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Shih Tzu--Small Breed Dog May 01, 16 03:57 PMShih Tzu dogs are one of the most popular small breed dogs.
I remember when I was a little kid and putting on makeup was just something I played around with. Before, it was popular for kids to be sporting the latest flavor of Lip Smacker, but today, I'm seeing a trend of girls who prefer to wear what I call "the mask," a layering of makeup (thin or thick) that, if removed, would reveal a different face underneath.
Whenever a 12-year-old girl walks by wearing mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, foundation and lip gloss, I wonder why someone so young would feel the need to dress up her face on a daily basis.
A lot of young females, in my generation, too, equate a part of their self-worth with how they look on the outside and how much makeup is able to improve their appearances. From a survey conducted by the Renfrew Center Foundation in 2013, it has been discovered that one in five girls who have worn makeup between the ages of 8 and 18 years old have negative feelings about their looks when they don't wear makeup, such as feeling self-conscious, unattractive or as if something is missing from their faces.
After talking with Michaela Angela Davis, Image Activist and the Editorial Manager of BET Networks, she shared her thoughts on the matter from her own experience with her daughter's use of makeup.
Not only did she want makeup to be a rite of passage for her daughter, but she also wishes young girls wouldn't be so quick to cover up their faces: "There's something emotional about seeing your skin as it is and getting to love it," she said.
In "let's stop and think this through for a minute" news, a Harvard professor is looking for an "adventurous" female to give birth to a neanderthal baby using artificial DNA. Professor Church of Harvard Medical School is one of the world's leading geneticists and believes his Neanderthal bone-sample analysis is now complete enough to reconstruct their DNA.
Professor Church's plan is to create artificial Neanderthal DNA based on the genetic code found in bone samples, then put this DNA into stem cells.
These cells would then be injected into a human embryo in the early stages of life, and would be strong enough to steer the embryo's development along Neanderthal lines rather than Sapien. After a few days growing in a laboratory the 'neo-Neanderthal' embryo would be implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother. Listen: I can't even BEGIN to imagine everything that's going to go wrong with this plan, and that's really saying something because I have a VERY active imagination. Thanks to neolardo and Thac0, who agree we should probably reverse engineer dinosaurs first.

TO ANY WOMAN OUT THERE WHO MIGHT BE CONSIDERING SIGNING UP FOR THIS, Read the small print first. I think he was mostly proposing a path that could lead to the eventual cloning of a neanderthal, not that he actually is planning on doing it. So a crack pot scientist wants to inject an extinct race's dna into an embryo and place it within the womb of a woman who has agreed to go along with this in hopes that the product will be said extinct race.Can we say Jenova Project? Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome.
Could some one please with knowledge–where and how does the money come from to have such a military–all over the planet? Think of it this way folks, America and NATO are dying by their own hand, the death of a thousand cuts, Russia and China have to do little to keep the West engaged and wasting billions chasing its own tails, the worst thing for Russia and China right now is for the US to actually disengage itself because America is pushing and pulling itself over the abyss and neither Asian nation has to do a thing to make it happen.
I'd grab the pink bag containing the "dress up" cosmetics from my mom's dresser and enthusiastically do my face over with pink eye shadow and red blush before combing my eyebrows and eyelashes with the designated brushes.
Now I'm not saying that I'm against makeup all together; I think there are many girls my age who wear makeup appropriately and look very nice in it. I still recall being confused about the matter when the girls around me progressively put on more makeup throughout the years of middle school, as if their bare faces weren't adequate enough. There's this underlying notion from a cornucopia of influences that says if you're able to hide your flaws in any way, do so. Of the girls who wear makeup, 65 percent started wearing it between the ages of 8 and 13 and 27 percent hardly ever leave the house without wearing any. Read the interview, they talk more about the possibilities of synthetic biology than about any plans for cloning a neanderthal.
Because the .gifs are so heavy, I can only offer a small sample of boob grabbage here but I've embedded the video below. Every morning, I'd watch my mom work with her "grown up" makeup as she put on her eyeliner, mascara and foundation, and I'd imagine myself doing the same many years later.
Whenever I asked my friends about the habit, their response would be, "I just need it." After recently doing some research, I'm now realizing that that's the problem most girls are facing today.

As a result, girls are growing up with a psychological idea that their natural looks aren't socially acceptable and that they should strive to enhance themselves. The places most girls feel are okay to be bare-faced are at home, the pool or beach and the gym. You may be anxious to wear makeup early on, but what you naturally have now is what older generations are trying to get back later in life.
Even as I played dress up with my friends, I couldn't picture them using real makeup of their own until they were actually moms themselves. Instead of using makeup as a means to get dressed up or look nicer than usual, putting it on has become a daily habit that many see as a necessity before stepping out their front doors.
Davis believes it's natural for a young girl to want to use her body for self-expression, her biggest concern was keeping her daughter safe from being pulled into adulthood too fast, saying that, "There should be a line between [the makeup used by] a girl and a woman," such as flavored lip gloss vs.
Anna Kournikova Maxim US October 2010Russian tennis player and model Anna Kournikova is the 3D cover girl for the men's magazine Maxim US for the month of October 2010.
The USA having bases everywhere is pure arrogance and belligerence, and it’s financially DESTROYING our once great country. Little did I know how much of a sway the beauty industry and society would have on them and the generations after us.
Anna Shurochkina Maxim Russia December 2010Russian singer Anna Shurochkina aka Nyusha is the cover girl for the men's magazine Maxim Russia for the month of December 2010. Wearing too much makeup too soon can open the doors to street harassment and people thinking young girls are grown women.

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