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The delicious looking hamburger dress will go perfectly with the hamburger bed I plan to purchase when my girlfriends moves to Philadelphia. Eric spends most of his time writing, reading, and hanging out with his chinchilla and bunny. I want to buy a promise ring for my girlfriend to give her during prom, can you help me pick out something nice?
A trio of round diamonds is beautifully displayed from bands of sterling silver in this irresistible ring for her. I cleared my debts by following an instinctive approach that I feel works more effectively than the ‘consolidate your debts into one payment every month’ advice the banks often preach.
Here’s the thing with my debt – it wasn’t money that I’d spent on clothes, beer and holidays. I was meeting my monthly debt payments and wasn’t in financial ‘trouble’, but it was still a burden I wanted to get rid of. In October 2010 I heard the two most motivating words in the whole world – “I’m pregnant!” Now getting rid of the debt wasn’t desired, it was required.
I’d always said I would only want to bring a child into the world when I was able to afford it, so I wanted to get myself in gear and sort out my debt. Most people can make a few cuts (reduce your shopping bill, drive less, go out less, reduce phone tariff or TV subscriptions for example) and nowadays even earning a little extra isn’t beyond most people thanks to overtime, eBay and small side businesses.
Once I knew my income and outgoings, I knew exactly how much I left had left over for debt repayment. During this time I couldn’t afford to save a penny, literally all of my spare cash went on paying this debt. When it comes to debt repayment, you can go with a low interest rate loan and consolidate all of your existing outgoings into one. I think psychologically it’s really helpful if you can pay off chunks more regularly than with a single monthly payment.
I closed down my two old credit card accounts, meaning I then had 3 debts to attack – my overdraft, my combined credit card and my car loan.
I was full-time employed, but I starting taking on some personal training clients out of working hours.
Thanks to my work, I had all kinds of promotional gym t-shirts and bits of exercise equipment that I didn’t need.
Making cuts is one thing, but combine that with a little extra income and you’ll double the benefit. Even if you have no ‘sellable’ skills such as a trade, you can offer things like dog walking, ironing services etc. My personal training business started off relatively slowly, but by the end of the year it was giving me around ?400 per month of extra income which was a massive help when it came to clearing my debts.
By shifting more of the debt onto credit card, I would make a payment every time I came into some money via an eBay sale or a client payment.
I didn’t really trust myself at the time to not spend any additional funds, so it was a case of as soon as the money hit the bank, it was sent right out again on a payment. Not many people know this, but banks will often offer a ‘settlement fee’ for a loan if you pay it in one go. Clearing my debt inspired a nod towards minimalism in my life and a total change in what makes me happy.

Now even in this age of modern technologies, nothing says I Love You like 100 stalks of roses. In the study conducted by psychologists in France, it has been discovered that women are more receptive to a man’s advances when there are flowers involved.
For the study, five attractive young men were tasked with approaching 600 women (yes, 600!) on the street. What was probably interesting to note was that these men were more likely to be successful in getting a woman’s digits if there were flowers around even if the ladies were not the intended recipients. Super talented crochet artist Joy Kampia has a wealth of food inspired dresses and outfits on her official website, but this hamburger dress is easily the best. By day he can be found working at Quirk Books, promoting awesome books, and by night, he can be found writing them.
Unless prohibited by local law, these Terms of Service shall be governed by the internal substantive laws of the Country of Jersey, without respect to its conflict of laws principles. I suppose you could say I fell into the modern financial trap of ‘don’t save and wait, just borrow the money and buy it now’. It was spent on things moving expenses (I moved nearly 400 miles for a new job), a car loan, a computer, home furniture etc. I didn’t like the feeling of owing so much money to the bank and credit card companies and didn’t want to feel as though I was working simply to pay off debt. I’d looked around at the financial advice sites and felt none of them were ideal for my situation.
My income figure was from my paid work only – it didn’t include money I made on eBay, any birthday money etc.
I was offered this when I spoke to my bank, but opted against it because it didn’t allow flexibility in repayment and would keep me in debt for years.
It also allows you to take advantage of extra cash you get your hands on (birthday money, work bonuses, eBay sales for example).
I then combined both of my existing credit cards onto one and started throwing as much money as I could at it.
This was a great way to bring in extra money (and eventually led to me leaving my job and going self-employed a year later, but that’s another story). I started selling these on eBay and managed to make ?400 over the course of 3 months, which helped me to clear some of my credit card debt. The problem I had with my overdraft is that I thought of it as money in the bank, when it wasn’t.
I took it from ?1,500 to ?1,000 on payday and made sure I was very careful for the rest of the month (that month I paid less off my credit card, rather than the large overpayment I usually made) and then got rid of it completely over the following three months by taking a similar approach.
There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m the kind of person who likes to make repeated progress, even if it’s small.
Importantly I didn’t ever see this money as my own – it all went straight on paying off my debt. Debt’ mindset, rather than just making sure I had money in the bank to pay my loan every month.
I removed temptation immediately, a strategy I recommend for anyone, including my personal training clients when it comes to unhealthy food!
I tried to pay off at least ?30 per week on top of my monthly bill payment by exercising a little stricter financial discipline.

I called the bank and asked them for a settlement fee if I paid it all in one go – they gave me a figure of around ?4,400, so ?900 off the loan!
The card had a ?5,000 limit with 0% interest on purchases, so used that to pay off the loan and close the loan account.
By adding the ?4,400 card loan to the credit card I still had ?4,700 of debt, but it was interest free and I could pay it off as quickly as I was able. I know this sounds like a lot of money, but just by cutting back on certain things (reducing Sky TV package, mobile phone package, cycling more than driving, shopping more sensibly and taking food to work rather than buying lunch) I was saving around ?120 per month.
I have far more control over my spending and an appreciation of good use of money as opposed to simply spending without purpose. Admit it, there’s a romantic surrealism about receiving a bouquet of beautiful blooms from a loved one.
Blame it on modern day romantics who get the notion that flowers equal romance from all the love stories played out on the big screen. Each one of them have to introduce himself, compliment the lady on her looks and ask for her number so he could invite her out for a drink. The men were more likely to have a one-in-four success rate if the conversation takes place in front of a florist as opposed to a shoe shop (one in 10) or cake shop (one in seven).
Though I’m sure the gals at Open Source Cupcakes would dispute that, what with this pasty inspired donut necklace. Unless prohibited by local law, any claim or dispute between you and this website that arises in whole or in part from this Website shall be decided exclusively by a court of competent jurisdiction located in the country of Jersey. The kind of debt that you can dress up worthwhile, but at the end of the day, all debt is still a drain on your financial resources. The bank suggested a consolidation loan, but that would have just kept me in debt for longer – their approach would have tied me in to a loan for 5 years. You have to exercise some very strict financial discipline and understand the money that comes in, the money that goes out and look at where you can make further cuts. The banks like to recommend this solution because it allows them to make more money from you in interest.
It also meant that when I did make the monthly payment it went further towards paying off the debts. Some posts on this site may be written by guest authors and may include links to external content. Back in the day, flowers were probably the only way to go about in a courtship, how else would a man tell a woman he’s interested and looking to make her his wife?
I developed personally, ending the process far with a far more mature attitude to money and purchasing in general. The results confirm the effect of exposure to flowers on receptivity to romantic request,” the research reports.

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