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The second girl of solely Zambian heritage (who was as yet to venture beyond Sub-Saharan Africa) had strongly disagreed and put up quite a fight against this statement. The fact that I hadn’t yet been to Europe, rendered me unsure as to how to defend our Zambian corner, but I upheld pride in the fact that Lusaka had several skyscrapers (Findeco, Indeco and Society House et al). This direct association of skyscrapers to success is easily credible as regards to Lusaka; it is after all in the 1970’s when Zambia was experiencing an economic boom, with high copper prices that most of our skyscrapers were erected. With a pending new addition to our skyline – the redevelopment of Society House at a cost of US$100 million, it’s fair to say things are looking up again.
Like London (illustrated in the image above), Lusaka also boasts a brimming variety of architectural wonders – an impressive Cathedral in the heart of the city (Cathedral of the Holy Cross), The Freedom Statue (A monument to our heroes who won the battle for our Independence), National Assemblies (Our copper clad parliamentary building), Lusaka National Museum and many more, some of which featured in a photographic exhibition by Ghanaian architect David Adjaye.  Adjaye’s exhibition entitled Urban Africa ran between March and September 2010 at The Design Museum in London. It’s official, Lusaka’s got the bricks, mortar and concrete – we’ve just got to flaunt it.
Lusaka can indeed be a trully great city if Town & Country Planning is allowed to form the basis of its expansion. Meanwhile, I’m looking through images of Zambia including photos of the children from a city tour in Lusaka. Before setting out for the Passports with Purpose library, Debbie, Michelle and I took a half-day Komboni tour with Lusaka Experience.
Despite this, there were signs of hope throughout the komboni we visited – called the Garden Compound because of its historical use as a large garden area.
It’s unlikely that many of the children will grow up and make their way out of this komboni. Among the positive things happening here are several programs that are directly aimed at bettering the lives of the children. The Garden Compound has a community program called Happy Face Kids that teaches children art and crafts – a place where the children can create usable household items (footballs, bags and pen holders) out of recycled materials. Another program offered in the Garden Compound is Yofoso, a recreation center where the kids learn how to play sports and also attend literacy training classes (they have access to a small library).
Though these programs are very modest in size and in reach, the fact that the kids have a place to go as well as mentors who are watching out for them, is a huge deal. For now there is an homage to Oprah at this home (that’s Ireland, all grown up!) and the outer walls are painted with inspirational sayings.

I imagine that even now it must be hard for the residents to fully grasp who Oprah is and her influence in the world, but there’s no doubt the people of the Garden Compound find some bit of hope from that visit and by the response that tourists (like us) have when told of her visit. Perhaps it all started with Oprah but I have to believe that there has been, and will continue to be, some positive effect on the Garden Compound as foreigners take the time to visit and give these residents some much needed attention. As I scroll through my images of Zambia on this flight, I am struck with a profound sense of sadness. The purpose of this trip to Zambia was to visit the opening ceremony of one of the libraries that was funded last year by Passports with Purpose, the travel bloggers fundraiser. Op zoek naar een goede verzorgende gentle man wiens klaar om verder te gaan met mij spelen. Lusaka Agriculture SHow - Arrival of Presidents Edgar Lungu and Peter Bingu Wa Mutarhika mounted motorcade. Share this on WhatsAppLusaka Agriculture SHow – Arrival of Presidents Edgar Lungu and Peter Bingu Wa Mutarhika mounted motorcade. Lusaka Agriculture SHow – The guest of honour Malawi President Bingu wa Mutarhika delivering his speech. Tanzanian girl (7 years old) Nyambuli Mkanda of Tanzania Dancing troop dancing to President Bingu wa Mutharhika while President Edgar Lungu is looking on!
On billboards all around London there are constant advertisements for holiday destinations all over the world – visit Paris (with a picture of The Eiffel Tower below the caption), visit Greece (accompanied by an illustration of the Parthenon on the Acropolis) etc. One of the girls who was mixed race (half Zambian & half Northern European) had suggested that Lusaka as a city was no match architecturally nor commercially, for Western cities (she had lived in northern Europe for the first 12 years of her life and had also visited London and a few other European cities). In my current work, I utilise recycled drinks cans (coke, Fanta and beer cans) to create images that highlight parallel perspectives to social, political and existential norms. Since 1991 MMD party cadres have been allocating themselves land with no architectural or engineering knowledge making Lusaka look like a shanty compound.
Kombonis are found all over Lusaka, with an estimated 80% of the city’s population living and working in these.
In theory, these kombonis have all that the community needs to survive – housing, grocery stores, schools, sewage and water. It’s a place for the children to spend time, be creative, have someone pay attention to them and create with their own two hands.

At the time, Ireland was just a young boy when his mother was interviewed by this television star. Even so, I found it remarkable that no child asked for anything – no money, pens or chocolates.
Not only for these children of Africa, but for the toddler next to me who will, fortunately, be spoiled rotten by his parents, grandparents and extended family. I also make sculptures from found objects and revel in the countless possibilities, beyond the mediums of paint and canvas with which art can be created. Every multi-million dollar location is next to a shanty compound, making commuicable diseases (e.g.
The reality is that these communities are so poor that it’s unlikely even basic needs are met for most residents.
Though at the time no one from the compound really knew who Oprah was, her entourage and bodyguards must have made an impression on them. We’re joined by Meg Paynor as our PR person and we all make a merry band of travelers and cupcake eaters. They’re showing him videos, looking at picture books, feeding him Fruit Loops and alternating between sippy cups of water and juice in an attempt to keep him quiet and from pounding on the seat in front of him. Schools are overcrowded and homes don’t have running water (it’s pumped from a communal well).
Other kids simply posed, smiled and then giggled on and on when we showed them their photos on our digital cameras. It is estimatd by CSO (Zambia) that 70% of Lusaka residents live in unplanned shanties with no clean piped water, no sewer lines (use pit latrines instead) and no road access. By 2030, if the current trend continues, 90% of all Lusaka households will be from shanties – that in itself is another story with several implications on crime, disease, poverty and cleanliness.

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