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Asked by Stewart if he didn't agree that religion was a mere "pretext" for such attacks, Carter, a long-time critic of Israel's occupation, said, "One of the origins for it is the Palestinian problem, and this affects people who are affiliated in any way with the Arab people who live in the West Bank and Gaza – what they're doing now, what's being done to them. After the jaw-dropping XIII season one finale that saw XIII (Stuart Townsend; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) shot and betrayed, XIII goes off the grid to protect himself. What better way to ring in Easter Weekend with not one, not seven, but all FOUR Indiana Jones movies?
Out of all the Indiana Jones films in the Indiana Jones film canon, this one is definitely the first to be released.
The Showcase synopsis: “After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone.
As far as pitch-perfect bits of casting go, few approach the brilliance of having Sean Connery play Indiana Jones’ pop. Look man, I’m not here to sugar coat this: people give Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a hard time.
The Showcase synopsis: “When two scientists attempt to discover unlimited energy, their experiment is sabotaged by eco-terrorists. Two-part miniseries, you had me at ‘black hole.’ Ever since viewing Disney’s The Black Hole as a kid (I’m bizarrely nostalgic this week), I’ve been fascinated by the idea of giant amounts of matter being smooshed through a point of spatial singularity.
The Showcase synopsis: “As Sam Flynn searches for his long-lost father, he finds himself pulled into the digital world of TRON. The stakes for the world’s biggest top-secret warehouse have never been higher when Warehouse 13 returns with 10 new episodes in its mid-season premiere. Picking up from the stunning, mid-season finale cliffhanger, Artie (Saul Rubinek) has infected the Warehouse Team – and the world – with the Black Orchid artifact’s deadly “Sweating Sickness” disease. If Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (Joanne Kelly), Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Steve (Aaron Ashmore) can’t reverse what Artie has done, the world will be engulfed by the deadliest pandemic since the Dark Ages.
Warehouse 13 follows a team of government agents who work at a massive, top-secret storage facility in windswept South Dakota, which houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and preternatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S.
The episode opens with Vincent and Cat catching up after what appears to have been a rowdy night of lovemaking. Cat questions the team’s motivation behind this particular murder and the DA tells her once and for all that he wants the vigilante and is counting on her to deliver. Cat hits up Evan at the morgue to see whether or not he has found any cross-species DNA on the victim; finds out that there has been no DNA found at all.
Cat and Vincent investigate the dead carriage driver’s stable to look for evidence that would eliminate the vigilante’s name from the suspect list.
JT Cat and Vincent discover that whoever killed the carriage driver went to length to try and set Vincent  up. Joe gives Tess a cold leads investigative job that keeps her from the front lines of the vigilante task force.
Vincent and JT are at an antiquities dealer looking into the origins of the spike they found at the stable. Cat lets Vincent and JT know that Evan is onto her so the three of them concoct a  scheme to blow up the warehouse to rid the place of his DNA and make it appear as though he were dead. Meanwhile in some other part of the city, Tess continues to conduct interviews for all of the cold leads; gets an idea of what the suspect looks like. While still in the early stages of their setting up, Vincent and Cat get attacked by Muirfield, who has been tipped off by Evan. Vincent and Cat manage to escape through a trapdoor into the underground before getting blown to bits by Muirfield, who end up blowing themselves to bits. Tess has chased Vincent down and she recognizes him as the vigilante after he Beasts out at her. This week’s string of mysterious events revolves a summer camp for troubled teenagers, where a number of said teenagers are being gruesomely killed by some sort of green monster who stuffs them with leaves until they die.
Later, Bo and Lauren are video chatting when the monster sneaks up behind Bo and starts strangling her. Watching Bo get attacked is bad enough, but things get worse soon after for her when Tamsin tells her about the kiss she and Bo had, leading to quite the slap.
After a hard week at work, our analytical brains shut off, often taking a back seat to sheer id-driven instinct. I’m not saying it’s a missed opportunity, but wouldn’t this flick have been even awesomer if Adam Sandler talked like his character in The Waterboy?
