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By Carisa Carlton 5 Comments Get into di riddm with these top female reggae artists considered by their followers as truly blessed by the almighty.  Nowadays finding reggae music that grabs your heart is harder, but female reggae artists have the power to move reggae enthusiasts with their message and soulful passion.
Whether you want to chill out on a tropical beach, lift your spirits in hard times, or dance in the light of the moon, you feel the love from these top female reggae artists. A Jamaican reggae singer of the 1970s, Lorna Bennett danced to her own heartbeat and re-arranged popular songs, turning them into reggae hits.
Sophia Brown is relatively new on the world stage but is no stranger to reggae music, being a professional reggae musician for a decade before she became well-known. Lady Saw, born Marion Hall in 1972, rates more than a mention on any top female reggae artist list. Bringing a Christian voice to reggae, Audrey Gordon is a significant contributor to a new emerging genre known as ‘gospel reggae’.

Reggae has long been known for connecting people of different cultures and ideologies through music, advocating peace and love as the answer.  These top female reggae artists deliver pride to their genre, as they continue to promote the reggae message.
Other Reggae News You Might Like:General Smiley, One of the First Dual-Toasters on the Jamaican Scene.
YEAH THESE ARE GREAT LADIES THEIR REGGAE IS BOLD AND INSIGHTFUL THEY ARE REALLY AMONG THE GREATS TODAY. Emerging in the late 90s as a major Jamaican reggae star, Stephens brought reggae back to the Indie scene after the genre experienced a bit of a lag.
Often referred to as “the First Lady of Dancehall” Lady Saw is not only a triple platinum reggae artist, she is the first female deejay to scoop a Grammy.
Gospel reggae does not differ in rhythm to the standard reggae; it simply carries a different message.

Bringing a creative, urban feel to reggae, Stephens’ charm keeps the social conscience reggae vibe alive.
Being the first female to receive top-billing in dance hall shows outside her native Jamaica, Lady Saw is an influential female force in the reggae world. Gordon is definitely worth a mention as an outstanding female reggae star simply for her unique and somewhat unconventional use of the reggae genre. Macka’s girl-power stance and her desire to tell stories from the female perspective through song was a successfully bold move in the male-dominated world of reggae.

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