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In Season 1, Ted meets Victoria at his friends Stuart and Claudia's (The Wedding) wedding, for which she had made the cake.
Six years later in September 2011, at the Architect's Ball Ted (with Robin) looks across the room to see Victoria placing cupcakes onto a table. A few months later, Ted decides to call Victoria, after talking with Robin about how Victoria is the only woman he dated who could be "The One". While Ted is driving away with Victoria, he says that right now Klaus would be reading the note she left, but Victoria tells him that she didn't leave one. In October 2012, Ted and Victoria have a fight when Ted wants to throw Klaus out of his apartment, after letting him stay there till he gets back on his feet after his break-up with Victoria.
In The Autumn of Break-Ups, Victoria starts dropping hints that she wants a more serious relationship and tells Ted that something is holding their relationship back.
Victoria's concerns in The Autumn of Break-Ups come true when he and Robin end up together many years later in Last Forever - Part Two. I think you can watch the movie online on the Lifetime website, but it will definitely re-air as last night was the premiere. Last updated: 9 Feb 2014Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Mouse Study: Sleep-Wake Cycle Linked to Salt Levels in Brain Brain Differences For Anxiety-Prone Vs.
Book Review: 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise The 8 Qualities of Charisma ? and How to Have Them Depression Vs.
Genavive: Elaina, I have to convey to you how impressed and gratified I am at your message.
We figured Miley Cyrus would be pretty keen on the 2013 Met Gala's punk theme -- have you seen what she's been wearing lately? Sexy 23-year-old Gillian has no trouble attracting men, but her bipolar moods scare them off. The Girl He Met Online stars Yvonne Zima, Mary-Margaret Humes, and Shawn Roberts, and premieres February 8th on Lifetime.
Victoria kept her identity secret, nicknaming herself Buttercup (the name of her bakery, and how Ted eventually found her again) for the purpose of having one night of romance and fun with Ted, and then never seeing him again.

This is similar to the first time the two meet one another, in which Ted looks across the room and sees Victoria at the wedding.
He asks her to meet up at MacLaren's and she turns up in a wedding dress, running from her groom.
He also recalls calling Victoria (who is now back in Germany) asking her if she'd seen Robin's locket. They made Gillian dangerous and they made it appear that her bipolar disorder was the cause of this.
It isn’t fair to people like me, who live and thrive with this disorder, to be compared to someone like Gillian. Simultaneously, she has worked in PR for Bon Jovi Productions in NYC, PolyGram Records (also in NYC), and Rogers & Cowan Public Relations. It should also be noted that Robin was once again Ted's date to the event in which he sees Victoria. The two then share an intimate moment kissing, even after figuring out that Victoria is engaged.
She tells him that today is her wedding with Klaus, but she has always had Ted in the back of her mind.
He tells her that he feels guilty for stealing her, but Victoria tells him that she chose him. However, Ted tells her that although he is not in love with Robin, she is like his family and he can't end that, and asks her if she can accept that.
This is the reason there is so much misunderstanding about mental illness – because the media feeds us bullshit. The Morticia Addams-inspired look (Miley's words, not ours) was relatively tame for the 20-year-old, but that's probably because she focused all of her attention on that hair. She’s on better behavior with man-of-her-dreams Andy, until her boss and mother push her into a corner and Andy’s sister dies as a result.
Everything was going well in their relationship, until she was accepted into a cooking fellowship in Germany. She then tells Ted that the reason that none of his relationships have worked is because Robin plays a huge part in his life.

After deliberating with the gang, he takes her into the car, seemingly to drive off with her. Ted later tells Marshall and Lily the reason behind their break up, but ask them not to tell this to Robin. Although they were both initially against the idea, they tried a long-distance relationship.
Victoria then gives him the keys to her dressing room, but Ted is stopped by Klaus's sister Uta from going into the dressing room. Future Ted ends the episode by saying that Victoria was right, they just didn't realize it yet. You're someone's fiancee, and I have to respect that," and says he's going to drive her back. Using Barney to seduce Uta, Ted then leaves the note, but forgets the car keys in the dressing room. Once he gets near the church, he remembers great memories with Victoria, and decides to drive past the church, where they hold hands and drive off into the sunset.
When Ted is about to climb the drain pipe to get the keys, he sees Klaus climbing out of his window.
Ted climbs the drainpipe up to the dressing room window, grabs the notes and the keys, but leaves Klaus's note in Victoria's room to make it look like she read it and then ran off. He then drives away with Victoria again, but has to stop at the Farhampton train station to ask Klaus why he didn't want to marry Victoria. He tells him that although Victoria is wonderful, she is not "the life long treasure of destiny" for him, but "almost the thing he wants, but not quite".

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