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Might your apologies be so frequent and empty that you can't even recall the last one or do you not remember your last apology because you haven't apologized for much of anything lately? Sometimes saying sorry is a hard thing to do because you might feel like it makes you look weak or it takes away from a point you were defending in an argument or debate. Just give some more thought to why you are apologizing to someone before you do it and express that in the apology. How many times have you had someone apologize to you and it felt like they didn't mean it? I talk about this all the time, but I need to reevaluate and make sure that I am being about it.

It's like they could have just not said anything at all and you probably would despise them a little less than you do after that sorry (no pun intended) a$$ apology.
Make it clear that you get exactly what you are sorry for and help the other person believe that you will truly try to not repeat your wrong in the future.
Is it because we think it's the right thing to do and it probably makes the other person feel better? Or how about this one ~ You and another person are both at fault in some way and you actually do woman or man up and apologize, but the other person doesn't.
You can still stand firmly by a belief or opinion you hold and apologize for your tone or the way in which you expressed it.

Anyway, if you are one that tends to apologize with lack of purpose and earnestness, perhaps you may want to honestly consider the impact of your apologies if they actually had more weight and thought given to them before you lay one on.

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