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Los que fuimos de cowboys llevabamos prendas de nuestros armarios, solo compramos sombreros, y pistolas. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Students will use various common photo editing features and tools including the cropping tool to crop their headshot, the magic wand and eraser tools to remove the background from the headshot picture, and the layers feature to place the headshot on top of the background layer. Valuable: The bed (left) - featuring oak wood and intricate carvings (right) - was sold at auction for just A?2,200 after being dumped in a hotel car park in Chester. The impressive item was created for the marriage of the first Tudor King and his wife, Elizabeth of York, on January 18, 1486, according to the Sunday Times.
Born at Greenwich Palace in 1491, Henry VIII was the third child and second son of Henry VII and his wife. King: The bed was created for the marriage of the first Tudor King, Henry VII (pictured left and right) and his wife, Elizabeth of York, on January 18, 1486.
Portrayal: Under Henry VIII's reign, England split from Rome and the Royal Navy built up a fleet of about 50 ships. The bed is not the only historical royal artefact to have been discovered abandoned or hidden in England. I met up with my friend Rebecca for coffee the other day and we had a hilarious discussion on vision boards.
The law of attraction is simple – whatever you project energetically or put your energy towards whether that be positive or negative you will attract.

The vision board therefore, is to help our brains recognize what it is we want to make true in our lives. Get Specific – Anyone can post some pictures of wads of cash, or sports cars but where is the motivation in that (not to mention that’s just shallow)?
Make it a Celebration: Grab a glass (or bottle) of wine and turn on some music that you love.
I will be in LA this week at a Tony Robbins Conference (woo!) but when I get back I’m going to make one killer vision board. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. A It is highly likely that the couple's son, Henry, was conceived in the bed - meaning the item may have a physical link to the beginning of the Tudor dynasty.
Meanwhile, a Victorian furniture restorer's diary has suggested that the bed was at Lathom when it was damaged during a siege in 1644.Mr Foyle said he had proved that the item was not the work of Victorian revivalists by reflecting on the Tudors' belief that they had been chosen by God to save England from civil war. Jonathan Foyle, chief executive of World Monuments Fund Britain, has been trying to prove the artefact's historical roots since 2010.
Last year, the battle-scarred skeleton of Richard III was discovered by archaeologists in a car park in Leicester.And earlier this year, explorers found a piece of a pelvis that could belong to Alfred the Great in the grounds of Hyde Abbey in Winchester.
It could be words, pictures, places, material things -all put together on a poster board or electronically made into a single image. However, there are a few tips and items you should considering incorporating into your board.
I’m going to let go of the fear of failure, and embrace my future with passion, desire and the expectation that those things will become reality.

De paso os quiero dar algunas ideas de como disfrazarse o decorar una fiesta de este tipo, aunque ya hace tiempo que hable de ello mientras os mostraba las fotos de una fiesta de Katy Perry. The purpose of a vision board is to realize your future, and to activate the law of attraction and move from day dreaming to living your dreams.
A vision board is simply to help set our intentions for the way we want to live, and for our brains to pick up on that and make it happen. If you are sick, then gravitate towards pictures that are of people healthy, active, smiling, and well. Make this a really fun experience and let go of any expectations of what it should be, and ask yourself what it could be. He has traced it back to 1495, when Henry VII went to Lathom in Lanchashire to see the Stanley family, who had helped him to victory in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Let go of those generic images, and find what makes your dream different than everyone else’s.
As you flip through the magazines, see what makes your heart race or evokes an emotional response and rip that out.

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