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Ever wonder how your partner could spend countless hours in front of the couch, in his computer room, or on a solo outdoor adventure? Most women, on the other hand, are ready for interaction with their partners, and when the man pulls away, are tempted to chase after him. It is vital for women to understand it is completely normal and essential for men to get their alone time.
So, I have been learning that one of the most loving and respectful acts I can give Brian is to give him some space when he needs it. OMG,i dont just know how to express this am so happy for getting back my love who left me for 4years this lady has done alot in my life, and i love her so much because she brought in light into my life and we both live together in love and in happiness one day she just came and told me that she is no longer interested in me, i was so surprised because i never did anything wrong to her but i decided to pleaded with her but she insisted not be with me again, i loved her so much and i promised not to leave because this lady is like a blessing to my life, so i have been looking for how to get her back, i have been contacting some fake spell casters who happened to be scams,but on a faithful day i was watching my television and i saw a man named harry giving testimony how dr okpa helped him i was so surprised immediately i took dr okpa’s phone number and i called him and told him how i got his number and i need help too,then i told him my problems he just laughed over it and told me that she will come back to me within 24hours as long i have contacted him,i did not doubt him at all because what i saw made me believed him, and i believed he can help me too then i decided to wait, in the next 24hours which he told me i got a call from her pleading to me for forgiveness i was so surprised, and i was happy too,now we are together in love again and in happiness,my friends out there sooner i will be say this in radio station for people to know about him the more because this man is great.
LOL, am laughing out loud, cause Dr okpa have changed my name to happy by putting a big smile on my face by bringing back my husband who let left me 3 years ago and making me to have a child of my own, My husband left me 3 years ago just because i was unable to get pregnant due to some Problems in my womb, my husband left me for another woman for 3 years and i have been in pain for the past 3 years when he left me, i have been praying all day that God should touch the heart of my husband for him to back to me cause i loved him so much, so there was a day when i was i reading a magazine when i saw when a man named Harry was testifying on how this great man called Dr okpa brought back his wife and his 3 kids, so i was so surprised then that was how i went on the net to search his name and saw so many testimonies about him i was like hmmm,if this man can help so many people like this in different country that means he can also help me so that was how i contacted him and told him how my husband left me, so he told me not to worry that my husband will come back to me within 24 hours that i will have children of my own, i was like waoh if this can happen i will be the happiest woman on earth, so that was how i gave him the informations he asked for, so dumbfounding i got a call from my husband he was crying and pleading to me that he is sorry for everything that he is now ready to bear any situation with me, i was so shocked, in the next 4 hours he drove down to my house and immediately he saw me he went on his knees he was pleading and crying, so that was how i accepted him and now we are living happily, do you know the most incredible part? I had doubts about magic spells after purchasing many spells that never worked and actually decided to never buy a spell again.
Or ever watch him and his buddies hang out and spend three hours together saying no more “pass the chips”?!
He invited me, but its pretty obvious that this is my chance to be cool and encourage him to go with his friends without tagging along the wife and baby. If he wishes to go on a camping trip, out for a movie with a friend, or just sit in his computer room for a couple hours to unwind I should encourage it.

We’ve been married for 27 years and in the first few years I literally chased him around for his attention!
How funny- I actually have not read that book, but am happy that I used the same reference!
Unlike my husband who loves his space and alone time, I love every chance I get to hang out with him and try to hold on to it for dear life.
Women tend to fear that their man is losing interest in them or don’t love them when he pulls away to get space.
As much as I need his support and company when I attend social gatherings, he needs my support when he is craving some time to re-energize.
Then I read the book Men from Mars and Women are from Venus and it all made perfect sense – everything you say is in the book. Some of them never answered me after I paid and were obvious scammers, some really cast a spell but for some reason it didnt work.
Then I learned to have lunch with friends, go to movies with my kids or friends and enjoy doing things together when he wants. But when games and things are on that he may want to enjoy with the guys, I always try not to stand in the way of that. It is loving and trusting of me to let him go when he needs some time, and it allows him to WANT to come and hang out with me.

Let the boys be boys, together ??I found your blog over at the friendly friday blog hop and am now following you on GFC. I feel as though we truly do enjoy our company when we have quality time together, and part of it is due to us both having our own lives, friendships, hobbies, and time spent apart.
It’s probably the best decision I ever made in my life because it worked and my girlfriend came back with me.
Brian loves when I go on a hike with a friend on my own accord, teach myself a new hobby, or take some time to myself to rest. I am excited to get out of the house for a bit and hungry (more like starving) for some social interaction with another adult. She told me everything that has happened secretly in the past and i forgave her as DR EDIONWE instructed me to and she loves me and care for me as i ever wanted.

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