You have a concern about this two-part miniseries, and it goes like this: “Is the lead character named Eve? Do you think if Cat never witnessed her mother’s murder, she’d be like Heather?
Cat and Vincent decide to not touch each other or something stupid like that for fear that he will Beast out on her.
At work, Cat approaches Evan to see if there is any evidence from the Darius crime linking a Ray Sheckman to the scene. Later that evening, Vincent and Cat are at a masquerade party to put their planted evidence plan into action. Cat pulls some sneaky chase-me-around-the-room moves, gets Ray into a compromising position and pulls a gun on him. When Ray turns Cat’s move on her, Vincent comes to to her aid and they work together to force Ray into a confession. Ray confesses to the DA exchanging full immunity for information about Darius’ death and what really happened at the scene of the crime. The next day, Joe calls a meeting with Evan, Cat, Tess and annoints them along with a bunch of other thugs to be the new “Vigilante Task Force” unit. Meanwhile, Kenzi is worried that something will happen to Bo, which would cause big problems for her, being as involved in the fae world as she is.
Back in the Temple, which actually seems to be some sort of parallel universe complete with the Dal, the clubhouse, and everything, Dyson and Bo meet their first foe. To escape the Temple, Bo is forced to stab Dyson, and it certainly looks like he’s dead (or, at best, stuck in the Temple forever). Sure, they call themselves X-Men, but trust me, da ladies are equally integral to this band of mutant crimefighters. Even fantastic films like Salt have their share of clunky catch-phrases that never got past the script’s first draft. It was tough choosing one guy from F4 in Hana Yori Dango, but I went for Hanazawa Rui because he was nice right from the beginning.

Every person who has watched Hana Kimi couldn't help but laugh at the rib-tickling humour of Nakatsu. When the inaugural race finished, I limped home with a frozen Cornish game hen strapped to my sore knee, my prize for finishing third. However, between the time I reported to work to the time I left the dorm building, a major rain storm moved in. Meanwhile, the rain not only continued, it now increased to Arc building levels that only an insane person would run in.
We were told to remain inside until we were called to the start line.  They told us they would start us under the over hang of the gym so we could stay dry just a little longer. In the end, I managed to finish ahead of my underwear soaked competition but just behind the three better equipped runners.  I walked home without a turkey, the second place chicken, or even another Cornish game hen, but not entirely empty handed because I still had to hold on to my waistband. When I arrived back to my place, my girlfriend, and now wife, couldn’t help notice I did not bring home a turkey, or any other food for that matter.
Jim is a life long resident of California and retired school teacher with 30 years in public education. I disliked the episode because the person who went home obviously wasn’t experienced with bodypainting and would have deserved to stay longer. In season two, XIII finds himself manipulated, framed and endangered as he is lured into an international conspiracy that threatens to unleash a deadly new weapon. But the team is already succumbing to the disease’s symptoms as they race to prevent the artifact’s sickness from spreading before it stops them. They grab it and we then we are back into the city where Evan gets into a cab containing a Muirfield agent.
They decide that JT and Vincent will try and find the owner of the weapon that the spike came from. When she calls him out, he tells her that he has decided to sideline her in this case in an effort to protect her. At the Warehouse, Vincent and Cat put their plan to obliterate Vincent and his DNA into action.
Evan tells JT that “he couldn’t leave room for error” and so he gave Muirfield the vigilante location. After the call ends, the DA turns around and reveals himself as a Muirfield agent who has been working undercover as a DA.
