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La pelicula esta muy bien, entretenida, solo al final no queda claro como se resuelve el tema cuando parece que matara a aquella que cree ver. Buena 6 de 10, falla un poco en lss interpretaciones, parecen muy superfluos los dialogos , pero entretiene. Register so you can check out ratings by your friends, family members, and like-minded members of the FA community of users. According to Dianne Glasgow, family and child specialist with the Louisiana State University, having imaginary friends can be beneficial and healthy for children, and can result in adults having a healthier emotional state. As children, many people can recall holding tea parties or playing games with their imaginary friends. It is in these formations that children may be setting up the ground work for a more stable emotional state in the future. Danielle McMonagle, a sophomore at Villanova University, admits that growing up she had her own host of imaginary friends that were seamlessly adopted by the rest of her family; her sisters actually shared some of these non-real friends.

Sarah Carpenter, a senior at Boston College, did not have her own imaginary friends but did interact with her younger sister’s, Elizabeth, imaginary friend, named Hunnybun, growing up. Glasgow would find Carpenter’s experience understandable but slightly atypical, as children who are the oldest sibling or an only child are more prone to developing imaginary friends. Whether one has imaginary friend or older siblings, or a combination of the two relationships, statistics and personal accounts prove that social interaction improves the ability to interact socially. Still, Carpenter said that she is wary to attribute her sister’s ability to make real-life friends directly to the presence of Hunnybun, but rather as a reflection of having older siblings. A member of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was shot early Monday morning.
Su infancia fue tan traumatica al lado de un padre despota y autoritario que, para consolarse, se invento una amiga imaginaria El problema es que esa amiga sigue estando presente en su vida adulta.
Si te ha gustado el tema de la pelicula, te invitamos a que le eches un ojo al genero thriller disponible en gnula.

But in adulthood, the days of spending time with our imagined phantoms are seldom spoken about — however, according to studies, those who conjured up imaginary friends as children may be more emotionally sound than those who did not. Certain personality traits, like being more outgoing, were things I aspired to be, and made sure that my imaginary friends succeeded at acquiring these traits. As such, these children do not have readily available playmates or peers in a sibling and so imaginary friends serve as means to practice social interactions. Growing up, I always felt a little more mature than most people my age, and actually often continue to feel that way now. Like I did as a child, I still have my reservations, but definitely feel much more confident in approaching new people and creating friendships, ” McMonagle said.

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