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If you don’t know who John Green is, he’s one of the finest Young Adult authors of the last decade. Green may need to work on his dialogue because I find it too intellectual at moments and full of vocal ruminations you would not expect from a group of teenagers.
This book delivers a haunting narrative about teenage-hood and the mistakes and successes associated with it. However, while they are not the most realistic bunch of characters, they are still intriguing.

It depicts love in all its many forms, and explores deeper themes such as where our ‘Great Perhaps’ lies. Looking for Alaska is a heart-wrenching, moving story that deserves a place at the top of your reading list. Although this may sound quite conventional, midway through the book, things change drastically and the world falls off its axis. Expect not just ingenious comedy, but also thought-provoking content and sentimental moments.

Looking for Alaska isn’t just about teenagers—it’s about who teenagers are and who they can become.

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