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Readiness is All is the twenty-third episode of the ninth season and the 195th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy. The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital prepare for a super storm heading towards Seattle. Outside the hospital, Owen is telling maintenance workers what they should do to protect the hospital from the upcoming storm. Alex reveals to Derek that he needed him to help him with Jason Myers, who's in a hospital bed suffering from a severe head injury. Next to his dad's bed, Ethan is informed by Owen on what will happen if his father doesn't wake up. Owen and Ben are talking about Bailey when Leah comes by with the maintenance worker, who's carrying the tool. The patient can't be moved to a patient room to cut the bars, because already under and to unstable.
Meredith approaches Derek, who's kicked out of his OR, to tell him she's kicked out of her OR too, but Derek supports Owen decision when he hears about the danger. While going through the charts, Shane makes it clear to Bailey he would like to operate, as he seems to think he's a losing bet every since Derek kicked him off his service. Jo explains that she fought off Jason when he grabbed her and that he hit his head on the fireplace. Derek's almost done with the surgery and reminds Brooks to be confident when he asks her to check for leaks.
April, who's stockpiling supplies, is telling Jackson how Owen is actively keeping her from surgery. Alex and Cristina are worried about Meredith and the baby, but she assures them she's fine. Outside his room, Cristina tells Owen that Paul woke up and that he's fine, while they watch Paul cuddle with his son. As the storm rages over Seattle, Heather tells Derek she has rounded on his entire service. Cristina tells Meredith Owen seems more disappointed in her now she managed to wake up Paul, and she also says that she knows Owen got close to the kid. Callie, Meredith, and Derek are preparing a lounge in the hospital to spend the night there. Meredith Grey Cristina Yang Alex Karev Miranda Bailey Richard Webber Callie Torres Owen Hunt Arizona Robbins April Kepner Jackson Avery Derek Shepherd Lauren Boswell Connie Ryan Ben Warren Paramedic Matthew Taylor Jason Myers Jo Wilson Shane Ross Heather Brooks Stephanie Edwards Leah Murphy Nancy Dawson Paul Dawson and Ethan Dawson Leon Maintenance Worker Ethan Dawson Tyler's Mom and Dad Paramedic Nicole Paramedic Nurse Ruth Owen, Meredith, Dr. To save you from going through that dizzying hell all over again, I'm going to recap the two parts separately.
First of all, I can't believe we didn't get to see the heart-to-heart between Richard and Addison when she told him she needed a leave of absence; I feel like Richard sees Addy as a little sister, and I wish we could have heard what he had to say. Speaking of Derek, Meredith informs him that now is not the time to give up on her; since drowning, she says, she wants to be a better person. Cristina, meanwhile, runs into the Attack of the Wedding-Planning Mothers when both her mom and Burke's show up. Meanwhile, Izzie has a breakdown with George, once again whining that it's unfair that she's losing her best friend. Finally, Ava tells Alex she's frustrated by not having anything to say to her baby; she can't even remember what life is like outside Seattle Grace. So really, the only thing that I was still loving on Grey's was Addison and Bailey, and now Addison might be getting her own show (which I so didn't enjoy - way too neurotic)? I think Private Practice looks like such a horrible show, me and my sister were getting so frustrated and kept screaming at the tv it was just so horrible and I didn't tune in to watch that. My biggest complaint about last nights show was the fact that Meredith was the one to tell her father that Susan had died.
Like most everyone else, I hated the intertwining of plot lines last night; I struggled to connect to either show.
Well, initially I did not like the "spinoff" but by the end of the dizzying 2 hours, I did find myself wanting to know what will happen to these people. This week on Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 16) Aria is down with the flu, and Spencer surprises Toby for their anniversary.
Last night's PLL was a game changer in the show, as Spencer finally clues in that her boyfriend Toby is not who he says he is.It's their anniversary and Spencer wants to do something special for him, but she's not the only lady in his life - we see Mona telling him that she wants the liars to know exactly who's still in charge. This week Aria was down with the flu, so strangely since bonding last time Meredith decides to step up to the plate and take of her, but Meredith has her own reasons for wanting to be near Aria, like severely drugging the sick liar! In a throwaway line sometime in the night Emily mentions that it feels like there's an army of A's - getting warmer! He tells them to discharge patients that can be discharged and to push, postpone or cancel all elective procedures.
While walking, April tells Leah to have the hallways cleared as people will be coming looking for shelter.
They say they can't grind the metal bars, as the room is filled with oxygen and the sparks will cause an explosion.
They find out they're both control freaks and they're sharing a laugh when Jackson comes in too, putting a stop to their flirting.