She shoots him in the gut and is followed close behind by Cat, who runs to Vincent’s rescue while a forlorn Tess looks on. To investigate, Bo, Dyson, and Kenzi go undercover, with Bo, Dyson and Kenzi acting like counselor, social worker, and delinquent, respectively. Tasmin has serious reservations though, especially now that Bo is stronger than ever after going through the Dawning. They come up with a plan to do just that, and catch the monster, who they find out is a fae named Jolene who works at the camp (and was wearing a costume during her attacks). Guest starring Linda Hamilton, in this episode Bo, Dyson and Kenzi go undercover at an urban camp to catch a serial killer Fae who preys on at risk youth. So with the country enduring another weekend of unseasonably cold (read: crappy) weather, ask yourself, “What would Homer Simpson do”? Well, apart from being a taut, original piece of science fiction, it taps into a strong personal conviction we all share: people as attractive as Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson shouldn’t be used as spare parts. Too often they’re riddled with charts, graphs, metrics, footnotes, and pages of technical analysis.
He hands them all of his research in hopes that he will be able to work with them to catch the cross species animal. They will try and lure Ray Sheckman into a confession which would be evidence that would clear Vincent’s vigilante name. In return for the Beast not killing him and his friends, Ray must confess that the vigilante was just there to protect Heather. They meet a caretaker, who explains that Bo has to find a key to complete her  journey and avoid going full-underfae. In this one, she and Lauren are both cops, Lauren was the one who gave her love away, and Kenzi is the one in trouble. There’s the scaly blue naked woman, the saucy sista with the grey hair, the ginger gal who can bend spoons with her mind or whatever, and the teenager who’s got grey hair too but not quite as much as the saucy sista with the grey hair. Sano was another candidate from this show, but for me Nakatsu completely stole the spotlight.
Nakatsu stole my heart in the manga and Ikuta Toma definitely stole the spotlight in the drama. When I learned the University was sponsoring a student turkey trot 5k run with the winner receiving a turkey, I entered the event determined to win despite a stubborn knee that was interfering with my training. I told myself if the school held the event the following year, I would be healthier and make sure I came home with a turkey.
I was in prime shape having just run a PR two weeks earlier in a prestigious event and was certain no one would beat me this time around. After hauling out the trash, I had enough time to report to the start area, sign in, and then go through my warm up process. Water was falling from the sky in buckets so race registration was moved indoors to the school’s gymnasium.
I happened to be one of the twelve crazy students who signed up and were readying themselves for a very wet race, all for a turkey. When the start gun went off, we began racing a course that had us crisscrossing the University grounds which were now under a couple of inches of water. You see, I wore a pair of running shorts that did not have a built in liner so I was sporting a pair of Fruit of the Loom tighty-whities. My girlfriend would go on to buy me my first pair of lined running shorts for Christmas the following month and running in the rain would never be the challenge it was on that day in 1982. Jim earned his BA in History from CSU Chico in 1981 and his MA in Education from Azusa Pacific University in 1994.
The larvae looked terrible (almost like muscle tissue) and I totally agree with the judges that the Ladybug looked terrible. While unravelling this global plot of world destruction, XIII confronts the truth about his identity and the ambiguous past that comes back to haunt him. One of my favourite flicks as both a kid and an adult, Raiders is a classic adventure tale for this simple reason: it’s freakin’ fantastic.

The episode features Polly Walker (Caprica, Rome), beginning a multi-episode arc as Charlotte Dupres, a historian who may know more about the Warehouse than she lets on.
The Warehouse’s caretaker Artie Nielsen (Rubinek) charges Pete Lattimer (McClintock), Myka Bering (Kelly), Claudia Donovan (Scagliotti) and Steve Jinks (Ashmore) with chasing down reports of supernatural and paranormal activity in search of new objects to cache at the Warehouse, as well as helping him control the Warehouse itself. He notifies Evan that Evan’s job is to keep the NYPD from catching the vigilante so that Muirfield can get to him first. As such, you may notice that come Saturday afternoon, the lion’s share of humanity will want – nay, need – to watch Ben Stiller get chased around by dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous era. So allow us to provide our Showcase Guarantee ™: at no point while watching Eve of Destruction will you encounter some lady named Eve.
Evan realises he should also be looking for Ray as he is the only potential witness of the Beast.
To round out the characters, Trick is the police chief, Dyson is a doctor and is married to Bo, and Tamsin is Bo’s weird neighbour (and has blood-soaked hands). So hey Marvel, what say you stop ol’ Wolverine from hogging all the sequels n’ prequels, okay?
