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I met Li a few years ago at an impeccably quiet coffee shop in downtown Chongqing, above empty Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani flagship stores and wedged between luxury watch retailers. It is no secret in China that many men who reach a certain level of wealth opt to keep a mistress. Women in China weighing the option of divorce can be forgiven for feeling that the law is designed to dissuade them from breaking it off with their spouse. In China, property is a big deal, and owning an apartment is almost the only measure of security a family can hope for. There also remains some social stigma to being a female divorcee in China, which can add to the difficulty of finding a new partner.
Ultimately, the choice between divorce and staying married is an intensely private one, and while social stigmas are fading (divorce rates are rising rapidly), one would hope the law catches up with the times.

I was accompanied by a local friend after spotting Li’s online ad, which offered his services to eliminate mistresses and restore peace to a marriage. They hand over anywhere from $500 to $16,000 for Li to employ threats, intimidation, and the occasional use of brutal violence to scare off their rivals and get their lying husbands back. It is so important, in fact, that an eligible bachelor can be said to be judged by the size of his mortgage. Staying in a bad marriage, of course, means continuing unhappiness—but leaving could mean homelessness. Ultimately though, some girls do not heed his warning, and it is in these cases that extreme measures are required. They follow his instructions to find the mistress, get hold of her, pour acid on to and then cut the skin off of her face.

Young men typically use their parents’ money to pay the down payment on a house, often before finding a partner. But recently, he has seen increasing demand for a service in which he rids marriages of an unwanted third party.
The problem with this is that because he bought his house before marriage, unless he adds his wife’s name to the deed it will remain his if the couple divorces.

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