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Strong Black Woman Who Don’t Need No Man is a chain copypasta message that is often ironically posted on blogs, discussion forums and social networking sites for comedic effect. On September 30th, 2010, Sputnik Music Forums[5] member Tyler created a thread titled “Repost this is you are a beautiful strong crack whore who don’t need no man,” which received over 5,000 responses in the following year.
On June 11th, 2011, a Facebook[3] page titled “Being an independent black woman who don’t need no man” was launched, garnering more than 47,000 likes in the next three years. On October 4th, YouTuber Liz Charles uploaded a video of a young white man jokingly saying “I’m a strong black woman I don’t need no man” (shown below).
On November 22nd, Yahoo Answers[7] user Ghetto Booty submitted a question asking “Do you know of any strong black women who don’t need no man to make theyselves [sic] happy?” On February 8th, 2012, Redditor karmanaut posted the ASCII copypasta to the circlejerk subreddit,[4] receiving more than 3,200 up votes and 145 comments prior to being archived. On May 25th, a Quickmeme[1] page titled “Strong Independent Black Woman” was created with image macros of a black woman wagging her finger (shown below, left). On February 22nd, 2013, the TV Tropes[2] page for “Sassy Black Woman” was edited to include the line “Strong, independent examples who don’t need no man!” above the trope examples list. Researching Now Running Man 37,534 views Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 5,385 views Views from the 6 Cover Parodies 9,519 views I AM A MAN! The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is a 9,000 member strong organization of journalists. If all journalists stuck to these, the news would be presented as such that it would be unbiased, informative, truthful, and a great base for people to think critically and derive their own opinions from. It is understandable that such a code of ethics cannot be made law, yet this raises intriguing questions as to what journalism should be held accountable for, if anything at all. It’s clear that the media does not always follow this code, and thus is not necessarily the “forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy” which it desires to be. Christopher Tin composed the first ever piece of music written for a video game to receive a Grammy – Baba Yetu. The first movement, Day, has five songs – Baba Yetu (Swahili), Mado Kara Mieru (Japanese), Dao Zai Fan Ye (Mandarin), Se E Pra Vir Que Venha (Portuguese), and Rassemblons-Nous (French). Night, the second movement, has three songs: Lux Aeterna (Latin), Caoineadh (Irish), and Hymn do Trocy Swietej (Polish).
In IVF, eggs are removed from the woman and fertilized in a lab, then implanted in a uterus for gestation.
If the court rules with the parent in favour of not keeping the embryos, if the couple signs an agreement or if the frozen embryos themselves are abandoned, then the cryopreserved zygotes are destroyed by being placed in water. First of all, many couples don’t have the money available for ART, so the donation of unwanted embryos or eggs would be put to good use.
Imagine first a couple who froze several extra embryos after they had a successful pregnancy.
I feel like abortion should be legal in some cases (but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss my exact views on abortion), but I hardly think it should be allowed if a woman or couple decide that they want to have children and start a family, then decide to abort the baby partway through the pregnancy because they changed their minds. From my research, I know at least these things about IVF: it is generally uncomfortable to stimulate and extract the eggs, and it can cost up to $15,000 for the original treatment plus up to $600 per year for embryo storage. If you created these embryos with he purpose of using them to have children, then I view their destruction the same way I would view it if you got pregnant to start a family, but aborted the fetus at some point during the pregnancy.
While I know that the doctors usually take more eggs than are necessary when going through IVF, I still don’t think their destruction should be undertaken so lightly and nonchalantly. Is it ethical to give parents the resources to have a family without ensuring they plan ahead in case of divorce, separation or death?
Still, I suppose there are things that I think I know, even if I don’t know what I think. In his mid twenties, he was stationed in Neuberg an der Donau, Germany, he had a series of three very powerful dreams or visions which he claimed greatly influenced his life.
Your senses tell you that the characteristics of the piece of wax change, however, it is still the same piece of wax. Therefore, in order to properly grasp the nature of the wax, you should put aside the senses. One can find evidence of this Philosophy or Truth in modern society – there is the common belief that humans are, by nature superior to animals. There are many ways that these premises are invalid and this argument unsound, which have been further deconstructed here. And if you don’t think that could have some application in the human biosciences, your own brain could use a tuneup. In this case, the argument is neither true nor valid, therefore not sound, since the conclusion is not logical based on the premises, which are also not true. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is a famous philosophical tale told to illustrate the philosophical way of thinking and how it can change us.
Curiosity. Isn’t that why experiments like the Stanford Prison and Milford Experiments happened? The psychologists did this experiment to see the effects of positive and negative feedback.