Ben comes up with a plan to make it work: taking out the oxygen tanks in the OR, manually hyperventilate to get the patient to 100% O2, then cutting the bars, stop doing so when the patient runs out of air, ventilate again, cut again, and so on. He then tells her to check with Karev because he brought in a half to death beaten friend with a brain bleed. Owen and Callie tell him they need to give her time, as Cristina and Arizona went through something similar. Cristina asks his honest opinion, and he says he thinks the surgery did more harm than good.

He tells her she should scrub in on a surgery when the Chief of Surgery asks her to, but she replies he's not the Chief anymore and not her boss either. Owen is visibly disappointed and tells her to get them ready to transfer them to Seattle Pres. Matthew comes over, and asks him to thank Owen for him because he kept April off surgery all day, so he wouldn't miss his one shot. Lauren asks if they have back-up generators in the hospital, and Arizona assures her they do.
Our very special "Grey's Anatomy" aired last night, advancing things for our doctors at Seattle Grace and offering a glimpse of what could become "Private Practice" if ABC picks up the show for the fall. Instead, all we got was Richard telling Mark that Addison had left for a while "to be happy and free." Gag me.
Somehow she ends up asking Callie to be a bridesmaid, which, naturally, just thrills Izzie.
He and George end up sharing their wedding woes, with George admitting he didn't think his own marriage through in advance. The doctors discover she needs surgery to stop bleeding in her brain, and Ava becomes convinced that the procedure will bring her memory back. I am usually checking the time during Grey's because I am worried it is almost over, but last night I was checking because I just wanted to go to bed. That should have never happened, Richard or Miranda should have stepped in to be the one to tell Thatcher. I mean he hit the nail on the head, I mean I don't know how many of you have ever unexpectedly heard one of your most loved ones has died, but damn he got it..
He has turned into this awful selfish character, and Izzie reaalllly needs to get a grip and make better life decisions. Read the Kidzworld Recap of “Misery Loves Company” which aired January 22nd, 2013 to discover what you missed! Spencer decides to plan a romantic dinner but fools Toby by telling him she has another dinner to go to, and even though he still has time to push a load of mannequins in Corin's store into Hanna and send a threatening text, he doesn't get his timing quite right when he goes back to the Hastings house to find something. Emily and Hanna spy her having trouble refilling a prescription for sleeping meds, she apparently was the one who anxious to get her hands on Ali's diary. While Spencer was busy having the worst romantic anniversary in the history of television and Aria was finding out that Meredith is not so sweet, Hanna and Emily were doing snooping of their own.
Owen tells her about the storm that's coming in 3 days and gives her the disaster preparedness protocol. Richard realizes he's the only one who can't help Bailey because of what she overheard him saying in a previous episode.
Robbins are informing Tyler's parents (the baby with his brain on his face) about the surgery they'll be performering on their baby boy.
Meredith wants to know why he's asking, but Owen tells her to forget it and gets out of the elevator.
They arrive at the ambulance and the paramedic tells them their patient is a construction worker, who was blown off a building by the strong winds and got impaled by three iron construction bars. April instructs to cut the bars as short as possible to minimize the damage when they're pulled out.
Richard comes over and tells her Hunt needs her in the OR, but she says she's too busy with the charts. Stephanie comes in with an update on Paul Dawson, and she gets worried when she sees Jo's injured face. She then asks for his help and shows him a scan of Paul Dawson, asking if the thing she saw earlier could be a blood clot they missed. When she's gone, Jackson tells Arizona Lauren is a kind of person that makes you believe you can do anything. Arizona and Lauren walk out of the room, and Lauren asks her to show her to an on-call room. Alex threatens Jason by saying that if Jason decides to put the story out there, people like Meredith and Cristina, his friends who own the hospital, will only hear the part of him hitting his girl. Mark lays into Alex for making Addison leave, then confesses to Derek that he caught Addison breaking the 60-day rule. All of the girls wind up in a bridal shop, and Cristina (dressed in a tornado of lace and tulle) confronts Burke: "What happened to our small ceremony? You would think that after losing her fiance like she did, she would value life more and not want to ruin someone elses. Spencer finds his Radley ID, and asks him if he dropped anything - cat's out of the bag, and Toby gets an unforgettable slap before Spencer has a total meltdown. We also get a drugged Aria seeing a vision of Ali that points again toward her being not as gone as we might think. Hanna sees Caleb on a phone call that he weirdly lies about, so she asks Emily to follow him and find out what he's up to (suspicion on the boyfriends is high this week!) When she follows Caleb out of a coffee shop she sees he's with Paige - and guess what? Meanwhile, Jo looks to Alex for help in a moment of crisis, and one doctor gets the shock of her life. After an unsuccessful try with a bone cutter, the patient himself names a specific tool that will do. They send everybody out, except for Callie, who stays to hold the bars steady, and April, who stays to irrigate the metal while cutting, because the metal will heat up while cutting. Derek says it is and goes to back to teaching Heather, asking her how they could've missed it. I don't know if he's dumb enough or loyal enough to take the fall for you, but he just might be," Meredith says. Meredith asks what he would've done if he got to Jason's house first, asking if Jason wouldn't have been worse if he had.
