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When you’re able to control your situation, purify your thoughts to objectively identify the reason of your breakup. In working out the entire i-want-my-ex-boyfriend-back process, remember that love is all about making decisions. Now that you’re calmed down,  read How to get a guy to like you again for actual actions to take.
In The Magic of Making Up, you’ll learn how to re-invent yourself to re-attract your ex, identifying the REAL cause of the breakup and SOLVE it for good, get back together with your ex, and maintain a healthy, long-term relationship afterward. Nice and it makes sense and can happen naturally if you take time to clear your mind and actually think about the relationship.

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For every time you pull yourself away from him, the same amount of force is pushing you back.
But in the end, when the heart cries out, “I want my ex boyfriend back,” the mind can’t resist.

As a woman, use your intuition to determine if there’s still a probability of being together again.

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