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But I’ve always decided to keep my laughter at this image personal, quite and only behind my own doors. The message conveyed by this picture, which features a brown skinned Black girl crying for hair like the lovely Tracee Ellis Ross, is at the heart of many of the issues that prevent Black women from loving the hair they have.
Many of us with kinky hair spend hours of our lives searching for youtube videos of women with looser, “definable” curls and yearn for the day we find a product that will make our nappy hair look more like mixed girl hair. There is, after all, a reason that some of the highest rated youtube natural hair videos feature multi racial women with hair that could never be described as anything close to kinky or nappy.
There are reasons why natural hair stylists bemoan the fact that many natural heads come to the salon looking for miracles that will transform their kinky, nappy strands into hair that is…neither kinky nor nappy.
A lot of girls who grew up believing that they had “bad” hair (or a very tight, coily or kinky curl pattern) spent their early years longing for “good” hair (or hair closer to the texture of Europeans) that could blow in the wind… Many of us grow up wishing we had lighter brown skin – often times regardless of how light or dark brown our actual skin color already was. I have vivid memories of coming home from church on Sundays and my sister and I would put our crinoline slips or stockings on our heads.
That’s why I was elated to see this video response to the image from Tracee Ellis Ross where she calls for a “hair love” campaign. At the same time I don’t want you to want my hair…and the reason I don’t want you to want my hair is I’m of the school of love what you got…For me, the reason my hair was such a battle is because I was trying to make it something it wasn’t. And if you are a Black woman (or man) who wants something better for our kids than what we had then you owe it to yourself, your sisters, your mothers, your aunties, your grandmas, your children, nieces, nephews, husbands, uncles, grandpas and everyone else in your family and community to challenge these beliefs whenever they rear their ugly heads. I’ll be discussing this issue more in depth at my book release event on June 30, 2013 (click here for details). Ava- you are totally missing the point, as I may take it that you do not have kinky curly hair and are ignorant on the subject matter with your whimsical response. I can still remember how much it hurt my mom combed (pulled the curls out of) my hair every morning before leaving the house.
When I was little I wanted straight hair then at 5 my mom permed my hair and I was happy then I wanted curly fro hair but my mom always told me my hair was bad so I never went natural .
I have always loved Tracie Ellie Ross and her hair but I never felt I should have her hair I already have my gorgeous hair . I believe that we wanted that simplicity of management when it comes to dealing with our hair, but most likely if you were born in America you are not fully black. Now you can believe in this stigma lie if you want too, but I like to believe in the truth.
Charming and cute hairstyles for girls will not only make them attractive but also make it very easy for them to manage their hair.
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Elegantly done hairstyle with sweet looking long layers and loose curly ends gives a cute and attractive look. Shoulder length straight hair looks attractive and stylish with beautiful blonde highlights. Elegantly tied-up hair with a long pigtail running across the forehead gives a stunning and attractive look.
This stunning hairstyle with beautiful tied-up bun and lovely side swept front fringe is a perfect choice for formal occasions. Lovely brown highlights accentuate beautiful straight blonde hair to give it a glamorous and elegant look. Make heads turn in fascination with this beautiful hairstyle that has lovely thick curls covering the hair. Neatly tied-up hair with stylish side swept front bangs will make you stand out from the rest. Steal the show with this trendy hairstyle that has unusual hair accessories decorating the hair.

