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Learn how to get your man overcome mental blocks stopping him from making a commitment to you.
The key here is making it obvious that you understand your departed lovera€™s point of view. Scott Fitzgerald or Harper Lee would do if the love of their life casually tossed them under the bus. A letter can be the first volley in a game of posturing and pride, and if youa€™re the healthiest player on the court, youa€™ll know what your next move should be.
There are as many possible approaches here as there are reasons for breaking up, only you know what transpired in those moments before the curtain came down.

A golden rule of writing the perfect beg for another chance letter a€“ and this one will take some serious willpower a€“ is to leave your a€?finisheda€? letter alone for two days before you read it again, and then undoubtedly change it one more time. Cancel their next book signing and huddle under the covers with a used paperback of Endless Love?
With so many options and so little time before the fat lady sings a€“ thata€™s her warming up on the side of the bed that used to be yours a€“ whata€™s the most effective first move, an ice breaker that doesna€™t sink like an engagement ring thrown off a bridge? Rather than apologize or grovel, a better approach might be to suggest another look at things, something calmer, with different stakes and softer words.
Dona€™t be afraid to admit what youa€™ve realized during your time away, what youa€™ve come to understand not only about yourself, but about your relationship.

Express your belief that therea€™s hope, that youa€™ve bottomed out on what it was that was so good and worth saving, within the context of what needs to change. Be soft, but let your strength shine through a thin and sincere veneer of emotion that cannot be mistaken for anything other than love.

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How to get back with your ex after cheating

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