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War, war can make a man do things beyond reason, with no concern for your life or the life of others. Combine those two things, war and power, and you will have a man who would do anything to achieve his personal gain. I enjoyed every minut of my life, but who wouldn´t, rich and glory and all the power you could imagine in your hands. Only to be laught at, and the devil cast me to the ground and he said, i gave you everything you wanted, who do you think you are?

So i decided to do a last battle, a fight with the devil, a fight for my soul, for my life.
The time went by, i beginning to recruited an army of lost souls, who also wanted to be free. So the question all want to know now is, did i get my soul back, did i play with the devil and won? He is the owner of So Authentic promotional group and was a former Editor-in chief of the Xavier Herald.

Over the past few years he and partner Yoey Yo have developed My HELL OF A LIFE and GFC clothing brand in hopes to change the world.

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