarding your love life.
You may have to wait a while to see results until early to mid-April but your life will benefit from throwing things up in the air, being spontaneous and taking a few risks. Pisces is more apt to wile away the hours in dreamy contemplation, and this may or may not lead to something concrete.Straight or Wavy?The Goat gets exasperated when Pisces resists following a linear path to success.
Don’t forget though that there’s much for you to enjoy in March especially with those people in your life who are on your side and rooting for you to do well. Not everything you begin will be successful but sow seeds, initiate new endeavours and come mid-April when Mercury returns to Aries and your career sector, you’ll be glad you did.
With both Mercury, your planet, and Mars, the action planet, retrograde in your sign this month, you will be playing a waiting game in one area of life at least. It’s about working with what you’ve got and making the most of the opportunities that do come your way.
Mercury’s in Aries, so very dynamic and go-getting plus Mercury teams up with livewire Uranus on the 5th and 18th (and again next month on 22nd April). Uranus does rule unpredictability and change so expect the unexpected, await news and ideas, and be willing to be flexible and adaptable to make the most of any exciting opportunities.
Capricorn needs to be patient, and Pisces will do well to carve out some space in which to dream uninterrupted.Trouble turns to abusive patterns, if Capricorn is too unyielding and Pisces falls into a victim role. Work may come and go and be unpredictable, but act fast and you can take advantage of the situation.
Your brain is very creative at this time so if one door closes to you, find a new door to open and so on. I really believe for the first time, I'm important and he has helped me overcome my addictions, and see clearly.
We're both so willing to understand each other and sit and talk and talk it through until were healed together and even stronger.

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