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If someone wants to write and then seek publishing endorsement, he cannot be a self-centered, egocentric author. Short of doing so, a self-published book stands the risk of being grounded, accumulating dusts in some obscured warehouses or some clogged garages, apart some friends and relatives who might get their hands on some complimentary copies. Note: This is a new column designed to open up an honest debate on the publishing nightmare. You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most.
It sounds stupid to have one’s book available to just few close individuals after spending countless hours to put together a manuscript. That is why I believe in the traditional way of publishing, it is tougher to breakthrough, for sure.

The writer pays no marketing fees, and as his book starts selling, he also starts collecting royalty fees. Like other avenues in the professional arena, writing is not a mono-genre, and just like clothes at a fashion district, those who walk in to a bookstore are not looking for one specific kind of books. Before one can get his book to be endorsed and ultimately be bought by a commercial publisher, there is a rocky process he must undergo. However, in the publishing game, if one wants to call it that way, someone who goes this route will quickly find out that there is a steep and nightmarish mountain to climb.
But once the ice is broken, as it is the common jargon, the road is right open, and one can ride it as he wishes within the framework of the publishing guidelines. There are people who are only interested in novels or fiction writing while others simply read informational or nonfiction books.

Whichever style a prospective writer decides to choose or feel more comfortable writing, there has to be some guidelines to be put in place. That is why, perseverance, determination, and a little bit of luck are the three components that must craft the character of a prospective writer.
Since he is the publisher, everything falls on him—from paying for the manuscript to go into print, from spending big bucks for marketing purposes, and from spending the amount of time necessary to market the book.

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