The Allegory of the Cave is quite similar – from a young age, the participants or subjects would be forced to see only the shadows on the cave wall. On August 6th, Body Building Forums[8] member twdy started a thread featuring an ASCII art variation of the “strong black woman” copypasta (shown below). In the comment section, karmanaut posted a variation of the message featuring an ASCII art of a semi-trailer truck (shown below). On July 30th, Tumblr[7] user huntersnet posted a screenshot of a female character in the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with the caption “Reblog this if you’re a strong Nord woman who don’t need no man” (shown below, right).
The masses can do with this what they will, but the hope is that they will use it to make informed decisions during elections, have opinions about the world they exist in, and a basic knowledge of it. Their purpose is to defend free speech and freedom of the press while simultaneously promoting ethical standards amongst journalists.
There are not restrictions bound by law because this would allow government courts the ability to restrict what is said, and what is not. There are laws which they must abide by, such as copyright laws, access to information laws, and the criminal laws.

We desire the media to be entertaining because in hectic lives, people do not waste time with that which bores them. With scandals cropping up across continents, from phone hacking to plagiarism, we do not live with an ideal media. Hayom Kadosh (Hebrew), Hamsafar (Farsi), Sukla-Krsne (Sanskrit), and Kia Hora Te Marino (Maori). It’s not your average piece of classical music, yet it’s so much more than just another pop song about another breakup, it’s about life, death, and the future. Tin, Baba Yetu, and Calling All Dawns seem to have a massive fallowing on the internet as well. This allows for the couple (or woman) to try again for another pregnancy if they want another child or if the first time around didn’t take. However, later, one or both of them decide they don’t want the remaining embryos and have them destroyed. They are able to naturally get pregnant, and do so with the full intention of starting a family. And I think that the destruction of frozen embryos (while not a perfectly similar case) is also like this.
Then I really don’t think most people would go and freeze their embryos just for kicks and giggles. I would have the eggs and the sperm frozen separately, so that in case of divorce or some other circumstance, each partner could take their own donation and be on their merry way.
For those who believe that life begins at fertilization, the destruction of frozen embryos would be no less than murder.
At the beginning of the year, we were told to think about what our personal philosophy on everything was. I also took part in a project about him, so I (sort of) know his ideas and I generally agree, at least with his thoughts on vague language. We only have our senses telling us that he did – people talking about him, Wikipedia articles written referencing him, etc. But even at a glance, we know that not everything that burns is made of wood, weighing the same as a duck does not guarantee flotation, etc. It helps to introduce the type of humour used in Python as well as how ridiculous they can be.
Times published an article only today about a rare salamander, the ajolote (or axolotl), and how they are being driven to extinction by human pollution and introduction of nonnative species in the canals of Xochimilco near Mexico City. However, neither premise is true: Emily is not black, therefore not a strong, independent black woman. I always guessed these scientists and psychologists had some information or hypotheses about what people would do in such situations, but they went and conducted these experiments to learn more. Those who had received the negative feedback on their fluency and speech imperfections had psychological issues and speech problems throughout the rest of their lives. When released, such an experience would surely affect them the rest of their lives, as did the negative speech therapy in the Monster Experiment.
If all you had ever known was the cave wall with the shadows, would you ever dream of there being more to life? However, when one ignores to appoint positivity to govern one’s thoughts, it then becomes very likely for negativity to move in uninvited and take full control of them, which then makes it almost impossible for one to ever proclaim their true destiny in life. To ensure that all of this goes as planned and we can live in a healthy, engaged country, both sides of the equation need to actively participate.
Even though it may seem like a wonderful solution to simply start forcing these rules upon journalists, there are issues with forcing ethical decisions on anyone. Although possibly functional in theory, this creates a contradiction with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in which any form of communication or sharing ideas or information is allowed, save for certain restrictions including slander, racism, infringement upon copyrights, or spreading information which is classified. Despite “Freedom of the Press,” the media does not have some sort of get-out-of-jail-free card. We live in a fast paced world and we expect our news to be equally so, we want bites which we can swallow easily, which we understand.
It may be how information is spread, upon what we base world decisions and opinions, yet in no way does this alone automatically make it reliable. This song was not only the theme music for Civilization IV, but also the first song on Tin’s album Calling All Dawns.
It makes me feel happy, energetic, pensive, peaceful, sad, welcomed, hopeful, and triumphant; all throughout these 45 minutes of art. Also, while many compare the process of discarding the embryos to abortion, I feel like it is something more.
However, during the pregnancy, the couple decides they no longer want kids and have an abortion. So, I will assume that they created and froze these embryos with the intent of using them to have children.
Now, the woman has had ovarian cancer and the eggs in storage are the only she’ll ever be able to have. I usually let stuff bounce around in my head for a while before I can argue about it or even know what I think about it. We don’t have words to accurately describe anything, so it can be hard to argue or even talk about anything, because words can never accurately describe anything, and everyone has their own (slightly different) definition for everything. By extension, it is also impossible to truly doubt your own existence, because one needs to first exist before they can doubt existing. Descartes and others of his time even took this further, some saying that animals had reason or intelligence, or could even feel pain. But what if all these stories about “that guy Descartes” are just false information from your senses?
