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The first method is most applicable for a girl who is a long term booty call or girlfriend; basically, a girl who believes there is an emotional element to your sexual relationship. You need to bring up the subject of abortion with every ounce of verbal finesse and situation-appropriate sensitivity. The second method is best used on girls where minimal emotions were involved in the sexual relationship: infrequent booty calls, ONS girls, or as a secondary method if the “hail mary” does not work on your girlfriend.
You need to channel your inner cold, unforgiving, unapologetic asshole nature, as nothing less will suffice. Once you have laid out your position, get your car keys and tell her you will drive her to the abortion clinic, pay for it, and have her take care of it today so you both can move on with your lives.
The third method has not been tested by me but it is worth mentioning as a creative way of convincing a girl to get an abortion. Obviously some demographics (young, college girls with career on the mind) require little effort to convince, but not all women are as easily swayed.
Tila then revealed that she is actually becoming a mother three times over because the father of her child already has two children! For avid Tila Tequila fans (yes, those still exist!) the announcement came as no real surprise as the former reality star and MySpace maven has been dropping numerous hints over the last couple weeks. I think I will wrap this post up with one of the most shared Photoshopped images we ever created from an article we did waaaaay back on May 20, 2009 when it was reported that Tila Tequila might be pregnant. UPDATE – Click here to see a timeline of Tila Tequila baby bump photos, a sonogram and a slew of overwhelmingly positive inspirational mom-to-be posts!
I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and his daughter refers to me as her stepmom.
Not only has she lied about being pregnant three times, she also was sleeping with a teenager a few months ago. For these situations I recommend the “Hail Mary,” a term referring to the end of an American football game when a team attempts a difficult play in a last ditch effort to win. You must not ask, but rather tell her to get an abortion because if she refuses this child will be a bastard. Explain that since it is early in the pregnancy she only needs to take a pill (different from the morning after pill) to trigger the abortion. If an ultrasound finds that the child has a developmental problem like down syndrome, many couples choose to abort.
This might require you to spend an afternoon volunteering at a hospital or center for developmentally disabled people.

Getting inside a woman’s head to convince her to get an abortion might require you to be very persuasive and creative in your approach.
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In addition to all of these antics, at some point she either had sex or else an appointment at an in vitro fertilization clinic because… Tila Tequila is pregnant! This is my baby’s big sister and she looks exactly like her Daddy who is also my baby’s Daddy! She posted a zoomed-in photo of her larger-than-usual breasts on Wednesday and captioned the picture with, “My Milk Jugs. I have missed you all so very much, but I had to disappear for a while to get my act together and enjoy my newfound happiness with sober living! That being said, congratulations to you Tila – I hope this is the thing that turns your life around and enables you to gain balance and stability in your life! After the photo we will also revisit some of the potential baby names we came up with in that post. If the kids want to consider her a step mom regardless of if she marries their dad or not they can.
If you’ve not made steps to officially adopt the children, you are NOT their stepmom.
I can’t imagine anyone who was all there would chance getting this nutjob knocked up. Farrah has since responded to the controversy with comments that will more than likely just add fuel to the fire. Finally, explain if she has the abortion now, you will be able to plan your lives together so that everything is perfect.
The most important part in executing the asshole method is that you keep your emotions in check the whole time. You can use this knowledge to your advantage because you can tell the girl that a rare genetic disease is common in your family. Take a picture of someone who could pass as a relative (similar skin tone is probably all you need). My hope is that if this advice helps just one man to convince his future baby’s mama to spare him from becoming a parent against his will, it was worth the writeup. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer as this brings me so much joy and happiness to know that there is a baby Tila on the way!

I know multiple people who referred to their parents significant other as a step parent when they were not married so stop splitting hairs. But unless you are married (or in some places, commonlaw) to the father of those children, you are not legally their step parent and have NO legal grounds at all like an actual step parent would.
She had naked pictures of him and was threatening to show them to people, not caring when people told her that was child porn. With only two birth control options available to men (a condom and a vasectomy) the words you use to get your girl off the fence about having an abortion must be well thought out.
I would avoid personal shots of telling her she is unfit to be a mother because this could backfire on you, but make it clear that if she keeps the baby you will be opting out of fatherhood. This is just an example, but do whatever you think is necessary to sell the seriousness of this genetic disease to her. If you are not ready to be a father, the following arguments may help you convince a girl to get an abortion. The first two methods I describe below have worked for me in separate instances for the two abortions I have paid for.
It’s called a “hail mary” in part because of its difficulty to execute, so if you stay with her post-abortion and she becomes pregnant again you’re really fucked.
Explain that while she may end up collecting the minimum in child support that the state can take from you, in no way will you participate in raising this kid or being a father to it. To add color to your story, bring up a nonexistent sibling and tell her that you are still recovering from their painful passing a few years ago.
I love you all so much and thank you so much for having been there for me throughout all of these years! To instill the seriousness of your message, add that you will refuse any efforts in the future to include you in the child’s life. If she is still on the fence have her watch the film Tiptoes with Matthew McConaughey and tell her what your siblings, uncles, cousins have lived through makes dwarfism seem like a walk in the park. While this method could require some acting on your part, if you sell it well enough she will be offering to pay for the abortion.

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