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On last week’s episode Cristina enlisted Meredith to help her prepare an acceptance speech for her possible Harper Avery win and while Owen offered to attend the ceremony with her, she insisted on going alone. Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 10 episode 21 at 9 PM EST! Still, that’s didn’t stop him from trying to convince April to stay and discuss their problems. Cristina and Meredith try to figure out if Cristina should tell Burke that she's pregnant right before Cristina faces an emergency.
In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith would be better off wearing boxing gloves than surgical ones. Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. I think Cristina was very tactful and accurate with what she said to Mer about her work not being as good since her focus has changed to parenting. In my opinion, they’re just making them fight so that the public can deal with the fact that Sandra is leaving the show. I feel like you should blame Cristina, I mean yeah Mer was kind of a bitch about the whole thing, but Cristina started it with her whole bitchy comment about Mer not being a great surgeon.
Even when Cris was saying what she was saying, I never imagined that it would become what it has. I wonder if it will be revealed that Meredith was more bothered by Cristina’s abortion than she let on. For arguments sake lets say she made a proposal to the board and they let her make what she needed, when it failed the first time and they did not meet the schedule THEY (yang and ross) made it would have been over, the board would have said too ad it goes back to the purpose it was purchased for.
The precedent here is wrong, it was purchased for a reason and even if it managed to get to he first attempt and failed it would NEVER get past that. In “Change of Heart,” the doctors get bad news from Jackson, Amelia unexpectedly visits Seattle; Richard tries to surprise Catherine and Bailey makes tough decision.
Meanwhile, Derek felt overwhelmed between his responsibilities at home and at the hospital.
While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season so far. He said they’ll be looking into the research projects and soon they’re going to start cutting certain ones that haven’t proved their worth. The patient she was going to use as part of her trial has parents that are a little bit unwilling of pushing their son further.
He wanted to give her a romantic surprise, but Catherine thought he came out to ask about Cristina. The reason that’s not an option for her is that she works at a hospital co-owned by the foundation.
She died in the OR and her parents, who gave Cristina the choice to decide between their children, are quick to blame their doctor. The board wasn’t happy about cutting research projects though they’re merely going to have to accept it.  Then he went home to find April collecting her ipod.
He said they needed to work it out and that they shouldn’t be fighting over hypothetical children. Not only does she get — as the episode’s title suggests — the “Two Against One” treatment from Alex and Stephanie in the OR, but Cristina and Ross… well, keep reading. The fancypants 3D printer that she needs for her research has arrived, and she’s used it to make — ta-da! We now have Meredith willing to let a child die because she’d lose 1 day in her research? Plus Cristina stealing the 3D printer was messed up, yeah it was to save that kid but its still but that doesn’t make it acceptable. Don’t you think that it would be 1000x times worse to let go if this was her best season of all times? The fact is that the printer was purchased for the purpose of Meredith’s research and most likely funded by the grant.

She failed again after that and wanted more time, the same thing it wouldn’t go past that if it got there. Although I have not liked him very much up to season 10, first evidences have made him a very good character! Most important for Christina: In the status that she is in now, she does need a companion, and not a teacher as a boyfriend (Burke) nor a patient (Hunt).
Sweet April who wanted to pass along a sympathetic message to Cristina.  However April is an Avery through her marriage to Jackson so Meredith tried to warn her away and when that didn’t work – she cut April left, right, and sideways. Braden Morris has been through so much already that his mother just wants to take him home.
She freezes during surgery and becomes so paranoid that the patient will contract an infection that Ben is forced to fib to Jo so his wife won’t seem as crazy as she is. Should Mer and Cristina have already kissed and made up by now — if not for the sake of their friendship, then for the sake of the board and their patients? I know drama is necessary in a show like this, but the twisted sisters has always been a highlight for the show for me, and Shonda is just ruining this season with their petty fights. They should thank her for doing it this way because it would be worse to have things happy, giddy and lovey dovey up within these groups up until the season finale. As such since there are deadlines to meet for the research she would be allowed to use it and not Christina. I’m sure it is good for Sandra Oh, to have her character turn a bit darker I guess, but by next week’s promo, it looks like she will also turn on Callie as well as Meredith? She will be married to the manly of the house and he’ll want boys to be named after his father, take his family name and spread his seed. And with Shane, she has a person that is ambitious as she and still she does not have to look up to him (Burke) or that she has to take care of (Hunt).
He has not expressed enough guilt over the death of Heather (which should have been him – and I wish it had been!) and now he’s a shark! I was excited when he started to express his guilt and atone for the wrongs he did by taking care of the old, homeless woman, but is that really all we’re going to get? The McNeil child still needed a lifesaving surgery so now wasn’t time for Cristina to be playing hide and seek. They disagreed on religion and children so the Harper Avery award is just one more argument for them. To her it sounded like that not only did they deny Cristina the award, but they also wanted to take her research project away as well. He’s seen this other side to her and he realized he doesn’t want to be attached it for the rest of his life. He told her how she won and also how she could never accept her award despite being the best as long as she was attached to the hospital. Not to mention the work that went into the grant proposals and research documents to get the money and backing for the machine and project in the first place. Then she and everyone else who watches this show would have to listen to wailing and whining all summer. What Shonda is doing is deconstructing the fabric of their relationship and it’s lazy writing. Had been established in this show from the very beginning that Christina is an outstanding doctor, a gifted doctor. Yang needs to be suspended at this point as does Ross for talking to an attending in that manner so disrespectfully.. Of course we have to see next week but I feel that Shonda is showing a good side to Christina, one that is the same ambitious Yang we always seen and actually a good teacher to Shane.
Luckily she realized that before it was too late and arrived in time to do the surgery herself rather than pass it along to another doctor.
Frankie’s body is rejecting her heart transplant while the other two are still awaiting treatment. As always, Martha (Susan Sullivan) is milling around in the background, though she’s relegated to a few snappy one-liners this time around.

