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Kazcie jej nie wychodzic z kuchni przez najblizsze dwa do trzech tygodni albo jezdzie na woodstock. ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is not new to me as a phenomenon – although the knowledge that there’s a name for this experience is. While going through a period of higher than usual stress, I heard about ASMR and decided to try watching some videos to help me relax during the day, or fall asleep at night when my brain was on overload. There are almost endless YouTube videos with various triggers, just make sure to start with the sound down low so the ads don’t startle you right out of relaxation mode. My favorite triggers are whispering and other ear-to-ear soft sounds, like tapping or crinkling, plus slow, graceful hand movements. I’ve heard that responses can decrease or disappear if one overloads on ASMR, but over the last few months I find my responses strengthening. This is the sensation I felt while doing guided self-hypnosis study in preparation for childbirth.
I have a similar reaction to Ralph’s videos on his YouTube channel- Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). I agree that the sensation is like an exercise high, but I find the feeling hard to describe exactly. I’m only writing this today because since listening to a certain ASMR video while walking the dog I suddenly felt completely stress free for the first time in months. Watched video of the king of softspoken positivity, Bob Ross, even though you have no interest in painting?

Some triggers are something almost anyone would describe as pleasurable, such as having someone brush your hair or lightly touch your skin. Maria from GentleWhispering, one of my fave ASMRtists, has a wonderful two-minute video explaining the phenomenon, with binaural microphones.
After trying many videos, I can say the quality of the voice is critical, and I far prefer a female voice, though not high-pitched.
I watch something almost every night, but like to switch up the videos and return to a favorite every so often, rather than constantly watching one thing.
The tingling sensation I get in my brain instantly relaxes me; very interesting to find out that there’s a name to this phenomenon!
I discovered the ASMR community about a year ago and it’s helped me sleep so much better since! I call upin my relax triggers whenever I’m feeling really tense, and the training really has me hard wired to immediately melt and get all tingly.
Paused just a bit too long on a shopping channel, mesmerized by the voice or movement of a person describing a product in excruciating detail? When I try to describe it to people, some interpret it as sexual in nature, though those who experience ASMR will likely tell you it is not. The difference with ASMR is that, for those of us who experience it, the triggers often lead to an extraordinary tingling sensation in the skin. I’m not as fond of the role plays, where the ASMRtist focuses on the viewer as a spa client, for example.

I’ve also found my “exercise high” response triggered more readily since I’ve been watching ASMR videos. When my dad would eat something, my hair was brushed, or someone was doing something with their hands, I’d zone out because of the tingling.
Sometimes there are triggers that don’t quite reach the tingle level, but are quite pleasurable and “almost tingly.” In either case, it really is quite something, supremely relaxing and euphoric at times.
But whisper to me while showing me and tapping on your to-do list, and I’ll go right to sleep. Has anyone seen the videos Into the Gloss made with famed facialist Isabelle Bellis on how to wash your face?
It can be very helpful to those dealing with stress or anxiety, and bring one to a level of relaxation compatible with sleep.
I also appreciate that Maria puts a directory in her video descriptions so you can go straight to the trigger you prefer.

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