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After enjoying the last day of the vacation together, the Millers returned to their room, and much to their daughter Madisons horror, the Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy, she had been inseparable with since she was a baby, appeared to be missing. Then it dawned on Mark that their room had been made up while they were out sightseeing and quickly called Housekeeping. At about the halfway point through the stacks, a security officer who had been summoned by the Housekeeping manager tried to deter Miller from his mission and asked him to vacate the laundry room. If theres one thing that Sawyer Brown Mark Miller enjoys more than making hit records and touring, its basketball!
When old buddy R&B singer and basketball fan Brian McKnight came to Nashville recently, he and his team challenged Millers team to a series of games.
They've been called the Rolling Stones of country music, and really, that's no exaggeration. Vocalist Mark Miller, keyboardist Gregg "Hobie" Hubbard, lead guitarist Duncan Cameron, bassist Jim Scholten and drummer Joe Smyth mark this phenomenal two-decade milestone with the release of their 18th album, Can You Hear Me Now, on Curb Records. Mark and his wife proceeded to search every nook & cranny in the hotel suite and the doll was nowhere to be found.

He deducted that the Pooh doll may have been on the bed and bundled up with the sheets being sent to the laundry. When Mark explained the plight of his daughters favorite toy the guard basically turned a blind eye and let the search continue. Exactly 11 years to the day on Saturday March 29, 1991, Sawyer Brown was playing Laughlin, when Miller got the call that his wife was in labor with their first child. For 20 years, Sawyer Brown has set the pace and continues to go the distance with fresh, fun and relevant songs that challenge themselves as musicians while creating personal experiences for their listeners. Madison was beside herself with worry at this point and Mark knew he had to get to the bottom of the mystery. The room service manager explained that no doll had turned up and they were processing 600 rooms of laundry so it was impossible for his staff to try to find one missing item in the bales of linen.
As he starting going through the second to the last bale, and tiring from his efforts, Miller fell against the last stack that toppled and revealed the treasured Winnie the Pooh doll.
By the time the band finished the set and Mark flew home to Nashville, he had just missed the birth of the baby girl.

And their live shows over 3,000 (and counting!) are legendary for the excitement, energy and emotion they generate. Although not invited to do so, Mark found his way to the laundry room and was stunned to see stacks & stacks of sheets filling every inch of the room, wall to wall, floor to ceiling.
Madison is now 11 years old and to ensure she remembers this birthday with Dad, Miller brought her out on the Flamingos stage so the entire audience could sing "Happy Birthday" to her. What he saw on some of the sheets was beyond description and he had to steel himself to continue the disgusting mission.

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