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Dyson works in the human world as a homicide police detective in the 39th Division Homicide Squad. He spent centuries in Ireland serving the Laignach Faelad wolf-shifter King of Ailech with his best friend, Stefan. He has one son, Mark, that is a Shapeshifter but his form is not yet known (When God Opens a Window).
Dyson is fearlessly and unquestioningly loyal to his friends and displays a certain respect for rules and the law.
Bo: Dyson's relationship with Bo began strictly as 'sex-for-healing-only', as Dyson made it clear that he didn't want to be in a relationship with her (mostly because Trick told him to avoid it). Lauren: The human property of The Ash, who at the start of the series has been in servitude to the Light Fae for five years. Ciara: Taught Dyson and his wolf pack the art of war, and he is reunited with her after many centuries in BrotherFae of the Wolves.
The Norn: An ancient and powerful Fae able to grant supplicants their greatest desires in exchange for what they hold dearest.
Val Santiago: Hale's sister, displayed more than a passing interest in Dyson and which he began to reciprocate after they had sex, until Hale stepped in between them to end it.
The only time in the series that the surname "Thornwood" has been used for Dyson was in (Dis)Members Only, when he and Bo went undercover as as a married couple at the Queensdale Country Club.
In La Fae Epoque, Bo transports into Dyson's memory of 1899 and she appears as Dyson in the flashbacks. In Hail, Hale, Bo smelled the stink of Skunk Ape on the EMTs that put Dyson in their ambulance – the same stink that Lauren used on herself in Caged Fae to fool The Warden, Amazon guards, and Fae prisoners by coating her clothes with the secretions of Skunk Ape so that they would not detect her as human. Kris Holden-Ried has also appeared as a werewolf in the feature film, Underworld: Awakening. A stoic and talented detective, Dyson is proud, ruthless, inescapably masculine, and definitely not easily given to love. Dyson is Bo’s mysterious and sexy Light Fae love interest, and her first lover ever to survive a night with her.
A shape-shifting Light Fae and homicide detective, Dyson is Bo’s mysterious, stoic and handsome love interest. Tough and strong, Dyson is Bo's mysterious and sexy Light Fae love interest, and her first lover to ever survive a night with her.
This article is a stub page.You can help the Lost Girl Wiki by adding additional, updated, or missing information. This week in the show about a succubus who will not be shamed for her voracious sexual appetite Bo and Kenzi got their PI on.
In the supernatural world setting the leads up as private investigators is a time-honored tradition dating back to that time Cordelia made Angel some wicked business cards. In their first real case as PIs Bo and Kenzi are tasked with finding a girl who disappeared from her sorority house. Realizing that this investigation will actually require…investigating Bo heads to a costume shop (or she seeks out Dyson again) to pick up some duds for her and Kenzi. As a uber privileged jack off who was totally big into Greek life allow me to take a moment to get slightly huffy and point out that our sorority house was never that blond or pink and rushing sororities really doesn’t work that way. Also she learns that she wants to bone Dyson all the time and maybe not just when she needs to be healed and is hungry. Which would be great except for the fact that Dyson, the holder of my wolf fetishist’s heart, is in league with Trick. Then there is the killing of the kappa and the rescuing of the missing sorority girl who, due to privilege, is so unfamiliar with being chained up as dinner for an ugly fairy that vaguely resembles Ray Liotta in Hannibal that she freaks the fuck out and has to be mind voodoo’d into forgetting off-screen. So everyone hates sorority girls because of their privilege and then the only sorority girl to go missing happens to be a woman of color. Peering into the Dál, Tamsin sees (faux)Kenzi smile an evil smile and knows that Bo is telling the truth.
Irini reveals her true nature to Tamsin (who is watching from outside the Dál) with a smile.
QUESTIONS – Does Tamsin, intentionally or not, cause Bo’s friends to doubt her? The bottle that Kenzi spilled while attacking the Norn with a chainsaw (Season 2 Episode 21) turns out to have contained the powers of a kitsune (were-fox?) named Irini (the faux Kenzie played at least some of the time by Kristin Fairlie). Meanwhile, back at Dyson’s place, Irini is vamping it up and Dyson is too tired to notice. Trick, after some prodding, informs Lauren that Bo is experiencing The Dawning about 200 years early. Zoie Palmer and Chris Holden-Ried will be guests at The Texas International Comic Con (COMICPALOOZA) which will run from 24 to 26 May 2013. In honor of that big holiday this week, no, not Lincoln’s birthday, the *other* big holiday this week, I thought it would be fun to play a little TV game with the candy conversation hearts that are so popular.
