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Don’t be fooled by the boozy look on his face, Miyagi will work Daniel into peak fighting shape.
Said training consists of Daniel doing backbreaking manual labor and getting berated on an hourly basis as if he were sewing sweaters in a Southeast Asian sweatshop. In order to prove the harsh training worthwhile, Daniel will have to fend off the lesser Cobra Kai’s on his way to the inevitable showdown with Johnny in the finals. Odds are your reaction would be similar if Ralph Macchio circa 1984 just eliminated you from an activity that required a certain level of physical prowess. I find it hard to believe that Johnny Lawrence would crumble into a sea of man-tears after flukishly losing in the finals to Daniel.

I mean seriously though, that is not a grill befitting of  an All-Valley Karate Tournament champion. Miyagi is happy because he won’t have to viciously beat Daniel for not winning and making him look bad. Tags: Action, Angry, Ape Wild, Bill Simmons, Caveman, Cheesin, Chez Walle, Confident, Elisabeth Shue, Emotions, ESPN, Facial, Grill Evolution, Hard Scorn, Joe Esposito, Karate Kid, Life-draining Grills, Man Embrace, Mr.
Daniel is left with no other option but to seek hand-to-hand combat lessons from his apartment complex’s sub-par maintenance man, Mr. Sadly though, we will never know what Garrison could have given us grill wise in subsequent film roles.

It’s one thing to get your ass kicked by the elite sect of the Cobra Kai dojo, getting bitch slapped by your master is far worse.
This could explain how he lost, cause its pretty clear who would win if this weren’t Hollywood.

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