Super cool and stylish, this stunning straight hairstyle will make you look gorgeous and attractive. This simple yet stylish hairstyle is extremely easy to style and is perfect for college girls. Short shoulder length brown hair looks gorgeous and extraordinary with beautiful red color at the hair ends. Beautiful straight silky hair with perfectly trimmed edges is sure to make heads turn in admiration. This classic short bob hairstyle with razor trimmed hair ends is a perfect choice for young girls. This ultra-stylish short hairstyle will give you an on-the-ramp look that is sure to make you look extraordinary. With a combination of different layers throughout the hair, this hairstyle has lots of texture and it frames the face beautifully. Lovely wavy blonde hair with beautiful brown highlights gives a cute and charming look to Hilary Duff’s face. Lovely straight hair with long side swept front bangs frames the face beautifully giving it an elegant look.
Beautiful Selena Gomez’s hair looks gorgeous with jagged edges and heavy bangs that are cut beautifully to frame her face. Beautiful shoulder length bob with subtle layers through the edges gives a soft look and frames the face elegantly. Make a bold style statement with this stunning red hair that is covered with lots of lovely waves.
You can blame it on everyone’s favorite Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen, for the surge in popularity of white blonde hair. There are subtle variations to white blonde hair from the purest, snowy white to those with a slight gray undertone. If you can’t totally give up your rainbow hair, incorporate two trends into one look with this white to vibrant blue ombre look.
Pretty much any hairstyle will work with your white hair but you should definitely make sure to try this retro victory roll hairstyle. Click the next page to see more white dye jobs that will make you want to bleach your hair.
And we’d be lying if we didn’t recognize that instead of transcending this hierarchy in the natural hair movement – many naturals have unconsciously adopted, embraced and even perpetuated this way of thinking. We tied them on with belts or string so that the soft material could brush against our shoulders the way we imagined straight long hair did.
It’s about recognizing that until we change the thoughts that are in our heads it will be very challenging to embrace the hair that is on our heads. Ross ends her video by calling for participants in a Hair Love campaign (details on how you can participate below). If you are a woman (or man) of African descent you are being targeted with messages that tell us we will never be good enough until we look whiter or have straighter hair.
Hair and color are so intertwined in our collective experience that I’m looking forward to sharing excerpts of my book that directly address these topics. She is a troll from lipstick alley who posted this article on that site to get folks worked up. Texture is still a huge factor but for a lot of women, the combo of having both length AND texture seems to be the goal for a lot of Naturals. Women who wanted longer and looser curls wanted them because you were considered to be more beautiful.
Then I lost my home, my car, my job, I also lost a large portion of hair on one side of my hair.

Hair isn’t that big of a deal compared to real goals like jobs and education and building a financially secure future. A perfect hairstyle gives a boost to your personality and makes you elegant and attractive.
Be it the classic braids, tied-up bun, long flowing free-hair, short pixie or bob, any hairstyle will look gorgeous on girls if it is done in a right way. Emilia Clarke may wear a wig on Games Of Thrones but that isn’t going to stop everyone from bleaching their hair to achieve that perfect white hair color.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Because despite the fact that it’s hilarious at first glance, the message it sends is one of the most potentially harmful circulating within the Black community. It will be difficult to convince our children that they should love the skin they are in and the hair that they wear if so many of us are secretly nursing the desire for hair closer to the kind of hair that grows from our White sisters’ heads. And because of that I was damaging my hair, trying to beat it into submission, trying to make it something it wasn’t, trying to make it slip into my face unconsciously.
All you have to do is go to youtube and upload a video that describes your hair in 5 words or less, and explain why you love it.
Imagine the love little Black girls and boys may feel when there are thousands of videos on the net describing how awesome Black hair is? For way too many years Black women straightened their hair and then permed their hair to fit the media image of beauty.
Everybody else know that we are mixed except us, because of the racists teaching of being full black, when there is no such thing.
There are different types of hairstyles available today and you can choose a hairstyle depending upon your hair type, environment and convenience.
With beautiful highlights, lovely layers and cute curls, cute hairstyles look special and are sure to make girls stand out from the rest.
Naturally, my sister was also impacted by these messages and despite the fact that relatively speaking, she already had “good” hair, in our childhood games she wanted hers to be straighter too.
I was trying to do all of those things to it and as a result I was ruining and damaging the hair that I was given.
Many of us still buy into a default pattern of thinking that strives to be “just as good as” our White brothers and sisters. So for women who had curly kinky hair they were faced with the idea of not being valued by not seeing images of them in the media. Now I just want a healthy head of hair that won’t end up on my pillow, and will cover my bald spot. While ever other ethnicities acknowlges me in public, blacks or Browns act as though I will rob the or ignore me all together for the most part. I do like the fact that there are more products for curly kinky hair and no one cares about Tracee’s hair, seriously.
Many people prefer a simple yet stylish hairstyle that requires least amount of maintenance and styling. Unless you’re okay with rocking visible roots you have to prepared for frequent trips to the salon and lots of deep conditioning treatments. But, many women with curly kinky hair do not have a choice when it comes to length, especially if they want to wear it out.

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