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When we think of Biblical women, Euodia and Syntyche probably aren’t the first to come to mind.
Not coincidentally, Paul spends his entire letter giving the answer to this problem: we must put others before ourselves.
Paul doesn’t tell how Euodia and Syntyche’s story ended, because for us, it doesn’t matter.
After all, Paul tells us precious little about these two Philippian ladies in his letter to their home church. In Bible study, petition verbs, like “urge” or “exhort,” often draw our attention to some important point– it’s the ancient equivalent of bolding or italics. We must simply take Paul’s instruction to prevent a repeat of this situation in our own lives.

However insignificant they may seem at first, though, the struggles of these women formed the very center of a serious spiritual problem, affecting their entire congregation. In this verse, Paul repeats the Greek word parakaleo, translated as “urge,” to highlight the seriousness of Euodia and Syntyche’s problem. Though we don’t know all the details of their disagreement, it sounds like we have two angry women on our hands. By selflessly learning to understand and relieve the other person’s pain, we will overcome our grudges, and in so doing, become more like Christ. Before we pass judgment on them, though, take a look at verse 3, where Paul counts them among those “who have shared my struggle in the gospel.” These good ladies have obviously striven to live the Christian life, but their refusal to love one another has kept them from loving God fully. Given the emphasis Paul grants their situation, I bet Euodia and Syntyche weren’t fighting about the color of the carpet.

However, rather than giving us what we deserve, He literally gave up everything for us: His glory, His dignity, and even His life.
Rather than indulging his pain, He chose to save us from the pain of eternal separation from God.

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