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We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her. But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned.
The people who sent the breakup notes below seem to understand that -- and we highly doubt their significant others wanted anything to do with them after reading these little missives.
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Anti-aging products that fill pharmacy shelves and magazine advertising space push the message that it is better to look, feel and be younger. To help you feel great about getting older, we’ve assembled nine of our favorite quotes about aging. It gets the job done and allows the dumper to conveniently sidestep all the awkwardness that comes with doing it face-to-face.
If you start to weep for humanity, cheer up: it could have been a lot worse -- they could have broken up via text message. Take a look at the cringe-inducing texts below -- and whatever you do, don't follow their lead.

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While of course aging is often accompanied by negative health side effects, these anti-aging messages do not tell the whole story of what it is like to grow “old.” Aging is by accompanied maturity, wisdom, new opportunities -- beautiful things that are certainly not “anti" anything.

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