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Lucy is part of Generation Y, the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. I have a term for yuppies in the Gen Y age group—I call them Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies, or GYPSYs. To get to the bottom of why, we need to define what makes someone happy or unhappy in the first place.
Lucy’s Depression Era grandparents were obsessed with economic security and raised her parents to build practical, secure careers. They were taught that there was nothing stopping them from getting to that lush, green lawn of a career, but that they’d need to put in years of hard work to make it happen.
After graduating from being insufferable hippies, Lucy’s parents embarked on their careers. With a smoother, more positive life experience than that of their own parents, Lucy’s parents raised Lucy with a sense of optimism and unbounded possibility. The GYPSY needs a lot more from a career than a nice green lawn of prosperity and security. To be clear, GYPSYs want economic prosperity just like their parents did—they just also want to be fulfilled by their career in a way their parents didn’t think about as much. Unfortunately, the funny thing about the world is that it turns out to not be that easy of a place, and the weird thing about careers is that they’re actually quite hard. Lucy, on the other hand, finds herself constantly taunted by a modern phenomenon: Facebook Image Crafting. Social media creates a world for Lucy where A) what everyone else is doing is very out in the open, B) most people present an inflated version of their own existence, and C) the people who chime in the most about their careers are usually those whose careers (or relationships) are going the best, while struggling people tend not to broadcast their situation. So that’s why Lucy is unhappy, or at the least, feeling a bit frustrated and inadequate.
Anon at 12.27AM, excellent point which I was attempting to make when I saw you had made it better. I can’t wait for next week’s article about how to be a Nice Imaginative Greatest Generation Ever Realist!

I did enjoy reading this… I see this through the eyes of a parent and a child It is also good to read the reactions. No, you are not a Gypsy, not unless you are a member of a particular ethnic (my ethnic) background. It is an over simplification of reality and hardly true, plus it uses a cultural slur as an acronym.
The author is not wrong about millenials, but he (I’m guessing here) give Baby Boomers an unbelievable pass on being the most hypocritical, self-involved generation to date.
My problem is trying to afford a studio apartment while handling food costs and student loans. One space only applies to typeset material (where that single space is kerned as needed.) Else, it was always two spaces.
The only time I dared to argue with a boss over anything of this nature was to tell him that according to the American dictionary, color was spelled correctly and colour applied to the UK.
I can’t say how happy it makes me that this has devolved into an argument about the two space rule.
I assure you that the one space rule applies to AP, Chicago Manual, APA, MLA, and the various publisher specific style guides I use.
PS the APA guide is two spaces for manual drafts, but the published work will only include one space.
Putting two spaces after a period seems to be a uniquely English-language thing because I have never heard of this even being an issue in my own language.
You are right: print media stopped using two spaces a long time ago, probably because all that extra white space added up to higher paper costs.
Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being. This is because entitlement perceptions are often based on an unfounded sense of superiority and deservingness. The fact that the author chose to use the name of a particular racial and ethnic background is both insulting and absurd.

And for the record, one reason why gen-Y has such over-inflated self-esteem and unrealistic expectations is because their boomer parents over-compensated for the tough love or full on neglect they felt from their own parents.
Seems they don’t understand why a modern air conditioned Macmansion with 4 garages and a pool, 2 kilometres from the city centre doesn’t cost the same as the 2 bedroom fibro shack with no garage, or aircon and the toilet was a hole in the back yard that their parents bought for $50k (5 times their yearly salary) 40 years ago, and they feel hard done by! And as far as parents are concerned I also believe that they expect from their offspring more – you live in better world with more opportunities so you should not only get what you want, but also what we wanted but never could. It offers an exhilarating sense of clarity and character to my writing IMO (sorry, I mean IMHO). You pretentious dipshits do realize that most websites will actually strip out the extra space character, right? The truth is that everyone else is just as indecisive, self-doubting, and frustrated as you are, and if you just do your thing, you’ll never have any reason to envy others. Were the author to have somehow come up with an acronym that read as “JEW” would you be saying the same thing?
The final advice is quite good and needed, but when you frame that advice around an idealized and statistically skewed notion of how great previous generations were you alienate your target audience and wind up just preaching to the choir. Further, if you were not a Gypsy and had ever began a legitimate career, you would realize that it is a very common practice in report writing done outside of academia, and even in academia it depends on your professor and often the location of the university. God you know it was so original for the writer to think of this new condescending acronym that has vaguely condescending connotations to me. Does this mean I have to take a second copy of my family photos for the “other” space? Every major style guide—including the Modern Language Association Style Manual and the Chicago Manual of Style—prescribes a single space after a period. Maybe YOU should’ve studied some Arts or Humanities instead of making wild assumptions and trying to shame people who did.

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