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You might be trustworthy, Serenity, but if your boyfriend doesn’t trust you now, he never will. Let him go gently into the night, pray that he doesn’t stalk you, and get yourself a man who lets you be yourself.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Or maybe he has been terrible betrayed in the past, and is nervous that you will do the same again. To Serenity and the jealous boyfriend – I married that man and the accusations only became worse with time andI came to find out 15 years later, he had been lying and cheating on me! Evan – you really expect us to believe that your wife is comfortable with you going to strip clubs. I agree – It is more than likely that the person who is jealous, is likely to be the person who cheats. And regarding strip clubs — why would any woman feel jealous or threatened if her man goes to some silly strip club with his buds once in a while? If I went out with friends and even called to check on her after I first asked her did she want to do anything that day. Serenity, this person you are dating is most likely blaming or projecting his own cheating behavior onto you. Find out what my blog can do for you, and what type of man becomes a dating coach for women. If you’re looking to answer your most pressing dating and relationship question, my blog is like Google for your love life!
A liar is concerned about you lying to him, a cheater is concerned about you cheating on him, etc. IMHO the best thing to do is to accept the fact that it may happen to you as it happens to many other cool people.

If he is so convinced that you are cheating when you are not, I cannot help but think there is something in his own consciousness that is bothering him. In either case, I lean on agreeing with Evan that it is neither your job nor your responsibility to try to rehabilitate this guy. Even when HE was found out and begged forgiveness (and I forgave), the accusations still kept on. To the extent that it is you, personality (for example, friendly and outgoing) probably trumps looks, but personal style can be tweaked to seem more conservative, which people often deem as off-limits.
I was in Thailand last week, I could see through their scams, because I am pretty suspicious person. Even if I do think strip clubs are demeaning to women, I also know that they are, above all else, entertainment.
I would be sad if I found my girlfriend cheating, but I would also understand it’s her burden, not mine.
At one point the school newspaper took a survey asking students whether they ever cheated, and what percentage of the students they thought had cheated.
I know someone who is unethical in his business practices, and he’s the one who is always convinced that everyone else is up to a scam.
I guess that technically makes it easier for her to cheat on me – but really, I’m not worried about it.
It is probably not only best for you, but probably best for him also for you to find someone who trusts and loves you the way you are.
As he is unable to value himself, he has to prove by cheating that women still find him attractive.
This guy definitely sounds wacky but knowing this, is there something she’s doing to push his buttons? It’s not like guys go there hoping to meet the woman of their dreams, nor is a stripper hoping for Mr.

It would appear that he has severe emotional problems, and is messing with your heart – and head.
If I have secret sordid vices that I keep hidden from everyone, then I’ll assume that lots of other people do to. Whenever I start to get angry with him, he starts saying he’ll just make it even and go sleep with some other girl. There’s literally NO jealousy in our relationship because we really, truly TRUST each other. And like Teri (#4 above) said, this man’s distrust and jealousy will only increase as time goes on.
So it wouldn’t occur to me to get angry if she spends an hour talking to the cutest guy at the party, and it wouldn’t occur to her to question me if I went out for a night with the guys to a strip club. I have the most wonderful boyfriend now who trusts and respects me and he is someone I trust without question as well. And no amount of convincing, understanding, or assurances on your part are going to make any difference or prompt him to change. It doesn’t make anyone act more trustworthy and only deteriorates the fabric of your relationship. You know something is seriously wrong with the situation to have posed the question, so get going and give your love to someone who can return it.

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