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Second, control of the center provides an avenue for your pieces to travel from one side of the board to the other. Also there is the situation, which you will encounter, where you play other beginners who have been studying a different variation or system than you and will play different moves than those you know. Your time is much better spent training tactics and practical endgames and going over the games you play to see what went wrong and right. For the beginning chess player, there’s a lot of emphasis mentally on starting out in the game correctly.
The right way to keep your pieces safe and to grab your opponent’s pieces is through tactics. Let’s share our Chess Stories, our tricks and tips, everything that can help us to play a better Chess! Many inexperienced players like to move a lot of pawns at the beginning of the game to control space on the chessboard. In many cases, the person who controls the four squares at the center of the board will have the better game. As an example, place one knight on a center square and another in one of the corners of the board.
Every time your opponent makes a move, you should stop and think: Why was that move chosen? Only by defending against your opponent’s threats will you be able to successfully carry out your own strategies. If you threaten something here in one move, something over there in the next move, and so forth, your opponent will have an easy time defending. It is not set in stone but there is a consensus until someone tries to challenge it with a new idea. The problem is that it’s hard to find any advice on the opening besides very basic tips. Tactics are the biggest part of a chess game — every good player has learned basic tactics. If you threaten mate in one move, you still lose if he just threatened mate in one move and you didn’t meet this threat. Typically, if you have the initiative (your pieces are better developed, and you are clearly controlling the game), do not trade men except if it increases your advantage in some obvious way.
Yet another situation not to trade pieces is when your opponent has a confined position with very little room for the pieces to maneuver.

One kind of benefit it is possible to gain by trading pieces is a weakening of your opponent’s pawn structure. There are exceptions, however, but following these guidelines should enable you to have significant success! The Next most important chess guideline: ACTIVITY: Ensure that all of your pieces are doing something all the time!
TAKE YOUR TIME — if world championship players usually take several minutes to find a good move, why do you think that you can find a better one faster? You are attempting to find the BEST move (or in some positions a reliable, very reasonable one), so when you see a really good move, seek for a better one.
The knight in the center can move to eight different squares, while the “cornered” one only has two possible moves!
If your pieces can get to the other side faster than your opponent’s pieces, you will often be able to mount a successful attack there before he can bring over enough pieces to defend.
But sometimes a player thinks about his own plans so much that he forgets that his opponent is also king hunting! Once you figure out what your opponent is attempting to do, you can play to nip those plans in the bud. The player whose men are ready for action sooner will be able to control the course of the game.
Already after 1-2 months of this daily training you will notice huge improvement in what you see over the board.
The most basic tactic is counting — that is, making sure each piece is properly protected enough times by other pieces. The player who gets the most pieces out first usually finds himself on the good side of the tactics!
While some of your opponent’s threats may not be worthy of a response, more games are lost by ignored one move threats than any other way. The fewer men each player has, the weaker the attacking player’s threats become, and the simplier and easier it is for the defending side to meet these threats.
It’s difficult to move a lot of pieces around in a cramped position, but much easier to move just a few.
Thus, for instance, move every piece once before you decide to move any piece twice in the opening (as a goal). Look at it this way: NOTHING is preventing lower players from playing just like tougher players and taking your time to look at as many possibilities as you can.

Instead of just moving pieces out, try to determine the best square for each piece and bring it there in as few moves as possible.
It’s generally a good idea to place your king in a safe place by castling early in the game.
Going through the other tactics: Pins, forks, checkmates, skewers, removal of the guard, queening combinations, double threats, discovered checks, etc. Also, Stay Away From The Seeds of Tactical Destruction: loose (unguarded) pieces, weak back rank, pinned pieces, overworked pieces, inadequately guarded pieces, etc. Similarly, when seeing what your opponent can do to you, look for his checks, captures, and threats first. If he’s a good actor, he even looks nervous as if he would like to take the move back.
Usually the best strategy in a position without having tactics is to find a piece that is doing very little and find an opportunity for it to do a lot more! After all the other pieces are developed, it’s easier to see what pawns you should move to fit in with your plans.
Once you’ve castled, you should be very careful about advancing the pawns near your king. If you love doing the puzzles in books, you will almost certainly do all of them and become an excellent player! I know you are anxious to threaten something yourself, but he just moved and already threatened something. When you are thinking, tell yourself, “If I do this, what exactly are all the moves he is likely to do in return, and can I meet all of those threats next move? Getting a Rook for a Bishop or Knight is called winning The Exchange which is worth nearly half a piece (Bishop or Knight). For this reason, it’s often good to try to force your opponent to move the pawns near his king. Make an effort to determine whether your opponent really dropped his queen or if he is setting a trap.

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