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Any exboyfriend who asks for his things immediately might be trying to quickly move forward.
When your ex calls to "see if you're okay" after a break up, what he's really doing is feeding you a line.
Ideally he'd love for you to be okay with the breakup; this makes him comfortable enough to start looking at other girls.
Regardless of the fact that you're technically single, your ex doesn't want to see you with another guy right now. If your boyfriend suggests breaking up and asks whether you think it's a good idea, he's trying to weigh your reaction.

Finally, an ex who asks if and when you plan to start seeing other guys is already dreading that moment. Don't reveal too much, and certainly don't offer to 'stick around' for a while to give the breakup time to set in.
Keep in mind that an ex who still feels attached to you on some levels won't be in any hurry to get his things.
When your ex comes to get his things immediately after the breakup, it's probably because he's bitter or angry.
More than likely, your boyfriend will wait a few weeks before bringing up the subject of his things.

If you're looking to get back together with your ex boyfriend, a good rule of thumb is to never offer to give his things back.
As an added benefit, by not rushing to hand him his stuff your ex will realize that you're not desperate to see him.

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