Later, at Ross’ urging, Cristina asks Mer if they can use her printer to save a baby’s life. Meredith has every right to take her work seriously and it was unfair that Cristina let Ross shrug Meredith’s work off like it was nothing. Meredith was lousy at preparing the surgery they were supposed to had, and tried to used the mom card. Meredith was acting like a child but the machine was purchased with fund she received for RESEARCH meaning it MUST be a priority for that research or should the research be able to be put on hold again if another person come in after that, well is saving a life so screw her research right? And he seems to evolve from that, by making the decision to NOT follow on Dereks neuro-track, knowing that he would be second choise, only first choise after the death of Dereks real 1st choise. Last, but certainly not least, is Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) ex-wife, Meredith (Darby Stanchfield). Well, Yang got to use it and it can be used for Ortho so I guess they can use it too since we have to be fair and Meredith can put off the research since its just one day right?
Don’t vilanize a couple of bad calls everyone has their bad day as we see this episode with Meredith and next episode with Callie.
He saves Rhichards life, by deciding over his head, first time not being the cower, but deciding for everybodies good. Oh, and someone was murdered, but that mostly happens in the background.The thing about Richard Castle is that while he’s one of the finest male specimens on display on network television, he’s more Peter Pan than Jean Valjean. But no, she is turning the back to the one person that saved her husband life in the most impossible situation, among other thing. If Sandra Oh leaves without their fight being resolved they can count me out of the GA fan club!
That’s what makes characters dynamic, how they adapt to sticky situations comes with the package. Granted, he was put in a sticky situation between girlfriend and ex-wife, but most guys who don’t want to end up sleeping on the couch would’ve sided with the girlfriend from the beginning.Young boys are cute because they’ll do just about anything to please mama – or a pretty girl – however, when they grow into men who waffle in order to please everyone, it’s just plain annoying. Each time Castle has the opportunity to put things right, he folds.Exhibit B is his overkill in the charm department. While Castle could probably charm Eskimos into buying an ice machine, he lays it on a little too thick for Kate in this episode. Then she gives him a chance to come through for her, but when he doesn’t, she gives up on relying on him to find a solution. Ok, and they had freaking Lainie kazan on and they gave her like a minute of screen time???
Obviously, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt since Meredith left out that itty-bitty detail about her affair coming between them, but she does strike a note of truth. Even fans who have been granted the wider perspective could write novels based on what they know of Beckett’s past, but they’d be hard-pressed to get beyond a paragraph or two about Castle without delving into speculation. By the way, we have already seen Leah and Arizona in more intimate situations than Calzona has had since S6.
Michelle Toughey made her living representing women in high-stakes divorce cases and was murdered for being far too thorough.
At first, the man pictured above and played by the delightful Melrose Place alum Jack Wagner is the focus of the investigation as he’s believed to have killed his wife while boating.
After a few interviews with some highly volatile folks and a nice chase scene for Ryan (Seamus Deaver) and Espisito (Jon Huertas), the team discovers that the wife staged her own death and enlisted the husband of one of Michelle’s current clients to help her make a clean getaway. Ah, the best laid plans!As for the episode as a whole – it does a decent job of showing the audience how far Castle and Beckett have come, while raising plenty of new issues for them to sift through in the remainder of the season.

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