We are, after all, the people who regularly bring you Descent (Beverly Hills 90210 star fights a volcano!), Lava Storm (a different 90210 star fights a volcano!), and Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York (star of 90210 spin-off Melrose Place fights a volcano!). Warming up now meant jogging laps around the basketball courts and stretching in the warmth and cover of the gym.
There were no other students to be seen but the insults of plenty could be heard coming from the dorm windows as the twelve of us negotiated our way around campus. The cotton underwear had become saturated with water and were now so heavy, they began to sag like an overly filled toddler’s diaper. Everyone is involved, tensions are high, and for Vincent and Cat there is really only one way to alleviate those tensions…but that can’t happen if Vincent is dead or caught!!
This sentiment kinda reminds me of when Brat Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie.
As for that weapon though, that’s only for fae who choose a side, so no weapon for Bo. If one breaks our heart with their good behaviour, another one makes our hearts beat faster because of their bad boy persona and rough ways. Although it was Domyouji for her in the end, he remained as her best friend who she respected a lot. I now had to hold on to the waistband of my underwear just to keep them from falling well below my waist.
ISIS didn't seize large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq -- raping, pillaging and murdering along the way -- because of Israel.
Conspiracy theories have their own unassailable logic, and this is a world apart from the displays of unity in Paris after the carnage of last week. There is a character named Run, mind you, and it’s conceivable that circumstances may force him to, you know, run. Although wholly disheartening, most of us couldn’t help think, “Well, yeah – two people that impossibly good-looking pretty much have to be together.” It kinda settles down our collective OCD.
It is of course, very difficult to include all the awesome guys, so I tried to compile a list of five guys that made me wish that they were real. He is haunted by a dark past and that motivates him to carry on his revenge against the Liar Game committee. Plus, he never changed himself due to peer pressure which gives us the message that we should be proud of who we are. This left me running in an awkward manner with one arm free and the other held prisoner by my underwear. He proved to be a true friend to Nao who always helped her when she was in need and was the perfect kind of guy for her (or me!).
On the other hand, where Nobuta gets rejected by all her classmates he is always there to console her and also teaches her on how to build up her self confidence (Nobuta Power Enter!). He is a guy every girl would kill to have- the one who could make you laugh and at the same time love you unconditionally.
And a historic peace accord wouldn't have stopped gunmen from ruthlessly executing newsmen and editorial cartoonists in Paris.
One teacher said up to 80 percent of his students didn’t want to observe the silence, and some said they supported the attackers. Or you could just air a Hulk movie – the Hulk is green.” Yes, all the nerd stuff you just spouted is technically accurate, but the bigger point’s being overlooked. And he also manages to steal the heart of a stubborn and over-ambitious girl who looks down on him because of his poor status.
He was equally patient even while Shuji-kun went around with a fake behaviour in the school. All of those barbaric actions were manifestations of Islamist supremacism, a cancerous ideology that celebrates death and mercilessness. I think the other three guys of F4 were great in their own ways but it would be hard to put up with a playboy, son of mafia or a snob in real life.
Over that, Ikuta Toma pretty much brought the character of Nakatsu to life with his marvellous acting and the anime humour. The only pretext the Paris attackers needed to justify their barbarity was the supposed "duty" to exact revenge against satirists who "slandered" their prophet. Many spoke out against Israel and Jews as well as the United States but did not seem to have much of a grasp of geopolitics nor did they appear to be very religious in the traditional sense of the word.
He shows us that love can happen to people in spite of their differences in opinions and class.
Another young man of French-Algerian descent interviewed outside a gas station in the Saint-Denis suburb reacted angrily to a reporter’s presence and demanded to know her religion. President Jimmy Carter, appearing Monday on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show," singled out the "Palestinian problem" as one of the causes of the sort of Islamist terror that struck Paris last week. They were not ordinary Jews, he said, but a “hybrid race of shape shifters” who have extraordinary abilities.

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