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40 years ago, during the Vietnam War,A Ho Van Thanh was seen running into the woods with his then-infant son Ho Van Lang.
No one imagined Ho Van Tranh could have survived for 40 years, after he disappeared into the jungle in 1973.
Most ViewedHikaru Dorodango - The Delicate Japanese Art of Making Perfect Shiny Spheres Out of Dirt Meet the Time Traveler Running for U.S. AA bomb exploded in his home during the war with the United States, killing his wife and two other children, and eye-witnesses reported seeing him grab his two-year-old sun Ho Van Lang and running into the forest.

He brought them salt and oil every year after that, but they never accepted him, and whenever he came with other villagers to convince them to come home, they ran into hiding. The two men have had very little contact with the outside world during the last 40 years, and they’ve both forgottenA the mainstream Kinh language. Why are they being made to stay in an unfamiliar place, scared to death, with strangers talking , pocking and analysing them. Two villagers from theA Tay Tra district who had ventured 40 kilometers into the lush jungle looking for firewood noticed a strange bird-nest-like hut built in a small clearing, near a stream.

The weak 82-year-old man could communicate in theA in the Cor ethnic minority language, but his 41-year-old son, who was wearingA a loin cloth made from tree bark, only spoke a few words. The villagers alerted the authorities who later confirmed the two mysterious jungle dwellers were indeed Ho Van Tranh and Ho Van Lang.

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