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30 year old identical twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque were born one minute apart and have always shared everything they have.
Despite this inability to differentiate both of them, they have both undergone facial reconstruction to look the same, spending almost $145,000 in the process. Now the twins are taking their closeness to the next level: They plan to get pregnant at the same time, by the same guy, their boyfriend Ben Byrne, who is 32 years old and also a twin, but not an identical one.

Gift this personalized fridge magnet, with your name, to your boyfriend on his Birthday and make him happy. Dezains brings you a simple and yet brilliant piece – thewooden desk piece with a beautiful watch on it - a perfect gift for all occasions. These twins are so identical that when they attended a game show in Japan, facial technology was used to try to tell them apart but it failed thus giving them the title of world’s most identical twins.

Check out for the best for your close ones and grab one for yourself as well, if you really like it.

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