The ajolote’s incredible ability to regenerate limbs, heart cells, and fragments of its brain was also heavily stressed, as well as the possible beneficial application in human biosciences.
This also pops up again when the article calls you idiotic if you don’t believe that human survival depends on other creatures in the ecosystem, something important to their argument.

Also, there is no evidence other than the aforementioned meme than strong, independent black women don’t need no man.
With the Nuremburg Code, however, this is unlikely, but there have been experiments and more experiments before and supposedly since the Code was put in place. Pardon me, but who are these scientists to do such a thing to a child, something that rests with them all their life?
Some may argue, “But at least the kids in Monster actually got to experience life, even if they had speech impediments!
Maybe, there’s a small egoistic part of us that wants this experiment to happen – as long as it’s not to us – so we can find out a little about what it’s like.
Although there are issues on either end, the sending and the receiving, for the purpose of this blog post we will discuss the role which the media plays in portraying information.
The Code of Ethics which the SPJ provides as a resource, if followed, would lead directly into this “public enlightenment”. The right to free speech does not cover topics such as public vs private people, distorted information, out of context information, or bias.
Yet without strict ethical boundaries, the media is able to push what they are able to do for increasingly tantalizing stories. Yet one aspect of the code of ethics is to “Tell the story of the diversity and magnitude of the human experience boldly, even when it is unpopular to do so.” Newspapers and televisions shows rely on popularity to remain in existence. This album, started in 2005 and released in 2009,  features twelve songs in twelve languages with lyrics coming from all over, including sacred texts, prayers, blessings, proverbs, and traditional poems. This is one piece of art and beauty that makes me feel strongly again that art is anything that can make you feel like that. Or perhaps they separate and maybe the father demands that the mother has an abortion because he doesn’t want a biological child that he would have to provide care or money for. However, since her ex-boyfriend’s sperm was also frozen with her already-fertilized eggs, he also had a say in their fate, and he did not want to have a child from his own genetic matter without it really being his kid. So, I can incorporate that I know I exist (because I know I am thinking about existence) into that chamber of my brain for what I Know and Believe about the world. So, I can also incorporate that I can’t really talk properly with anyone else about what I Know or Believe, because it will always be slightly distorted. The David Reimer Experiment, MKULTRA, The Well of Despair and The Monster Experiment are all examples of experimentation that did not follow the Nuremburg Code and cause amounts of disgust and revulsion in many. The form of journalism they strive to create is one in which events are presented without bias for an educated and informed public to build off of, and democracy runs smoothly.
Someone may argue that violating the privacy of an individual for a story is fine, if the perceived benefit given to society outweighs the potential harm to that person. It’s better for them—A snappy headline, although possibly slightly out of context, will draw in readers—and you could even argue that it is better for readers. It’s all fine to say that this is how journalism should function, that this is how we would reach social change and awareness, but to risk it all for this is unlikely.
All the songs flow through each other almost seamlessly – not only representing the circle of life, but also making it all one song, when it all comes down to it. Many people who know me will remember me trying to tell them about this album at some point or another. They are not legally persons yet, so it’s not the same as a custody battle over a couple of toddlers. And with epistemology, I am still so confused as to what everything is that I have no idea what I think or know.
As we’ve discussed before, it ccould be considered ridiculous to base the amount of knowledge and theories that we do on simple sensory perception.
In the Monster Experiment, groups of orphans were given specific feedback that affected them throughout the rest of their life. Living in the cave with the shadows would be a completely different life, not one as we know.
Others would argue that violating an individual’s privacy is wrong at all times, under all circumstances. It’s unifying – all the languages and styles together as one, even text from different religions’ holy books. I know that every time, I try to convey just how pretty it all is and how it makes you feel, but there aren’t really words for it.
Don’t even get me started on condensing it into a belief statement or personal philosophy.
Our senses are just too inaccurate for us to rely completely on them – but then again, they are all we have, so we can go with limited and flawed perceptions, or we can go with nothing. If we think back to logic, we know that if A (I think), therefore B (I exist), it does not necessarily mean that if B, therefore A. Perhaps living with the shadows in the cave is a far better existence and a more pleasurable and fulfilling life than we’ve ever known.
There is no definite “right” answer, so a solution was found in the form of a set of generally agreed upon guidelines, the hope being that the consumers of news and fellow journalists would be critical enough about the information they received that a bar would be created by society to which all news would be judged.
To add to that, bits and pieces of some songs find their way into others, tying the whole thing together even further. So if we could do some diagram involving them being in Truth for you but at the bottom for everyone else? The feeling I get at the end of Kia Hora Te Marino is the same as when I hear the finale of a musical as the curtain closes, or after I’ve watched a great movie or read the last few pages of a really good book.

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