Lauren explains she likes to stay close in the first night post-op in case anything happens.

He also assures him that even if he decides to leave, that part of the story will also arrive where he's going before he gets there himself. We just knew, you know, Derek knew first of course, because he's Derek, and it took me a little longer, because I was scared.
Matthew walks out and Bailey comes over, grabs the marker pen and writes hers and Shane's name on the board.
Lauren teasingly tells they should be happy to have her back at some point then, and Arizona tells her that that would be great.
The awkward, back-and-forth structure kept me from enjoying — or even concentrating on — either one.
The newest wedge between them comes from yet another tragedy for Mere: Susan shows up in the hospital with hiccups that won't stop (does anyone believe for a second that she'd really go to the free clinic?).
Burke: "I'm still hoping it's possible just to love one person." In the end, Cristina gets a dress — it's too tight and she can't breathe but a wedding's just one day, right? Alex takes her outside so she can feel fresh air again and tells her that a lot of people would kill to have a blank slate like she does.
I think the writers of Grey's Anatomy need to really sit down and think about what they are writing before they commit to a story line. Byron reveals to his daughter that he did in fact see Ali that night, but that it was just a brief meeting, do we believe him? They don't want to take a backseat to Team A anymore, they've decided to team up and try to take A down.
Callie asks Arizona about surgery on the baby with his brain on his face, but Arizona says she can't push it. Suddenly, there appear more people from behind and out of the ambulances, and there come some running down the stairs. Alex walks out, and Derek, who overheard everything from outside the room, asks him what Jason said. Jo tells him not everyone's like him, and that she freaked out because the way he grabbed her reminded her of something in the past, where she promised herself no one would ever grab her like that again. I know the writers want to pretend this was just another episode of "Grey's," but we all know by now that the LA stuff is meant to be a pilot, so admit it and give it its own hour so we can form a coherent opinion already. Meredith and Thatcher actually bond, a little, but Susan gets worse and eventually dies on the operating table. There was no reason what so ever to kill off Susan and by doing so they eliminated so many good story lines for the future. Also, in the midst of all this Meredith also has time to reveal that she's the monster they all thought she was by doing things like slapping Aria upside the head! Owen continues his speech, saying they will need to print hard copies of computerized patient charts in case of a power loss. She then walks down, while the maintenance guy walks down next to Meredith on her way back up the stairs. While Meredith's voice over says that both bad and good things come without warning, Derek is worried. Meredith must tell Thatcher his wife is dead, and in his grief, he slaps Mere across the face.
Molly and I decided last night that if Burke leaves her at the altar, we're so done with this show.
I never thought I would say this but I really wish she would break up with him at this point.
I'm not sure if I'd watch Private Practice, they should have done the shows separately because I was focused more on the GA parts than the PP parts. We try so hard to protect ourselves, but it doesn't make a damn bit of difference, 'cause when the bad things come, they come out of nowhere.
They leave together, and while walking in the hallway, Arizona confesses that she googled Lauren too.
She wants to stay, saying he needs another surgeon to help out, but Richard uses the intercom from the gallery to say that he'll find somebody. Boy did she make the wrong choice choosing him over the vet (although at the time I wanted her to choose Derek of course!).
I just know what when sweeps role around next season they better lay off the Meredith bashing! Owen thinks she's back to operate, but she says she meant taking care of the chart printing.
They have had the same mentor (though at a different time), which convinces Lauren of Arizona's skills. In the dark, they start kissing, but when the lights go back on, Arizona stops, saying she can't and she gets ready to leave. You know a relationship is not going to well when you have just survived a 'passive' suicide attempt and instead of turning to your true love for support you are begging them not to give up on you. Owen encourages his people, saying it'll be a bad storm, but that they still have three days to prepare themselves for it.
With her hand on the doorknob, Lauren tells her she's allowed to lose a little bit of control. When Lauren asks to get some coffee, Arizona says she has to take care of other stuff and leaves. Owen confesses he talked himself out of adopting Ethan, but he says that he can't imagine not doing it when he spends one minute with him.

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