I did some research (and sadly no; it did not involve eating any of these little gems) and wrote down some sayings. Note: Sayings I came up with are in quotes and the ones I took from the candy are italicized. The other aspect many fans love about the show is when Steve and Danny have a difference of opinion in the car.

Allow me a fan girl indulgence for the first two and a bit of a play on words at the same time. In a book I just finished reading, one of the main characters called his love interest by this phrase. Okay, I know Reynard’s supposed to be a chaotic, anarchist, but seriously, killing the Light Fae Ash would give the Dark Fae a considerable leg up on the power struggle.
Erica McGillivray spends too much contemplating the socioeconomic importance of the bananaphone.
In terms of shifter tradition, warriors like Dyson fearlessly and unquestioningly believed in total loyalty to their King.
However, he shows willingness to bend rules in order to serve his friends, particularly Bo. They eventually became 'Friends with Benefits' and decided to just have heal-sex and fun together without emotions or feelings.
Trick and Dyson have a close relationship that began in 1899 (La Fae Epoque), when they first met. He is Dyson's closest friend despite some strains on their friendship created by Hale's social status and Dyson having engaged in random sex with Hale's sister, Val. Dyson is contemptuous towards humans and as Lauren's status among the Fae is that of property, regardless of being a scientist and physician, he has been dismissive of her, treating her with arrogance and open hostility. They start a romantic relationship, but it ends in Midnight Lamp when Dyson tells Ciara that he is unable to love anyone because The Norn took his ability to love after he offered her his wolf. Dyson first sought out The Norn in BrotherFae of the Wolves while he and his pack of Laignach Faelad wolf-shifters served the King of Ailech, after he learned his King intended to have the pack’s leader, Stefan, sent on a suicide mission because he coveted his wife, Ciara. Daphne): Dyson had a brief but intense relationship with the Water Nymph, but failed to return her call. Bo learned from Lauren that if a Wanblee baby smelled a Skunk Ape it would blow up "like a party balloon." Bo told the EMTs that Dyson was a Wanblee to test if they were actually Skunk Ape Fae and they ignored her, revealing that they were neither. A veteran detective on the human police force, he and partner Hale use their combined skills to quietly protect the secret of Fae existence from inadvertent human discovery. He's an old, loyal, Light Fae soldier with his own tortured history that he never speaks of, even to Bo. He works undercover for his people as a “human” homicide detective, helping to keep the existence of the Fae a secret where he can. Dyson’s undercover detective work helps protect the Fae while keeping his cover in the human world.
He works undercover for his people as a "human" homicide detective, helping to keep the existence of the Fae a secret where he can. Of COURSE she snags the shirt that manages to her identify her as security while also drawing attention to her boobs. It is not as sexy as that sentence made it sounds largely because as far as Kenzi is concerned college is only for the privileged and Greek life at college is only for the uber privileged jack offs she’d rather steal stuff from. Also there is a head security guard that is skeevy and lives to sniff the random super pink bit of chiffon the lady boss keeps in her office. Dyson gets a little tortured about it but comforts his angst by poking the new barmaid with his wolf wang. Until Bo gets knocked out by the creepy sniffer security guard and chunked into a soundstage meant to look like a cave. It involves Dyson getting naked and turning into a wolf and Kenzi being pleased with the show. It makes sense from Kenzi but when coupled with the surprisingly nasty rant from the evil security guard it felt more like the writer was getting their hate on? However I wanted to go a step further: what if I could write my own candy heart sayings to fit some of my favorite shows? Danny does not really talk about it, but it has to make him a little crazy that he cannot drive his own car except when he is alone, which is not often. Bo, the title character, is a SyFy channel interpretation of a succubus, and she can suck the life out of you with just a kiss.
I am not only thinking of Sam and Dean, by the way, but also Castiel, our missing and missed angel.
Consider the case of Fringe, where not only are there the relationships within a given universe, but there seems to be some bleed over from one universe to the other, not even counting the cross universe relationships.
Sally, the ghost, was killed by her fiance and her ghostly love affair ended up with her being dumped. The two main characters on Person of Interest, Reese and Finch, are indeed very mysterious. Please feel free to add other sayings and programs to my list in the comments below – I look forward to hearing your ideas!
This changed when the King betrayed his wolf pack and had his best friend, Stefan, killed to take his wife, Ciara, for himself.
