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If you keep moping and feeling sorry for yourself, you’re going to lose any hope you may have of starting your relationship back up.. There will be many people, including your friends, who will tell you that it’s too late, that it’s time to move on, that she won’t want to have anything to do with you anymore, and they’re right. They’re right to say that she doesn’t want anything to do with you, because if she did, she wouldn’t have dumped you. The silver lining on this cloud is this: you don’t have to be the person you are now forever.
There are 3 ways to get your girlfriend back, but none of them involve getting her back tomorrow.
The one thing that almost every guy does that also happens to be the one mistake that we all seem to make in the beginning, right after the breakup, is that we call her day and night, talking nonsense into her voicemail, making promise after promise, trying to get her to give us a second chance. When you harass her with your pathetic whining and pleading, it’s going to come across as precisely that … whining.
You’ll get that chance again in the future, but right now you are both emotionally raw and she is not going to be hearing what you have to you say. Unless she initiates a conversation on Facebook, don’t poke, message, or comment on her posts. In fact, if you can keep your relationship out of Facebook, you’ll be doing both of you a favor – she doesn’t want to read about that right now. If you really want to call her and can’t help yourself, then surround yourself with friends who will make sure to keep your phone away from you.
When you think about all of the fights you two had, all the things she said or complained about (that you called nagging), you’ll realize that she wasn’t nagging; she was pleading with you to step up and be a better man. If you feel too proud to admit your mistakes, then she was never that important to begin with. All of this will get her back and she’ll begin to wonder what ‘changes’ her friends are talking about with you.
Let her open up to you and tell her how much your relationship meant to you and that you miss her, but only after she indicates that she misses you.
If you learn the lesson taught by these 3 ways to get your ex girlfriend back, you won’t lose her again.

Learn How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back with a proven set of step by step techniques that really work. If this isn't the case however, you don't have much to worry about in the days and weeks immediately following your breakup.
By allowing your ex girlfriend complete freedom and lots of room to breathe, you're giving your relationship the best possible chances for reconcilation.
It's the most typical situation: a guy thinking he can somehow talk his girlfriend 'out' of the break up.
In trying to talk your ex out of breaking up with you, you're esentially fighting with her one last time. How can you agree with your ex's decision to end things if the relationship's been over for a while, or you've even lost contact? The sooner you start thinking about your relationship in the past tense, the easier it will be to win your ex girlfriend's love again. The less moves you make immediately following the breakup, the easier it will be to get your girlfriend back later on. The quicker you remove yourself from your ex girlfriend's life, the faster she'll start to miss you.
The more room you give your ex to breathe, the lonelier she'll be, and the more she'll think about being without you. The faster you can accept the break up, the quicker your ex will begin re-evaluating her decision to end the relationship. The quicker you can put your past relationship behind you, the sooner you can get started on building a brand new one. Join the thousands of couples who've already gotten back together using this amazing AUDIO guide! Learn quick ways to turn your ex girlfriend's thoughts back to you, even if she's moved on, even if she's already dating someone else.
There is really no standard opening statement for a guy who is trying to win his ex-girlfriend back. Say ?I?m sorry.? These two simple words, when uttered genuinely, could make a big difference.

This article will show you 3 ways to get your girlfriend back, that is, if you even want her back. It’s all about becoming the person that you want to be and hoping it’s the person she wants to be with. She’s going to be even more turned off by you and be glad that she got away from you when she did.
Impress her friends with kind words about their appearance, tell them how much you appreciate their friendship, and make sure you don’t linger.
When you notice that she is no longer angry, usually after a couple of days, try to invite her on a date.
You often spend the first few days fighting the pain in your heart, wishing you could have one more chance with her. Some of them will require help and you shouldn’t be too proud to ask for that kind of help. If she ended the relationship after a heated argument, never cry nor beg right there and then; that will only make you look very pathetic and desperate. It is not a bed of roses, but a package deal wherein at the onset you agree to be happy and to get hurt as well. Never attempt to pick up some portions of the points she raised earlier, and then use the same to prove that she committed a mistake too. While reconciling, it is a big no-no to tell her that the break up happened not because of you, but because of someone or something else.
After that, emphasize that nothing in the world is more important to you than to have her back. Since you don?t want to appear like you are rushing things, saying ?I miss you? would suffice in the meantime. You may find it hard how to get your girlfriend back after a break up because there is nothing left in you.

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