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Not all selfies are successful which is why we created our next category dedicated to the Failed Selfie. As a young mum with glamorous looks, curvaceous figure and bee-sting pout, the simi­­lar­­ities with reality star Kim Kardashian are there for all to see. However unlike the US celeb’s heavies, the armed security of the Mexican beauty are not to protect her from over-zealous fans… but from assassins.
For Claudia has reportedly become the new head of the world’s most ruthless hit squad Los Antrax, responsible for hundreds of bloody murders as the deadly Sinaloa drug cartel’s elite contract killer squad.

The Mexican gang is known to US intelligence as “the world’s most powerful drug trafficking organisation”, its hitmen feared as the planet’s deadliest. But after Los Antrax boss Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa – known as El Chino – was arrested, his Twitter-loving girlfriend Claudia is said to have been installed as the new chief.
Until then her every move had been charted on social media sites where she regularly posted pictures of herself in stilettos, caressing her custom-made pink AK-47 automatic rifle, reclining among masked men and propping a deadly M16 assault rifle on her curvaceous hip. Her portrayal of a life of narcotics and narcissism undercut her emphatic denial that she is La Emperatriz de Los Antrax – the Empress of Los Antrax.

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