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When you start thinking about becoming a Mom the first things that pop into your mind is whether you will have a boy or a girl, what will the name be and what they will be when they grow up. I experienced the disappointment, the anger, the joy, the overwhelming love for a child, and the fright of not knowing if I would be able to care for a child with special needs. I'm not ashamed to admit that I dealt with a bout of postpartum depression, as I remember standing in the shower on days just crying.
I'm not going to say that caring for a child with special needs is easy, at times it's not!
As I lay my head down on the pillow at night, exhausted from the days events, I find myself saying thank you to God for blessing me with such an amazing child.
After we pray that God’s name be sanctified, His kingdom to come, and His will be done, we also pray for our daily need. After we pray for the Triune God to be prevailing on the earth as He is prevailing in the heavens, we pray for our daily needs. In the Lord’s prayer as a pattern for us we see that the Lord wants to forgive us our debts, our sins, and our tresspasses, but He also wants to make sure we are OK with the ones around us. On the one hand, we are in debt with God, sinning against Him and making many mistakes daily. Sometimes our faithful God may bring us into a situation of temptation to test us (just as the Spirit of God did with the Lord Jesus in Matt.

The Lord’s prayer begins with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit (in this sequence) and ends with the Son, the Spirit, and the Father (in this sequence). Our Father who are in heavens, may Your name be sanctified on earth as it is sanctified in the heavens! Sharing inspired from brother Witness Lee’s speaking in, The God-man Living (pages 99-100), as quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, Taking the Lead as Elders and Responsible Ones, week 5. What we Experience when we Live in the Divine and Mystical Realm of the SpiritIt is very important what realm we live in.
That they may have a host of other medical conditions that come along with Down Syndrome -- congenital heart defects, low muscle tone, and hearing issues. Our Father knows what we need, but we still need to mention our daily need for bread to Him. But on the earth the Lord needs some who pray for His kingdom to come, for His name to be sanctified, and for His will to be done! The Lord Jesus as our King and God as our Father do not want us to worry about tomorrow (see Matt. As we ask our dear Father to forgive us our debts and tresspasses, we should also forgive our debtors. We as the people in the kingdom of God recognize and praise reverently that the kingdom, the power, and the glory belong to the Father forever (Matt.

The Father is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the initiator and the finisher of everything! What a privilege to cooperate through prayer with the Triune God that His name be sanctified, His kingdom come, and His will be done on earth – even as it is being done in the heavens! This prayer is all-inclusive, taking care both of God, His name, His kingdom, His glory, His will, and also of our need. To pray in this way actually means to pray that the Triune God would be as prevailing on the earth as He is in the heavens.
When we pray in this way we admit that we are not strong enough to face the temptation or the enemy, we need the Lord to deliver us from the evil one and to not lead us into temptation. Before the Father can forgive us, we need to learn to forgive others, so that there would be peace between us and others as there is peace between us and God. Don't see the things that they might not be able to do, but encourage them to do the things they like or want to do. For Yours, Lord Jesus, is the Kingdom, and Yours, Spirit, is the Power, and Yours, Father, is the Glory, forever!

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