Dyson is one of the few people who knows that Trick is The Blood King and will do as the King asks.
Hale is of Noble blood, but accepts being the "side-kick" to Dyson's "alpha-dog." This dynamic changes, with no apparent problems on either side, when Hale becomes the Acting Ash in Season 3. In Into the Dark, she confronted The Norn and threatened to cut down her Sacred Tree if she did not surrender and return Dyson's love passion.

When Bo starts to show an interest in Lauren, he becomes jealous and perceives her as a rival. But Dyson has clearly taken lives before and will again – without joy, maybe, but also without much regret. A lone wolf at heart, Dyson hated how in love he was with Bo, and resisted it as long as he could.
His desire to protect Bo is often at odds with the whims of his Fae superiors, complicating his life, and their romantic relationship.
Kenzi quickly learns what any sorority girl could already tell you–bitches like to drink. Some examples for those of you that have not ever seen these candies are: Be Mine, Kiss Me, True Love and Awesome.
I do not think they will ever get together, not that I want them to, but it is clear that they are hoping and dreaming about each other. Within each universe we have mostly the same set of main characters, and the relationships are complex and fraught with anxiety and missed opportunities. This program not only supports that concept, it shows that people that truly love each other can survive having their memories erased and being transported to another reality – and still find each other! Josh, the werewolf, left the woman he loved since he did not want to hurt her, and ended up scratching his new girlfriend and turning her into a werewolf. Both are hiding their past, and for the most part questions are answered with a stony silence.
When Bo confronted her mother, Aife, in a hand-to-hand battle, he went to The Norn to offer her his "wolf" in exchange for her giving Bo his strength to defeat Aife with.
When the Kitsune, Inari, imitated Kenzi's appearance and Dyson thought he had accidentally killed her in The Kenzi Scale, he was clearly devastated at having done so - a situation exacerbated by his doubting his decisions and memories due to an attack by Tamsin. However, he begins to get to know Lauren through Bo, and his negative attitude towards her has gradually diminished, to where he offers her moral support after she breaks up with Bo in Delinquents. During their meeting The Norn demanded Dyson's "wolf" – his Fae powers – in exchange for saving Stefan. His desire to protect Bo was often at odds with the whims of his Fae superiors, complicating his life and their romantic relationship – until his ultimate sacrifice to ensure Bo’s safety profoundly changed the nature of their relationship. His allegiance to the Fae and his protective instinct with Bo often gets him into trouble at work.
Then they talk in hushed and tender Canadian tones so you know they really want to bang each other. And she splits her time between girlish squeals of delight and getting tanked with girls named Buffy, Muffy and Tisch. Aren’t they too busy eating poutine and enjoying great healthcare and be our kinder, gentler cousins to the north? Below you have a mixture of actual candy heart sayings and ones I thought would work well for these shows.
The longing glances, the innuendos, the awkward moments, it all points to their longing to be together. Once he starts a job, he cannot stop, so best to not start him unless you really want what he will find!
In the most recent episode, it also seems that Olivia is now remembering experiences that she never even had – but rather another version of her experienced.
Aidan, the vampire, killed a lover the very first episode, and then found out later she had been turned by the other vampires, then ended up staking her at her own request. And, that makes the show all the more entertaining, as each week we discovery new pieces of information as we try to sort out truth from fiction.
She raised her children on a steady diet of science fiction, and is proud of her geeky family. When Lauren confirmed that the body before him was a Fae, not Kenzi, he hugged Lauren for the first time since he'd known her. Knowing that his wolf was crucial to his very identity, Dyson could not muster the courage to give it up and thus did not accept The Norn's offer.
Preferring to be solitary and unattached, Dyson's relationship with Bo is increasingly complicated and intense, in a love-hate, sexually destructive sort of way. She loves science fiction and fantasy TV the most, but also enjoys good crime shows and comedies. However, Kenzi forced The Norn to return Dyson's love by threatening to cut down her sacred tree with a chainsaw in Into the Dark. Stefan died as the manipulative King had hoped for, causing Dyson to renounce his allegiance to him and severing himself from the wolf pack.
The second time Dyson called upon The Norn was in Blood Lines, when Bo confronted Aife to stop her war against the Light Fae. At this encounter, Dyson offered The Norn his "wolf" – however, this time the Norn did not accept it as she realized that it was no longer what Dyson held most dear and its loss would not torture him. The Norn returned Dyson’s love passion after Kenzi threatened to cut down her Sacred Tree if she didn’t (Into the Dark).

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